Felt like writing this. This is a short story if complete. Think Just Another Brothel or A Hero’s Vengeance in size.

It may seem hard to believe, but I used to be the cool kid. At least, I saw myself as fairly popular at school. I had a best friend, a popular girl I was fairly sure was into me, and a core group of buddies I would hang out with and joke with.

My home life wasn’t perfect. My dad passed away when I was young and my stepdad had come along a few years later. Some kids are standoffish around their new dad, but my stepdad and I got along fairly well. He brought along an older sister, whom I got along well enough with too. I encouraged mom to marry my stepdad, and at their wedding, they made me one of the groomsmen even though I was barely in my teens. That’s how well we got along.

Then, one day, everything changed. It was a few months after they got married, and it was completely my fault. I was just starting to get used to my sexuality, and suddenly having a girl only two years older than me move into my family home felt odd. I wasn’t used to worrying about doing things like locking doors and maintaining privacy.

I suppose it all started at school. Three girls had suddenly gotten pregnant in my middle school. I grew up in a small country town, and for three out of the two hundred students to suddenly get pregnant, this became a giant phenomenon. It turned out the girls had made a pregnancy packed, all doing it to try to get back at their fathers. Rumors floated around about who the fathers were. Even my name was thrown around, although I don’t think tests were ever done.

As typical for a small town, the three girls went away for a while, and when they returned they were no longer pregnant. Their once outgoing personalities had become extremely refined. They kept their eyes down, barely talked, and went through school almost like ghosts. Since then, all but one of them moved away, not able to deal with the shame, teasing, and looks they got daily. The last was taken out and homeschooled. No one ever talked about it after that, and I don’t know if the babies were born and raised by family or something else.

Around this time was our school’s mandatory sex education as part of our health class. Yet, because of the pregnancies, the administration was terrified to teach us about sex. Everything was spoken in strange euphemisms. It didn’t help that we were in 8th grade and doing as 8th graders did, we tried to make the teachers as uncomfortable as possible. Boys would ask impolite questions intending to make their teachers blush, and girls would spread rumors about students hooking up. In the end, the sex education lessons were shut down with a strong emphasis on celibacy.

Unfortunately, I was a fourteen-year-old boy just starting puberty, and I suddenly found myself near a sixteen-year-old girl. I never had any interest in my sister, but my sister’s best friend was hot, and she would come over during the previous summer while wearing a swimsuit so she could jump in our pool. My mom was very traditional, and my sister had to wear a full one-piece, but her friend wore a bikini that showed a lot of skin.

I should also add that my mom was very strict. We weren’t allowed to have phones or access the internet. The only internet usage I got was at school, and that was usually limited. I had never seen a naked woman before, nor talked much about dirty things. The guys sometimes made jokes and I laughed along like I understood what they were talking about, but I had been depending on that sexual education to learn, and instead, I got my stepsister’s friend in a bikini.

One day, shortly after sex education was shut down and the 8th-grade year was in full swing, I got home early from basketball practice. As I was walking to my room, I noticed a picture on the floor outside my sister’s room. It was clear she had dropped it by accident. When I looked at it, my body immediately reacted. It was my sister and her friend. They were both in swimsuits. It was a picture from the previous summer. They had their arms over each other and they laughed, their bodies dripping wet after a dip in the pool. In particular, my sister’s friend was leaning forward in a manner that showed a lot of cleavage.

I had never done anything before, but I had hit a breaking point that day. I knew I was in the wrong, but I snatched the photo and then ran to the bathroom. For the first time in my life, I pulled my dick out for something other than peeing. As I touched myself, it started to grow hard. I had bent the photo in half, cutting my step-sister out. My focus was on her friend and her nice cleavage.

I didn’t know how long I sat there staring at the image and touching myself, but I must have blanked out because I didn’t hear anyone coming home. The next thing I knew, the bathroom door I had forgotten to lock burst open and my stepdad was looking in. I was so startled that I dropped the picture. It floated over and landed open at my father’s feet. My dick was in my hand, and I had been seemingly doing it to a picture of my dad’s daughter.

His eyes widened. I could never forget the shock and horror on his face as he looked at me. Then, he turned around and left, closing the door quickly. He didn’t even snatch the picture back up. I felt so bad. I felt like I had betrayed his trust. Plus, I had been doing something I shouldn’t have. As I result, I swore I’d never touch myself again. It wasn’t always easy, but I didn’t want to show something unsightly again.

My relationship with my stepdad changed that day. He became cold to me. He never looked me in the eye. He also became wary of me whenever his stepdaughter was around. He’d eye me suspiciously, and deep down I knew he had every right. It was the biggest mistake I ever made, but regrettably, that was only the beginning.

I was already stressed and embarrassed over what had happened with my stepfather, but I mostly kept it all down and ignored it at school. It was getting to the point where the popular girl was letting out a lot of signs I should ask her out, but because of my shame at home, I kept holding it off.

Then, the fateful day when my school life fell apart came. It was a fairly normal day, except that our gym class which was normally in the afternoon had to meet in the mornings. Our normal gym teacher was sick that day, so they asked the high school gym teacher to fill in. I can’t stress enough how this was a small town where these kinds of things happened. The gym teacher, a guy named Mr. Rex, was someone I knew. He had been my coach for basketball as well, and a lot of people liked him. He was a cool guy. A lot of the high school girls had a crush on him, and there were even rumors he might be dating one of the teachers.

Mr. Rex was tough but fair, and by the end of the gym session, the boys were all covered in sweat. He told us to hit the showers. I had never done that before. The middle school didn’t have a shower room, but the two schools were connected with a division between the upper and middle students. He sent us to the high school to shower. I had never been there before. Since my activities were at the end of the day, I usually just went home and cleaned up there. However, it was the morning and we had a day full of classes, and none of the guys wanted to be the smelly, sweaty one.

As everyone stripped and jumped into the shower, I became to feel my shame creeping in again. I didn’t know why, but I just wasn’t comfortable being naked around the other guys. It had never been an issue before. It wasn’t like I had never been at a sleepover, but I was always able to change quietly in a corner and it wasn’t like anything would be seen. The guys were already roughhousing in the shower, and I quietly wrapped a towel around my hips and put on shower sandals.

Since I wasn’t making a ruckus, the guys hadn’t noticed me at first, I quickly rinsed my body up and was just about to escape when my best friend must have realized I was being rather quiet and avoiding everyone else.

“Hey, Lucas, what are you doing?” He asked his hands on hips proudly.

I was deliberately avoiding looking their way. I didn’t know exactly why. Was I thinking that if I looked it was permitting them to look? I just remembered touching myself and being seen by my stepdad and then how cold he became, and I just tried to walk out of the room quickly.

“What’s with the towel?” One of the guys asked.

“Are you embarrassed about something?” My friend asked.

I couldn’t help but stiffen. Those were the worst words that could be spoken in front of a group of middle school boys. They were all looking my way now, and I could feel my back burning from their eyes. I didn’t want to respond. I was thinking to myself that if I could just escape to the locker room, then everything would be fine.

“I bet he has a small penis…” One of the guys laughed.

The others started laughing too. I didn’t think my penis was all that small. I didn’t know how large it was. I had tried to measure it a few months prior, but the ruler wasn’t long enough. It was a little more than 12 inches. I had tried to ask the sex ed teacher about it back then, but he had gotten angry at me, telling me not to mess around and all the other students had giggled and laughed as they had been doing through the entire thing.

The result was that I had never gotten the answer I was looking for. I reckoned that I was a bit on the large size. After all, there were all those jokes about “foot-longs”. That led me to believe that a foot was average, more was above and less was below. To me, a small dick guy was someone with six inches. I couldn’t even imagine having such a small dick.   

I didn’t know what was going through my head, but I responded angrily. “I bet I’m larger than you!”

It was just the dumb things a kid says. There were oo’s and ah’s and the guys laughed. I turned and left the shower, relieved that I was over the ordeal. That was until one of the guys I had said had a small dick snuck over and ripped my towel off. The guys were all waiting as he did it, and when I saw the look on their faces, I’d never forget it.

It wasn’t too different from the look on my stepdad’s face. Shock… and then coldness. I would have been happier if they had pointed and laughed. Instead, they all grew silent. There wasn’t even a single smile. They put on their clothing as if nothing happened, and I hid in the corner and finished changing as well.

Since they didn’t say anything, I had hoped that nothing changed. However, my hope was unfounded. The guys immediately started distancing themselves from me. Whenever I walked to them, they would become silent and stare at me until I left. This continued through the rest of 8th grade. Their coldness seemed to permeate over to the girls as well. At first, I was still friends with a lot of girls, but one by one, they would all start coming up with reasons to avoid me.

However, it was when the popular girl, my school crush, ended up dating my best friend that I started to feel abandoned. At that point, he still grudgingly talked to me, but when I found out he asked her out and she said yes, I grew angry. We ended up arguing about school. No one else was there, but I was furious.

I came up at him and yelled. “You knew I liked her. Why would you do that?”

“Heh… like you don’t know.” He wrinkled his nose at me. “Don’t act like every woman isn’t chasing you. You can have anyone you want, so leave my girl alone.”

“I thought we were friends!” I snapped.

His face turned even more twisted and he spoke quietly. “You thought wrong.”

I was stunned by his words. I was hurt, confused, and isolated. Worst of all, I had no one to go to. There was one last person I thought to trust, Coach Rex.

“Hey, buddy, what’s with the long face.”

“The… um… the guys have been treating me strange lately,” I spoke, feeling desperate to find at least one person who had my back.

“Come to my office.” He gestured, and we ended up in an office adjacent to the very shower room where this all started.

There was a cramped desk, balls, and trophies scattered around a closet-like room. I was sitting across from Mr. Rex, who was wearing his typical polo shirt and tight shorts. I wondered a bit where he kept his dick. I had to wear loose and baggy pants all the time. I couldn’t wear anything tight or it would be sticking out. Times like that made me feel like a dweeb. Every other guy seemed to figure it out, but there was so much I didn’t know because of my strict upbringing.

“Now, Lucas, what is going on?” He asked. “I noticed you don’t hang out with your friends after school anymore.”

I calmed down a bit at his question. At least someone saw what I saw. It made me feel better reaching out to him.

“The guys stopped wanting to be my friend,” I spoke awkwardly, not sure how to sum up the last few months of experiences in a way my coach could digest.

“Really?” He blinked. “It’s probably nothing. Boys your age will get upset at each other over nothing. I don’t think you need to worry too much.”

“I see…”

“You’re going to do fine.” He laughed, basically dismissing my worries and standing up. “Is there anything else you need?”

Although his dismissal seemed abrupt, it was sort of what I needed. I needed someone to tell me it was no big deal and things would improve in a few months. He did make me feel better, but I still had a lingering discomfort, one that I had to get rid of.

“Um… I know this is awkward, but I don’t know who else to talk to about this.” I spoke strangely.

I definitely couldn’t ask my stepdad, not after what happened.

“What?” He covered his grin, looking serious.

“They… started acting strange, after seeing…” I felt my face redden, and I realized it was impossible to ask normally. “I-is there something wrong with my penis?”

He blinked, his expression turning a bit weird himself. “Ah… sorry, what did you say?”

I flushed. “I think… there is something wrong with my penis.”

“Alright.” He stiffened. “It’s possible. You’re telling me you need someone to take a look?”

I nodded, my face hot. “Maybe, I should go to the doctor…”

“No… no…” he shook his head. “I can handle it. Just show me.”

I pulled my pants down. At first, I was relieved that his expression didn’t change, but as I pulled my pants up and he didn’t react, I realized his expression was very stiff.

“Is… is there something wrong?” I asked.

“No.” He responded, but his voice sounded somewhat strange. “No, you’re normal.”

I let out a breath of relief. “Thanks!”

I was so excited I went to hug him, but he flinched, holding up his hands. I pulled back, realizing the situation was a bit odd to do something like that. I thanked him for a second time and then left, feeling a bit better. That feeling only lasted a few days. Although Mr. Rex didn’t say anything, his attitude toward me changed too. I used to be his favorite student, but he started picking the other students instead. He was giving me the cold shoulder as well, and it was a lot like my dad’s.

The rest of 8th grade passed like that, just a slow decline of isolation. At home, my stepdad wanted nothing to do with me. At school, every boy and girl avoided me. It was like I had contracted some kind of illness, and it all had something to do with my penis. Was it misshaped? Did I have a disease? I eventually concluded that it was small. I did have a micropenis.

I once overheard some guys making a joke where they called the penis a third leg. My penis was nowhere near the size of my leg. I had also heard someone call it a tripod. I must be really small. It makes sense if you think about it. A vagina was big enough to push a baby through. Girls must need something equally as large to enjoy sex. A baby’s birth length on average was 20 inches, with a 4-inch thickness. That’s what my googling at school taught me, where every term for penis was censored by the school’s software.

I figured my reasoning must be sound. A penis had to be the same size as a baby. That must mean a man’s penis size was 20 inches long and 4 inches thick on average. It was no wonder my 13-14 inches, with a 2-inch thickness was worthy of mockery.

As the isolation continued, I shut down. I focused entirely on my school work, avoiding anything to do with sex or the friends I once had. I was far too embarrassed to talk about it from then on. High school started, and what started as isolation turned into flat-out bullying. My biggest bully turned out to be my former friend, Mark. Meanwhile, the girl I used to like, Hailey, became cruel and spread rumors about me. Any new people who might have treated me nicely were quickly pulled aside and corrected.

My group of friends had become my worst offenders. When they weren’t going out of their way to embarrass or mock me, they would find other ways to make my life miserable. I had cried a couple of times, but that only got me labeled as a crybaby. I thought I could at least get out some of my frustration with sports, but I tried out for the high school team, but Rex refused to let me on the team. He said I was “too unbalanced”, whatever that meant.

Two years went by like this. It was a difficult two years. I thought about even killing myself. I had gone from the popular guy who everyone liked to the freak whom everyone avoided. I also had no clue what I had done that caused so much ire. Yet, the time was coming when I was about to find out. Well, I’m not the one who found out, it was my bully’s mom who made the discovery, and my life would never be the same.