Troubleshooting Patreon

Patreon and the plugin I offer for fans to access my work are only so reliable. Naturally, there are times they go down and you can’t access content. Frankly, it happens far more often that it should.

This is a guide to help you out if you’re experiencing logging in problems. The problem is, there are thousands of you, all trying to access content using different devices, sometimes even using software I’ve never heard of before. That’s not even including the times where the problem is on Patreon’s side (which it often can be) or something I did (rarely *cough*).

  • Is it the beginning of the month? Because if your payment didn’t get taken out right, then you lose Patreon access immediately. Might want to go check that.
  • If you find yourself having to sign into Patreon after every post. it’s probably because you’re signed into a wordpress account that won’t sync with your Patreon account. Sign out of wordpress, then sign into Patreon, and this should resolve the issue.
  • Make sure to check multiple posts. If it’s just one post that gives you trouble, it’s possible I made a mistake with it. In which case, just let me know a post you believe you should access isn’t accessible. Linking it would be really appreciated.
  • Alright, so all the posts are down and Patreon has announced nothing. Check with other readers on my discord and see if they are experiencing the same thing.
  • If this is a problem everyone is experiencing, then there is probably a problem with either my side of things (an updated plugin) or something Patreon did and hasn’t cought yet. (like when they changed all their codes and didn’t tell anyone)
  • If everyone else is fine, then… congratulations, it’s you! In which case, there is a list of things you can try.
  • If desktop, click ctrl + f5 to clear cache. If you’re on the phone, look up how to clear cache.
  • If you phone keeps opening the Patreon app when you try to sign in or click refresh, uninstall the Patreon app and only sign in through phone browser.
  • Clear browser history and cookies.
  • Reset browser settings to default.
  • Try a different browser. Please note that if your using another computer and it signs up to the browsers and syncs settings, then you’re importing the same settings to the other computer you have with this computer.
  • Try a different device.
  • On a phone? Try to look at the page with desktop view.
  • Try contacting Patreon.
  • Give it 24 hours and see if the problem is temporary.