I put out many polls on discord that help me decide on various choices in writing. Might be worth a gander. Recently I asked about unlocking the amount of $$$ I take home. Although most people didn’t seem to care to know, there were a few interested parties. I locked it once the money starting growing to the point where privacy seemed important, and then I thought about undoing that.

The main reason I locked it in the first place probably had to do in part with a feeling of inadequacy. You guys who donate are so freaking awesome, I don’t feel like I deserve that much. By seeing just how much you guys were giving me, I was afraid you’d start realize how little I deserved it. XD

The other reason is that when I set up “goals”, I noticed people would start out donating a ton to force the goal to be reached, but then start scaling it back after already donating, so that they only had to spend just enough to get what they wanted. Imagine if kickstarter worked that way. You made a pledge, but then cancel your pledge the second the amount is reached. Anyway, this problem was resolved the second I made the account “pay up front”, so this problem shouldn’t happen.

However, if you haven’t figured out from my discord, my rambling, my replies in comments, and my general whining… I prefer an open handed and transparent approach to everything. I tell people what I’m thinking, why I’m thinking it, and try to get opinions before I make a decision.

Long story short, my Patreon $$$ is now public domain. Regrettably, this doesn’t report on the nearly $600 this month I’ve “spent” on content (images, comics, website) for you guys. However, I feel this is the best option. If you recall, I stated that WoW would not start until a certain value of $1800 is reached (or two months, whatever comes first). It’s tough to donate when you don’t know how much that is. So… for the sake of transparency and reaching goals, I fel this was the best option.

Thanks for all of your continued and future support! You guys are great!