Patreon Vouchers

How do they work?

They are just coupon codes that can be used in my e-commerce store. You can access it through “Support and Shop” or click here.

To use them, add a volume to the store, go to the cart, enter your code, name, and email address and make sure to create an account with wordpress. If your cart goes to $0, you should be able to complete the transaction without being taken to a pay center or needing a paypal account.

Where are the vouchers?

The vouchers are located in the patreon-locked posts on You can also access the vouchers here.

One-time Voucher

Monthly Voucher

What if I don’t download the file before clicking off the page?

If you don’t download the file and didn’t save the link, you should be emailed the link after purchase. That will contain the link to the files. If you are not emailed after the purchase, then you can go to “Support and Shop” and click on the Account Portal. As long as you paid with a wordpress account active, your downloads should be there.

What if I didn’t download there, I didn’t sign into wordpress, and I didn’t receive an email?

Contact me.

Can’t people just exploit these coupons with multiple accounts?

Yup… so don’t? I have the email address you used with patreon. I have the email address you used with the purchase. I also have your IP address. If I see seven different emails from the same IP, six of them don’t match a patreon account… then I have the ability to boot you from my Patreon and block your IP from my site. So, please treat the vouchers with respect and don’t post them publicly.

How do I read these books?

The digital books come in two file formats, pdf and epub. PDF retain the same appearance across all platforms, and can be viewed with any pdf reader. ePub is a html format which can be altered. You’d need an ePub reader to open. Due to website security reasons, my ePub files come zipped, so you will need to unzip the files to read them.

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