Hey Guys,

I’ve already mentioned this in different places, but I decided to just throw this out here for those of you who care about it. Paypal recently went and did a douchey thing. Despite their company doing better than ever with the COVID lockdown, which actually made their company money and caused their stock to skyrocket, they decided they had to increase the transaction rates even more.

It started in August, they increased not just the transaction rate, but also the transaction % fee. This means that for every $2 membership I get through Amazon, they keep $0.59 of it (it used to be about $.35). Or to put it another way, of the 600 some members I have in the Just the Tip tier, of the $1200 I’d earn, Paypal keeps $354.

Some people have asked how they should send me money, wanting the most to go to me. At the moment, it seems like Stripe (paying by credit card through FFA), seems like the current ideal choice. That said, Stripe has had some issues with orders not being renewed properly and me needing to fix them manually, so I just want to note this is a possibility.

Whether Patreon or Paypal is the better option, I really do not know. I believe at the $2 tier, Patreon is superior, while the higher money levels, Paypal would win out. This naturally depends on if you’re paying in USD (they charge a conversion fee), and then there is the local VATS and so on… Ultimately, Stripe would be the best at any tier, as long as you want to risk it’s seeming bugginess. Whether Patreon or Paypal is better, it’s a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

I hope that helps. Thanks as always for your support.