I thought this list might be useful to people so they know when I’m fixing delayed or pending releases. As you probably know, I got behind a bit around Christmas time, and just when I started getting back on track, I got COVID, an illness I’m still suffering from as I write this. So, I’m not promising I will make up every missed chapter, but I will try to catch up with as many chapters as I can by the end of the month.

Enslaved 1-17-22

Guy on a Spaceship 1-14-22

Man of the House – 1-13-22

Tales of a Demon Queen – 1-12-22

Enslaved – 1-10-22

Incest on an Island – Premium Chapter

Guy on a Spaceship – 1/7/22

Man of the House – 1/6/22

Tales of an Demon Queen – 1/5/22

Enslaved – 1/3/22

Getting Lucky – 1/2/22

All Gods Must Die – 1/2/22

Man of the House – Premium Chapter

Man of the House – 12/30/21

Tales of an Demon Queen – 12/29/21

Tales of Demon Queen -12/22/21

Man of the House – 12/16/21