Hey Guys,

Just a heads up or an announcement or whatever, Amazon has inexplicably and suddenly banned my entire account without warning. They didn’t just ban my account, but they found my personal (Nonbusiness) account and deleted that too. They gave me no clear reason other than violating their terms of service and they made it clear this wasn’t undoable. They also threatened to delete any new accounts I try to make in the future.

In short, I was de-platformed from Amazon, costing me about $1500 a month, a hefty amount of my income. They even said they won’t be giving me royalties for my most recently sold books, so they’re taking $1500 and pocketing it. It is likely that Patreon will be doing the same thing to me eventually.

I can still sell the books on my own platform, as well as my own membership. I will double my efforts to get the new membership set up, as I’m probably going to be on my own soon.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up if you suddenly see those books gone.