I didn’t really ask much about images moving forward in the future on my survey. There were a couple reasons for this. First off, I wasted a lot of money on images and kind of went back and forth on illustrators. Even at my best, spending $100s on some images, the overall reaction of some readers was a resounding, ‘meh’. I have a few still working with me, and I still ask them to make images, but I reached the end of caring about who likes what.

There is one other reason, and that has been my curiosity regarding AI generated images. It’s become quite popular of recent, and I wondered if I could use AI generated images to streamline the process and in half the time.

Well, I went ahead and tried it today, and here is the results.

And for the NSFW crew.

Let me know what you think of it. Yes, this is MDL’s Lydia who got the treatment. I’m not confident I can do every girl with the AI, but a good amount of them can be replicated.