What’s this you might ask? I had been planning to re-release Power of Creation, changing the 2nd person to first person. I started doing this on Scribblehub but around volume 3 I started having some hangups, mostly because I was converting very lazily and also changing plot elements which introduced more plot holes the longer I went until it became a giant mess and I eventually ended up removing it.

I am now going to bring it back… this time, redoing the images that so many people seem to complain about as if the PoC images I ordered when I was making $50 on Patreon is the same art I put out now. I’ll do it slowly, making sure to reread the chapters rather than speed through them. Just overhauling the art alone (trigger alert, using AI) feels like it would be worth the effort. Anyway, if you never could read it because “2nd person” was too uncomfortable to read in, or the silly use of disney princess names turned you off, this is the new and improved version released on my site. Enjoy. P.S. This was the first series I ever finished, it was written mostly as a giant metajoke to blow off steam… actually, it’s the spiritual precessor to what became My Dungeon Life.

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“Creation Magic.”


“That’s what it says, creation.”

“That… cannot be…” The priest in robes took several steps back and shook his head. “You lie!”

This was the exchange of words I experienced after I was brought into another world. I was simply sitting in my chair, reading sexy stories on Whatsawhizzerwebnovels.com, when suddenly a white light enveloped my vision.

I found myself falling on my butt, and the world around me changed into a medieval fantasy setting. A king was sitting on the throne, watching me intently, and a priest, standing in front of me with his arms up in the air like he could split the sea.

Having already been worked up sexually from reading badly written erotic novels, my sight immediately fell on who I perceived to be the king’s wife and daughter. While the king was a pudgy old man, his wife could easily be half his age, a classic MILF. Her sexy smooth skin made her look like she could be in her twenties. She has very large breasts that nearly popped out of her dress and were pleasant to look at. Her daughter appeared more like a younger sister somewhere in her teens.

As I stared at the two sexy women who were holding each other while looking my way, they became flustered and turned away with colorful blushes on their faces. My eyes couldn’t help but follow where theirs had gone right before they looked away. When I glance down, I was shocked to find that not only was my dick at full mast, but I was also completely naked, giving these two women a good look at my privates as they were on full display.

The priest glanced down at my erection with a raised eyebrow. The king gave me a sour look, displeased that my naked body had offended his wife and daughter.

Immediately, I started thinking about covering myself. Why would some summon dump me in a strange world naked? I was previously clothed in front of my computer, I swear! I needed to have clothes on! That was a given expectation for any isekai novel. As soon as the thoughts entered my head, there was a bright light that covered my body, hiding my nudity. A second later, I realized I had become completely clothed.

It was a pretty cool outfit I ended up in. It looked exactly like the cosplay adventurer outfit I’d have worn if I ever had the time, money, or energy to assemble something like that. I complained inside that it had teleported in a bit late, but it was better late than never. It seemed like the god of this world was a bit lazy. However, the priest looked as surprised as I was to see clothing suddenly appear from nowhere.

That was how my introduction to another world began. The priest immediately explained the standard story I had come to expect from other world novels. It was the story of a demon realm, a country in jeopardy, and a hero summoned to the other world to stop the threat.

“Do I get your daughter if I beat the demon lord?” I joked, attempting to break the ice.

It was intended as a joke, but the wife suddenly held her daughter away from me like I was still naked, even though I was pretty sure that daughter looked a bit interested in my thing earlier, sneaking peaks over her mom’s shoulder. The king wore on a dark, humorless expression, and the priest shook his head angrily with a twist of his mouth.

“Ah, no, that kind of thing… The kingdom will support you, but you are here to help us, chosen by the gods. You must protect us, not our duty to support you.” The priest explained snobbishly.

What the hell was that about? It seemed like this world had no shame when it came to summoning. Since their god brought me without permission, I owed them? To hell with that…

“Your compensation for coming is provided by the gods in the form of an ability. Well, anyway, let’s see what that ability is.” The priest picked up a stone and handed it to me. “Hold this and insert magic into it, and it’ll tell us what god provided you during the summon.”

As soon as I touched the stone, the magic seemed to pour into it like I had been doing this all my life. The words signifying the name of my magic popped into my head.

“Creation Magic.”


“That’s what it says, creation.”

“That… cannot be…” The priest in the robes is taking several steps back and shaking his head. “You lie!”

“No, it’s very clearly creation magic.”

Not able to sense the thickening mood, it came as a complete surprise to me when the priest suddenly pointed and screamed, “Guards! Kill him! Kill the heretic!”

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