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“Hey, dragon girl, how old are you?”

The little girl had fiery red hair and red eyes. The pupils were slightly elongated, giving a somewhat reptilian look to her. Her breasts were only B-cups, and she had the body of an undeveloped girl. Now, it wasn’t necessarily that I was into underdeveloped ladies, so I made sure to ask the most important question first.

“This great one is 192 years old. How does a mere human know the tongue of dragons?” She asked in an attempt at a raspy voice that still was unmistakably childish.

“But we’re speaking my language…” I responded, taking a breath of relief knowing that it was okay to sexualize, I mean, appreciate and respect, her body.

She looked young, but she was much, much, much older than me, so there was no problem admiring her nudity. Her small breasts, her bald pussy, and her small form were all just eye candy around an aged and mature woman. Yup, nothing illegal there. 

“Not possible. This great one does not speak the common tongue. This great one is a dragon. Tell this great one how you have become so large. Is this some kind of twisted human magic?”

“Ha, well, sort of?” I shrugged. “You, uh, might want to take a look at yourself.”

The dragon girl finally looked down at her body. She wore a frown on her face as her hands started to explore her body. She grabbed at her breasts, squeezing them, and then feeling her arms and legs. She looked at the bottom of her feet. She even took the lips of her pussy and pulls them open, looking down as if she expected something hidden in the folds.

“Ah, that is, obviously, you’re a human now?”

“A despicable human has trapped this great one in the body of a mortal?”

“Are you really so great if I was able to do that?”

The dragon girl gave a hiss. “This great one demands that you return them to their former body. Immediately!”


“This great one will destroy you!” she screamed, roaring in a little girl voice that was a lot less intimidating than a dragon.

“Hero, perhaps you should use the power on her that you used on me yesterday?” Ariel suggested.

“Really? Sure, I guess.”

I waved my hand and the magic that caused the best orgasm of a girl’s life struck the dragon girl directly with a bright light. Her whole body started to shake, and a second later her legs wobbled to the point she collapsed to the ground. Her pussy began to gush as she came on the ground. Although where Ariel relished in it, she almost looked pained.

“What is the fi-fi- ah… ah… ah yeah!” She let out cute girly noises belying the gruff, commanding voice she was trying to make, “No, no! Filthy human, what are you doing to this great on… aaaaaahhhh!”

She was panting as she stared down at the ground, her legs twisted together as her groin was racked by a powerful wave of orgasm that seemed to last minutes. After it was done, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“Th-this one knows what you have done. You have molested this one. Th-this one has maintained her virginity for 192 years because if a dragon breeds, they must forever be loyal to their partner.”

“Ah, but I didn’t really take-”

“This one has no choice but to become your bride!”

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