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My first instinct as the guards approached me was to get out of there. The priest seemed to be serious about declaring my death. I had to escape as quickly as possible. Although, just as I thought this, I also thought that the princess was pretty hot, and if I took her with me I might be able to use her as a hostage.

Light burst forth from my body, and a moment later…

“Eh?” I muttered in confusion as I looked around my new environment.

“Ah, ahhh!” That was the voice of the princess, who was now standing right next to me.

The pair of us had appeared in a forest. Of course, I was completely lost and had no clue how the king’s throne room suddenly turned into a forest. The princess seemed to be as confused as me, but when she noticed me next to her, she screamed and fell back to her butt.

“Easy now.” I held up my hands in an attempt to calm her.

My attempt failed. As soon as she scrambled to her feet, she turned around and ran away without a second thought. I sighed as I took off after her. What? I still needed her as a hostage.

However, I quickly realized that my summon didn’t include any status buffs. I severely lacked fitness. Even in heels, the freaking princess was starting to outrun me. It was seriously embarrassing.

How could I have been a hero when I couldn’t even catch up to a woman in a dress and heels in the forest?

If only I could run a little faster…

My legs suddenly started to glow, and a second later it became easier to move my legs quickly. Whereas I was trailing behind the princess before, I started to gain speed on her. Just as I was thinking I would catch her soon, she stopped and I ran right into her back.

She fell over, and her dress flew up, showing me what was underneath. She wore tight, sexy lingerie that was unbecoming of a princess. Her ass cheeks could be seen gobbling up a G-string that only managed to hide her slit. She quickly covered up with her behind, standing up with a blush on her face, but her embarrassment didn’t last as her gaze turned to whatever had stopped her in the first place.

It was a monster! Not just any monster, it is a dragon. There were very few stories I’d read where dragons were weak monsters. They were usually high-level monsters! Why did I have to end up coming up against one of the strongest monsters during my first day in another world?

The dragon noticed us, rising on its legs, spreading out massive wings as it gave a roar that spread out heat hot enough to cause the princess and me to cover our faces. I was about ready to piss myself and run. The only way I’d survive is if the monster dropped dead. I couldn’t kill the monster myself, but either way, couldn’t it just die?

Please die for me?

My heart pleaded, but my mind had no expectations. That’s why I was shocked when magic exploded from my body, and a moment later, the dragon made a sudden whimper just as it raised a claw to strike us. Its eyes rolled back up in its head, and then it fell to the side with a loud thud.

“A red dragon… dead in an instant…” The princess finally spoke for the first time, looking back at me in disbelief. “You are a hero.”

“Huh?” I demanded in confusion, “What the hell is going on?”

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