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“Ah, this is absolutely incredible!” the princess is moaning while tightly squeezing her naked breasts. “Ah, Ah, yes, ah… hero… oh, gods, hero! I’m cumming! It’s coming out! I can’t stop, it’s cummmmming!”

The princess started breaking down on the ground, looking quite lewd. She was kneeling, unable to stand up from the intense sexual pleasure being delivered to her. I gave another frown as her body bobbed up and down, her hands rubbing all over her skin. Finally, after a few moments of intense masturbation, she came, liquid splashing out of her pink cunt onto the ground below.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, gods, hero… oh, my god, hero!” Her pussy continued convulsing, and a few last drops of liquid fell out of her as she made one last convulsion before collapsing to the floor.

I let out an annoyed sigh. I was, of course, nowhere near her. I took a single step towards her, thinking that I wanted to give her the best orgasm of her life. Then, the familiar glow occurred, and a spell was assembled. It was the “make a princess orgasm” spell, and it proved very effective against said princess. She was provided with the best orgasm of her life. The problem was that her pleasure didn’t involve my input beyond casting the spell.

Magic has stimulated her pussy and brain, racking her with extreme sexual pleasure, while I was metaphorically left standing with my dick in my hand. Admittedly, watching the pretty princess turn into a lewd slut in seconds was pretty hot. She was still writhing on the ground in the throes of orgasm, her soft skin being dirtied by the forest floor while she made very sexy moans. I was incredibly hard, and all nine inches were pushing my pants to the point that the seams might break. Hey, this outfit was created with my… ahem… original size in mind.

When her moaning finally started to settle down, I sighed and took another step toward her, making sure not to imagine any more spells. “Are you good now?”

“Th-that…” I winced as she stood up, pointing an accusing finger at me.

What I had done was something I probably never could have done in the real world, not just from a magical viewpoint. I wasn’t the kind of guy who would sexually assault young women, although I didn’t know if using magic accidentally could be called sexual assault. I did know that if I hadn’t accidentally misused my creation magic, I’d have done more to her myself.

Part of it might have been because I was still wound up from reading all that erotica. I just had naughty thoughts on the brain. The men in those stories always seemed to take whoever they wanted whenever they wanted it. Why couldn’t I do the same? However, now that I had humiliated the princess, I felt a little embarrassed. A pretty girl was struggling to talk while pointing at me accusingly. I had to face the consequences of my actions.

“I’m so-” I started to apologize.

“Th-that was great!” She finished, breaking into a smile.

“Huh?” I made a dumb noise, completely caught off guard by her sudden approval.

“That made me feel so good!” The princess cried out. “I’ve never felt so wonderful before. My parents always keep me so sheltered, so I never get to experience anything. If you can make me experience more, I will be yours!”

At first, I didn’t know what to say, but a sexy, naked princess was looking up at me with pleading eyes, her body still sweating and her breath still rugged from experiencing an orgasm. The effect was more than I could bear, but first…

“If you stop begging, I’ll show you everything you want.” I compromised.

The princess nodded happily. “Deal!”

“Then, shall we get more comfortable?” I suggested.

She nodded excitedly, her voluptuous body bouncing and her eyelashes fluttering as a smile grew on her face. Alright, so the creation magic allowed me to create any spell I wanted if I but thought of it. It appeared to have no limits so far. I put my hands out towards a space, trying to visualize my wants in detail.

A second later, the familiar white light appeared, and as if from nowhere, a small house shimmered into existence. It was exactly like I imagined. It is my dream cottage, the ideal house in the woods if I ever had the money to afford one. It was almost like all of my dreams were just coming true. Now it was time to educate this sixteen-year-old princess on everything I knew.

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