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The next day, I hummed as I made eggs and bacon in the kitchen of my cabin. I was butt naked, not bothering to put my clothes back on as I walked around. After finishing breakfast and putting it on a tray, I moved off to the bedroom.

I could have just summoned breakfast with my magic, but I decided to take a break. As I opened the door, I stepped into the wafting smell of sex that permeated every inch of the room.

By the end of the night, I had compiled a new type of cleaning magic to bring the room back to its previous state. Only the princess showed the evidence of the night before. She was covered head to toe in bodily fluids and filth from our rough night. I thought about using magic to clean and heal her, but she didn’t want it. She proudly wore her bruises as a sign of her affection.

I had done everything to this virgin girl, showing her every outlet of sex my imagination could conceive. It wasn’t just sticking it in her butt or eating her out or tying her up. It went much further than that. After reading so many online sex novels, my depraved mind knew no bounds. I brutalized her. I actually felt a bit bad about it, but Ariel looked completely happy.

“My hero, I’m sorry I couldn’t…” Ariel tried to apologize for not being able to get breakfast.

“I know you wanted to wear it like a badge of honor, but I can’t leave you like this.” I sighed. “You’re no good to me if you can’t even move.”

When she tried to get up this morning, she found her hips were too sore. She was stuck in a position on the bed which strained her hips the least. I shrugged and immediately thought of a magic that would recover Ariel. There was a flash of light, and suddenly the color restored to her face. The bags under her eyes from a night staying up disappeared and her hair, which had started to become matted, returned to its original curly luster.

“Ah, I feel perfect again!” She smiled, her bubbly personality returning.

The pair of us sat down and ate our meal.

“Mmm, this is really good. You called it bacon?”

“Huh? You guys didn’t have pigs in this world?” I asked.

“A pig?” The princess looked questioningly. “Ah, sorry, if we did, I wouldn’t have known. But I’ve never had bacon at least.”

“Your family really kept you sheltered.”

“Mm… it was mostly dad. He was terrified that I’d get hurt. He was the same with mom. He held us both practically captive. The throne room and our own rooms, those were the only places he let us be, always with two or three guards at the doors. Everything I knew, I knew from reading it in books.”

“Ah, then, right now…”

“He’s probably got half the Kingdom looking for me. I can’t imagine how frantic he is.” She seemed to giggle at this, so it wasn’t something that bothered her.

She must have been looking for an outlet to get back at her father. It was probably why she was so willing to throw her body at me.

“About us…” I started.

“Ah,” Ariel waved her hands, “It’s fine! I’m happy. I said it once and I’ll say it again. I am yours. H-have I not proven it enough? You could do more to me if you wanted.”

She looked very bashful when she said that, which contrasted heavily with the writhing naked slut had spent all night pleasuring still covered in semen. She certainly hadn’t looked bashful as she begged me to fill her up with my seed last night.

“No, you proved yourself.” I tried to calm her, and she relaxed a bit.

“But that was…” Ariel looked conflicted. “I would have been happy to never leave that cabin. You could have had me all day and night, forever. So why did we stop?”

I scratched my chin again. “There is much more to the world than a single room. You had been sheltered your whole life. I wanted to show you more of this world. But…I don’t know this world at all. So, we can explore it together.”

At first, she had started to look sad when I said I didn’t want to stay, but as I suggested taking her with me, her eyes began to swim with excitement. Then, her expression became thoughtful before turning back to me.

“Can I ask the hero for a favor?” She looked up at me with her big doe eyes again.

“Anything for my cute princess.”

“My mother, can you take her with us?”

“Huh?” I made a surprised noise, frowning. “Ah…well, three’s kind of a crowd. Do we really have to?”

“Please, please, please!” Ariel begged. “She had been kept just as sheltered as me, but I’m sure there is much you could teach her.”

My eyes widened at what my cute princess had just implied, but I still needed clarification before getting too excited. “What did you mean by ‘teach’?”

“Well, she’s not a virgin, but one time when she drank too much wine, she complained that dad only does missionary position and he doesn’t last very long. If you can show her everything you showed me…” She started to blush, and my expression turned to shock.

I was right! The princess was basically asking me to violate her mom. A smirk formed on my face as I considered it. Like mother, like daughter, but why have one, when I could have both!

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