My Dungeon Life : Rise of the Slave Harem – Volume 9


  • A properly formatted novel of the 9th volume of My Dungeon Life.
  • The text optimized for tablet/phone reading.
  • Two bonus chapters written just for the eBook.
  • One Special Chapter. 
  • Extra editing to repair grammar and spelling mistakes not caught before release.
  • Additional corrections and additions to improve continuity and story flow.
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After Deek is promoted to Count, his troubles only double. He must fight a war on two fronts. Between the unified bandits that seem to be able to resurrect inexhaustibly and their elusive Bandit Hero leader, and Lord Reign with his strangely endless supply of Knights, Deek must allocate his time wisely. Perhaps, he might be able to deal with them both in a single blow, or perhaps he’s biting off more than he can chew.

Genre: A slice-of-life isekai with a slow burning narrative, just a bit of occasional drama, and a sex scene every now and then.

Tags: Slice-of-life, RPG, Isekai, Cowardly-Protagonist, Harem, Slavery, Romance, Animalgirls, Dungeons


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