Power of Creation – Volume 7 eBook


  • A properly formatted novel of the final chapters of this series.
  • Released in pdf, ePub, and mobi format.
  • The text optimized for tablet/phone reading.
  • Full-colored Ero Images in proper position in text.
  • Two additional chapters written just for the eBook.
  • Extra editing to repair grammar and spelling mistakes not caught before release.



You’re a guy who likes reading naughty web novels from machineslicedbread in your spare time. However, you find yourself suddenly being summoned to another world by a pious priest and an overprotective king. Your mission? To finally put an end to the Demon Lord threatening the human nation. However, when your magic is revealed to be the mysterious godly creation magic, you’re branded a heretic! What will you do next? With a power that rivals the gods, anything you damn well please.

Genre: It’s a 2nd Person Another World XXX story. It’s humorous and not to be taken seriously. It’ll probably satirize this genre.


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