Tales of a Seductress – eBook



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After an unfortunate mishap with some stairs, I found myself in a fantasy world filled with sex and violence. Stripped of everything and turned into breeding stock by the first band of goblins I encountered, I turned to the only weapon I had available to me, sex! Now, I’m a seductress, the first and only RPG class that weaponizes the art of XXX. I will survive this new and dangerous world the only way I know how: one guy at a time.

Tags: anal, attempted-rape, captive, cheats, dark, dark-fantasy, dragon/s, dungeon/s, elf/ves, fantasy, fantasy-creatures, fantasy-world, fast-learner, female-lead, fiction, first-time-intercourse, forced-into-a-relationship, game-elements, gender-bender, goblin/s, group-intercourse, handjob, hidden-talent/s, incest-as-a-subplot, inventions, jealous-lover/s, knight/s, large-number-of-skills, level-system, magic-shop, magic-spells, male-yandere, marriage, masochist/s, master-slave-relationship, masturbation, medieval, rape, rpg, seduction, supernatural, transported-to-another-world, video-games


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