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My mother crouched over my father, the blood from the bullet wound in his shoulder had leaked throughout his shirt and onto the floor. I covered my ears with my hands to make the terrible screeching of my fathers’ pain go away. Rory, noticing my emotional pain at seeing my father hurt, wrapped his muscular shoulders around my small frame. I shoved his arm out of the way without looking at him.

I saw my mom wrapping the bullet spot with bandages, whispering things to my dad, the bullet was next to my father’s body, already out. The pain was branded across my dad’s face, never leaving, even when the bandages were complete and he got up. The bleeding had stopped, a little bit, and the color returned to his face. All of the fear left me knowing that he was okay.

I wouldn’t want another person to die.

As my dad hobbled away I went to go talk to Uncle Bob, there was something that has been bugging me, something I needed to tell him.

“Uncle!” I called as I approached him. He seemed to have isolated himself from the group, something that was pretty normal for him.

“Yeah, hello!” He swiveled his head in my direction. “Oh, Denise, it’s just you. What’s important on this fine day.” I could now put Bob in the sociopath group, saying it was a fine day, did he see what has transpired?

“I have something to tell you, and we need to get this done as soon as possible.

“Yes.” He asked cocking his head to the side in misunderstanding.

“Yesterday, when we were looking for a car, I saw something. Big, massive, dangerous, it was a zombie.

A big massive dangerous zombie, huh?

“Yes! Have you ever seen the movie The Hulk.


Well, this zombie resembled The Hulk,” I told him.

“So it’s green?


Then what is it?

A big, massive, dangerous zombie!” I said louder, trying to get my point across.

“Okay, so there was a zombie, that was the Hulk, and like the Hulk is big, massive, and dangerous, but the Hulk got bit and turned into a zombie, and now he is loose?” he questioned.

“No! There is no Hulk; there is one that resembles him!

“So his brother?” he asked.

“What I am trying to say is that there are bigger zombies out there that your borders won’t be able to hold. We need an upgrade, we need a wall. That’s all you had to say.”

It was the third day of working now, the wall was coming out okay. A mile away there was a construction site; all of the stone you wanted was there. After making a few trips with Bob’s truck, we had enough for an eight-foot wall.
It was hard work but it was worth it.

Bob said that he wanted it to be fancy, like a fortress wall, but everybody disagreed too much stone. Instead we were making a regular wall. A couple more stones needed to be placed and we would be done. Using the ladder Uncle Bob had, I got to the top putting a stone in place. Bob went up and put the last two stones in place. We were done. An eight-foot wall was good enough.

As Ferrah and Tina went up and took watch, Rory motioned me aside.

“There is somewhere I want to take you.”

After making up a petty excuse for leaving, getting food, we left threw the door in the wall and walked away.

I noticed where we were walking; it was to the city or the outskirts.

“Where are we going

“You’ll see.”

We arrived there, it was a restaurant.

“You remember this place?” he questioned.


“Remember the trip we took here in 2nd grade?”

“Yep. Why are you taking me here…”

“To have a meal of course!”

The bright blue décor filled the walls, as the stools sat next to the table. Three tables with those benches sat next to the window. The nice white tile floor reminded me of my schools’.

As he was walking to the back a scream echoed from outside. A little girl, no more than the age of five, was being chased by a rage zombie.

“Rory, get the gun!”

He handed me his revolver, I left my weapon back at the farm. I took aim; I only had a few shots with a gun. I aimed and cocked it. The rage zombie was hard to ht, especially if it was running.

It was almost at the girl now as I took a deep breath.


The bullet completely missed, as it hit the ground. Stupid wind. The rage zombie leaped and landed on the girl. I saw it began to take bites, the blood pouring out of the poor girls’ neck. I ran into the back not wanting to watch, Rory was right behind.

I suddenly bumped into the pots; it clanged as t hit the ground. The rage zombie looked over here and ran.

We were stuck, as the rage zombie crashed threw the window and jumped on Rory. My hands were fumbling as I took the gun out, this time taker greater aim.


The zombie fell flat, dead on top of Rory. Rory got up and tossed it aside. We better go, there’s bound to be more coming after those gunshots.

We ran outside and saw Rory was right. Hundreds of them lined up, we didn’t see which one we just ran. I saw the walls in the distance, but I could feel the hot, steamy breath of a rage zombie on my neck. I just tried to run faster as the walls neared. I kept running, pushing my feet faster as we got to the walls, Ferrah and Tina began shooting at the zombies behind us. We ran threw the door.

“They are coming!” I yelled.

Everybody began to take their place we assigned on the wall, guns in hand; my dad was the only one on the farm. As I got up I saw the great number there was of them, as far as my eyes can see. Then everybody opened fire. Zombies fell left and right, but when one died two more took its place. Some rage zombies died from running straight into the wall and popping like a balloon.

More came as they began to surround the farm.

“What the hell did you do!?” yelled Bob.

“We were getting food, and then next-thing-you-know we were getting attacked.
Well, you sure did bring a lot of them!”

We shot some more, but it was futile, they just kept coming and coming, we were finally being overwhelmed.

Then we saw something in the distance, it was multiple ones, multiple zombies. Those big, huge, dangerous zombie.

“That sure does look like the hulk!” cried Uncle Bob.

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