So, I’ve been talking about writing this story for a while now. It’s called “I Reincarnated As A Single Celled Bacteria.” Normally, I’d just make this a Patreon poll, but I’m not working with them anymore, so hopefully I can get a lot of answers here.

Although I’ve talked about how the first arc will go, I don’t want to spoil it for everyone. I’ll just say that after the first arc, he ends up traveling with a teenage girl who he’s protecting/feels responsible for and he’s very OP. This is where I come into my question of how would people want the story to progress. I offer you some potential summaries.

Summary 1: MC has major trust issues, no ambition, and no direction. This version of the story would be very slice-of-life. They get a job as adventurers, slowly moving up the ranks while trying to afford daily living. The focus would be on him and the girl as he slowly opens up and falls in love with her (although she already has strong feelings for him). He’d form a party with some other eccentric characters (not love interests) and this would NOT be a harem story, but a romance slice of life for these two people trying to rebuild their lives while adventurers (and one of them is super OP, but hides it). It might get a little psychological, and delve into their trauma as they overcome it.

Summary 2: In this version, he agrees to help the girl obtain vengeance for her murdered family (family is murdered in both). Through circumstances, they become hired on as servants for a rich family. They pretend to be brother and sister, and while she acts as a maid, he slowly becomes more and more important within the family. The MC is a bit of a playboy, and he slowly wins the heart of the family’s daughter, and through various anctics, he interacts with various beauties of the city. This would have a more political edge to it, involving lords and ladies scheming against each other, with the MC being used as a pawn… however, he’s super OP, so none of their plans work against him. He’ll steadily win the hearts of all the ladies, even from opposing houses. There might be some netorare as he steals women from their bethrothed. So, harem with political intrigue and a bit of a revenge plot in the background as they search for the ones who killed her family. There relationship would be little sister and big brother with everyone seeing them as con, however, her devotion would be absolute and she’d even help him get girls.

Summary 3: I guess this would be a blend of the first two. The idea here is she is a relative of a house on decline… and so after her family is murdered she returns to the extended family. With MC’s help, she gains control of her family and sets out to find those that have been conspiring against her house. This is all done as they go to a magical academy, where she trains as a noble, and he goes as a knight. He’s still super op’d. It’d have both political intrigue and adventuring missions. It might have hints of harem, but more like the Familiar of Zero where she’s the main squeeze and maybe even gets angry when he plays with other girls who all fall in love with him.