Yurtdışı Yatırım

I have my big surveys every six months, but I also sometimes have smaller questions I’d like some feedback on over the weeks. I used to just throw them out on Patreon from time to time, but since I’m not using Patreon for that purpose anymore, I was thinking of doing it as a weekly thing. They’re free for anyone to answer. It’s just random question I have about one of my stories. You can also make comments on it. I’ll try to do a new one every Sunday, kind of like with my Premium Poll. Just trying it out. We’ll see.

Question of the Week

Should Automatic Girlfriend be a harem or a romance?

As a reminder, the girls introduced so far are the doll Amy who is main girl of story, the coworker, the former fat girl in the toxic relationship, and his roommate's sex buddy. I also believe a sister was mentioned who will eventually enter it.