This is just a teaser.

“Cum… cum for Mommy! Give Mommy your cum!” she moaned encouragingly, her body rocking up and down on my body.

I’m… having sex?

Her breasts were big and they flopped up and down each time she rose up and then down on my cock. I could feel myself piercing deep into her wet hole. It felt incredibly amazing. The sites, the sounds, the feelings, this woman was a top-notch fuck. It was like I had gone to heaven. However, strangely enough, she felt humungous. Like… she was a giant and I was just a small man. Wasn’t I… a little short? Was I a midget?

I tried to run through my memories, recalling where in life I had been to reach this point. I was born into a military family. There was never a lot of love there. My father used to go out and bang women overseas while my mom stayed home and took care of the kids. She had three boys, so she never even got the girl she had wanted.

Sometimes, when dad got drunk, he’d regale us children with stories about the time he banged an underage hooker in Thailand or engaged in a freaky orgy in Germany. He had grown up watching Star Trek, and despite his military background, he was quite the geek. I think it was Star Trek that caused him to join the army in the first place and become an officer. He wanted to live the life of James T. Kirk, banging exotic women in every land he reached.

Mother, on the other hand, was a mental wreck. She took care of us kids the best she could, but she was essentially a single parent, and really lacked the drive and skillsets needed to be an army mom. Still, my brothers and I had each other to fall on, and things only really took a turn for the worst when my father was dishonorably discharged from the army for sexually assaulting several underlings. He came home and started drinking. Then he started hitting. One day, he hit too hard.

Dad went to jail, and mom went into a casket. I was only twelve at the time. I was separated from my brothers, and then I spent years moving from one foster parent to the next. As soon as I was old enough, I enrolled in the army. I wasn’t like my dad though. I hated that fucker. You see, I wanted to be the kind of father who was always there for his kids. I would never end up being a piece of shit. I swore it on my life.

I did well in the army, ended up joining special forces. I started training up to become a navy seal. I was on a watch list as an up and comer. I got sent out on a recon mission. There was an IED that went off. The last thing I remembered was jumping on top of a native woman to shield her from the blast. That’s when things went fuzzy. I never had a chance to be a dad. I never had a chance to love a woman. I could break someone’s neck with my bare hands, but I died a virgin like a bitch. What can I say? I never found a girl. Was too afraid of turning out like my old man.

“Ahhhnn… yes… baby… give me that cock. Cum… cum inside me!”

So, you can imagine my surprise when I woke up to see some sexy woman who looked to be in her twenties riding my cock excitedly. She didn’t look middle-eastern, not only did she not look like the woman I had saved from the explosion, she didn’t look like any woman who lived in that part of the world. If I had survived the IED explosion.

I checked my appendages. I had my fingers and my toes. The one that was most important to me was currently piercing this thirsty skank. So, I lost my virginity this way? It wasn’t so bad. Or was I in heaven and this was what heaven was… just a thirsty bitch riding your cock in perpetuity. Eh, that’s not so bad either.

Before I could say anything, my mind was filled with new memories, other memories. Admittedly, there weren’t many of them. Almost all of them were of this woman.

“Come on, baby… just cum. Get hard… mommy needs the money.”

“If you get mommy pregnant again, she can earn a bit more money.”

“Mommy gambled it all away, don’t worry, just suck my tits, I’m still making milk.”

The memories were vivid, but also strange. I was always small, and she always towered over me like a goddess. She was constantly trying to make me cum. Sometimes it was in her, sometimes it was in a vial. I remember being hungry a lot. I’d gotten used to it. This was the first time my dick had gotten hard enough for her to get it in. Now, she was on top of me, riding away. I realized I knew this woman. I knew who she was because I had spent my entire life with her. I was seven, and this woman was my mother.

“Ah… cumming…” I cried out.

I really was a virgin in many ways, and I definitely couldn’t hold out.

“Yes, baby… into mommy. Put your seed in mommy’s womb!”

I did as she implied, my cock throbbing several times as a little seven-year-old cock shot cum inside my mother. I was far too stunned and confused to really grasp the situation. Mother finally sat up and spread herself open. I remembered the scene of this woman standing over me, her crotch open, with white stuff leaking out.

“My baby… you finally came!” Mom said, her voice rich with excitement.

She gave me a tight hug, her naked boobs pushing against my head until I thought I couldn’t breathe. Then, she pulled her pants up and, left. It was only then that I started to realize how screwed up this situation was, but also how normal it was. I had seven years of memories of this woman taking care of me. She didn’t teach the seven-year-old me shit. He was treated more like a doll than a real human being. If I didn’t have my real memories, I’d like have the IQ of a dingbat.

That’s when I realized the reality of the situation. I was in some kind of abusive relationship. She had never hit me, but she had never let me go anywhere either. I had no memories of the outdoors. I was kept in a small, locked bedroom with the windows boarded up. She came in four to five times a day, usually to strip me naked and try to make me hard.

This was my mother, but I felt more like she was treating me like a cow. I didn’t realize how apt that comparison was, because everything had just changed. I was no longer a cow. I was a cow who could produce milk.

“Cum… cum in the jar.” Mom said with a pleasant smile.

She pulled my pants down without even asking, and then started to play with my penis until it was hard. Her hands were closed and I wanted to say no, but I found myself quite a bit weaker than the navy deal I had once been. Short of crushing my mom’s throat, I saw very few ways to get the upper hand on her. Furthermore, I was part virile young man, and would you turn down a handjob?

So, I came into her cups. I fucked her. I took pleasure out on my mother just as she took whatever she wanted from me. Meanwhile, I also started doing a strenuous work out routine. There was no television. No books.  I had to face the truth. I had reincarnated into the body of a child from another world, and I was a prisoner in my own home. I had to grow stronger. One day, someone would find out what my mother was doing. One day, I’d get out of there.

The time finally came two years later. I was nine or ten, it was difficult to tell because my birthdays weren’t celebrated in the slightest. I had carefully created a small shiv, and I used it to crack open the door. I ended up in a small two-bedroom apartment. Seeing the open space for the first time, I nearly fell to the ground and cried. After two years, I had freed myself from a 10 X 10 room of sex. Had I said those words 2 years ago, I would have rolled my eyes, but now it had meaning.

I went to the front door and found that it had a lock I had never seen before. It was some kind of circle with some weird letters written around it with strange interconnecting lines. It looked slightly satanic in nature. Was my crazy ass mother all so a Satanist? The door wouldn’t open, even on this side. Locks were supposed to keep people out, not hold them in. Well, at least a residential lock.

Ignoring her, I ran to the window. Looking out, I realized I was in some kind of apartment complex. I was four stories off the ground. Too much to jump safely, especially for a guy who was only ten. This window had a normal lock on it, so I was able to open this one simple enough. Looking out the window, I saw a woman walking by. She was very pretty, in her early twenties. She was also wearing a uniform. She was some kind of public figure. I wasn’t sure what.

“H-hey!” I shouted down from the window.

The woman looked around confused, and then finally noticed me in the window. “A… boy?”

“Y-yeah… My… damn… how do I say this? I’m a prisoner in this room. Can you help? Call the police?”

The girl looked around, and seeing no one else around, smiled up at me. “How about I come up there and let you out?”

Her expression looked strange, but it had been two years since I had seen another human being. I would have let her up if she had been a man with a twirled mustache, slicked black hair, and prison tattoo on his face. I nodded excitedly.

“Yes… come up.”

I moved away from the window, pacing back and forth as I wanted for her to come. What I noticed was the door started to glow. I eyed it cautiously like the item might explode, keeping my distance. That’s when I heard the woman’s muffled voice on the other side.

“I don’t know the locking key, you need to push the symbol on the other side.” The voice said.

I still hesitated, but I had to take a risk if I was going to get out of this world. I pushed the button, and a moment later there was a click. It swung open, and the pretty girl was on the other side. I let out a breath of relief, raced forward and throw my arms around her.

“Thank you!” I cried out. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait just a moment.” She said, guiding me back inside and closing the door with another click.

I turned to the door, but the mechanism was no longer glowing. I didn’t know how to open it. I didn’t even know what it was.

“Before I free you… you need to do something for me.” The girl’s eyes lowered. “I just need… a little bit of cum.”

When she started pulling off my clothing, I was completely lost. It was like the life had been drained out of me. How could a woman want to do something like this at a time like this? I didn’t understand it, but I just wanted out, so I went through the motions. I pushed the woman down and this time I fucked her rather than the other way around.

“Ah… ahh… yes… cum inside me!” The girl cried.

A strange woman I just met wanted a ten-year-old to not only fuck her but cum inside her without protection. I didn’t understand this world. I didn’t understand anything. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed, I used her for all she was worth, and then I came inside her. Then I pulled out a knife I had taken from the kitchen and held it to her throat. Her moans of passion turned into a cut off shriek.

“You got your creampie, now get me the fuck out of her,” I said, pushing against her neck.

This girl just raped me. Admittedly, I didn’t think I’d be traumatized by it, but rape was rape. She might have reacted violently afterword. She might have locked me back in my bedroom and left me for my mother. She might have killed me to hide the evidence. I was just taking the prerogative. I was no fool.

With sharp knife pressed against her neck, she nodded with fright. I barely let her redress, and then I let her out of the apartment building. I held her hand, making it look like an older sister taking her brother somewhere, except that I had the knife pressed into her gut the entire time.

“The police station, please,” I ordered.

The two of us left my place of captivity in that manner. Honk! The noise came from overhead.

“Ah! It’s poking!” The woman cried, trying to pull away, but I yanked her closer and looked up.

“What the hell?”

There was a boat… and it flew right over our heads. In fact, I was noticing other oddities too. The streetlights looked like old oil lanterns, except they emitted no flame… just a shining light. The streets were paved with stones and bricks, the houses looked short and structurally limited. My 4th story apartment complex seemed to be as tall as they got. Then I saw an island… in the sky. Long ropes tied them to the ground as if the slightest movement would cause them to float away.

“Where are we?” I demanded.

“We-we’re in Diremire?” The girl looked confused that I didn’t know this.

I wanted to ask where the hell Diremire was, but I suspected it’d be answered with another name I didn’t recognize. We finally reached the police station after a twenty-minute walk. I thought I had concealed my knife carefully, and the pair of us walked naturally. The woman’s expression was quite stoic, and she didn’t look like she was in distress. Even if she did, I had the appearance of a ten-year-old, so how could anyone suspect me? Yet, despite all that, we drew way too many looks. Most of those looks were directed at me and immediately caused me to glance strangely. Those glances were familiar to me, as they were the ones the woman next to me gave before she demanded sex.

Once we reached the police station, I pulled on her shirt and made her lean her ear to my mouth. “Get up, turn around, and walk away. I won’t mention a thing. Understood?”

She nodded, her body shaking slightly. She did exactly as I asked, turning around and heading down the street. After about ten feet, she broke into a run. I ignored her, tossing the knife into a nearby trashcan and then walking into the police office. The police instantly listened and were very sympathetic. For an articulate ten-year-old, they really should have been. Things were fine, except I started noticing something a bit off. Everyone I saw… was female. The entire police office was full of woman. There wasn’t a man anywhere. Recalling my walk outside, I also had not seen a single man.

There was also another oddity. All of the women were very attractive too. I thought my mom was abnormally hot, but she was only average compared to the women in this police officer. I would have sworn I walked onto the set of a police pornography, not an actual police station. The reason I said that was many of the dresses shouldn’t have passed code. Many women had their cleavage hanging out. Skirts were just a tad too short. Even the most professionally dress women looked like they were ready to strip at a moment’s notice.

I ended up in a room with a woman checking after me. She was a very beautiful woman too, and she looked very cute in her lab coat.

“Hey… little boy, can you get an erection?” She asked, gently smiling?

“Ah, yeah…” I stopped myself as I noticed a gleam in her eye.

“I’m going to need a sperm sample… don’t worry, I can extract it myself!”

I became famous. My mother had me and I was never reported to the government. I would have been raised with money and status had that happened, but the mother was a paranoid anti-government type. She sold my cum on the black market to make money, and she also gambled and did drugs as well. She was so scared I’d be found out that she hid me in a room.

Mother went to prison, and me, I went to a special school for my care. It was an experimental all-boy’s curriculum. I was told that I was lucky. Many boys would be expected to produce at the age of 16. In some place called Amaryllis, men were expected to produce 5 children a month. Diremire wasn’t quite so utilitarian. The requirements were quite as stringent, but neither were the benefits. Men in Amaryllis were rich enough to afford mansions, just for being men. In Diremire, the rules were a bit different.

That was to say, men got paid for each woman they impregnated. Was a mansion possible? Sure, if you banged enough women, but it’d be close to 4 times the amount needed by Amaryllis.

Why did these strange restrictions exist encouraging men to have babies? It was because the world population of men had been wiped out. Nowadays, only one male baby was born for every 1000 females. That meant that just to produce a single male to replace your own life, you could need to impregnant upwards of a 1000 women. That was a lot of babies that needed to be made, so the only option was to turn men into baby-making factories.

So, men were raised to have sex to propagate the species. Women were similarly incentivized to get pregnant. Having a male baby was the equivalent to winning the lottery. Having a baby in a country was the only way for a woman to gain citizenship. They also received many stipends and financial aids that helped them the remainder of their life.

Women wanted men’s seed, and men wanted women to give them shit. Yeah, that was right, not only was a woman’s attractive looks a bare minimum expectation in this world, she also was expected to hand the man a dowry of sorts for his agreement to fuck them. So, men had to make the best contract with the most valuable women, in order to obtain the best dowry, also known as a slice.

Academy protected me from that environment but also trained me for it. I learned a great deal about the world there. The fact that it was a sausage fest didn’t bother me in the slightest. I did grow up in the army, after all. I had some friends, none of them long-lasting.

I was now 18, and I had officially finished my schooling. My task was to go out in the world, make contracts with beautiful women, and propagate the species. Deep down, I also wanted to treat those women right, and perhaps be a good man for my children. I had no lofty ambitions about changing this world. I just wanted to live in it.

At that moment, my phone beeped and I checked a message. It had been left for me from an old friend at the police station. When I read the message, my eyes popped open.

“Mother… is out of prison, huh?”

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