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Oh, well. That’s it.

I reincarnated without any problems. It’s good that I have my memories from my previous life for some reason. I won’t think about it too much.

In fact, there are no inconveniences at all. My parents, particularly my mother, are generous and easy-going people.

I was born in a village that farms and fishes.

It is a medium-sized village (according to peddlers) under the rule of Shanrial in the Alberian Kingdom and it isn’t bad at all.

Of course, there is no electricity and no gas. Water comes from wells or springs. The toilet is exposed to the outdoors. Well, at least I can boast the house has plumbing.

It’s nice to hear the scenery but it is undoubtable that the countryside is the countryside. However, my mind is satisfied.

In my previous life, my family home was also a farm house with fields surrounded by mountains. Elementary school was a kilometer on foot or three kilometers by bus. Middle-school was seven kilometers by bike. The station was five kilometers away from the high school and it was 20 kilometers by train. It was tough, but it builds character.

After I came of age, I started working in the city. If I made it to my late forties, I imagined moving back to the countryside to live a slower life. Had that dream come true, there would have been no complaints from me.

Seriously though, I was fortunate I wasn’t born in the slums and became a slave.

Indeed, this world is full of magic and various fantasy tools. In addition, I have three abilities. You could say my life here is more comfortable than my previous one.

Although it is the countryside, there is also an armor shop which doubles as a grocery shop and blacksmith in the center of town. The city rises early and there is never problems with food. Since a peddler comes from the castle town every month you can easily obtain living goods. If they don’t carry it, you can always order it. There is a branch of the adventurer’s guild too.

Well, when I was born it was all confusing, but I was never scared. I lived as I wanted until I was five years old, and then before I knew it I was ten.

No complaints. It was an ideal childhood, and it might be said it was my ideal slow-life.

The world is currently wonderful.

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