Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 21

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“You’re still impertinent for a junior, aren’t you?”

I wouldn’t say something like I won’t lose to you. If I was affected by this verbal abuse my heart would break.

… It will be a light trauma…

“I don’t care when you were born.”

Recently, I found it best to handle this light. It’s to protect my heart, but…


I try to quicken my feet and walk away, but I understood that this was a useless effort. I know this but even though I know, a man can’t stop himself. A sad, sad man…

“Because being by yourself is so pitiful, I will help you.”

While saying this, she was already scrambling up into the wagon.

I was immediately defeated, but I remained cool. My body is a child, but I am an adult. It wouldn’t be good if I had a tantrum like some little brat.

“It’s good to help, but what about studying? Have you been able to write the letters I gave you?”

“Well, of course! That was easy!”

It seems she didn’t do them at all.

Geez. It’s difficult to learn characters, so she skipped it by habit. Today, I’ll forgive stupidity – also murder – no, maybe that’s too far. Yeah.

“It should be simple for an 11-year-old. Even Sepuru can learn this stuff instantly, right?”

No, it’d be a mistake to compare her to a Supergirl like Sepuru. Sorry, Sari.

“…No, don’t you think that’s impolite.”

“No, not at all, why?”

Although she’s stupid, she’s still a woman, her intuition is sharp.

“Well, it’s okay I guess. So, what are you doing today?”

What is with that playful tone, can’t she see the firewood in the wagon with her own eyes? Delivering firewood is a duty for people who live in the mountain. This should be a given.

Well, I’m cool so I won’t point it out.

“Let’s drop off the firewood and go to the Adventurer’s Guild and visit Oba-chan. Then we can go to the fishing dock.”

“Why? That’s boring, just the same as usual?”

Geez. This is the case for children. You don’t know how grateful you should be just to have a job.

“Then study at home. Knowledge is wealth. Enrich your life…”

“Hey, guess what? Yesterday, there was a merchant ship in the port somewhere… it was unusual. Where did it come from? Well, it’s about time the caravan comes. I wonder if they’ll open up in the city again?”

Please, at least listen…

Well, it’s not like I demanded a reply. I’ll listen to her story for a moment. Take care of my heart.

“So, Lau falls down…. Really, right?”

I don’t know what she’s talking about because the story already deviated from where she started.

What kind of penance is this?

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