Reincarnated As A Villager – Strongest Slow-life – Chapter 23

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As a matter of course, after finishing carrying the firewood with Sari Bali I saw a party of adventurers who were heading over to the Adventurer’s guild.

Apart from certain small and pioneer villages, there is an Adventurer’s guild (branch) in most villages.

The world of swords and magic isn’t perfect, demon beasts and monsters are everywhere, and there are still many areas unsettled by men.

This village is always exposed to monster danger, the mountains and forests could always invade civilization.

There is a lot of work from herb picking and escorting caravans to picking up garbage in bigger towns. There is also requests to help in the field or fishing in this kind country.

It’s rare for adventurers to come to this village, but as a passing point, we can resupply people.

That said, there are no military or security guards in the villages. Well, there is a youth corps, but it’s pretty basic. They wouldn’t be able to fight monsters. So how do they protect the village? Second and third sons that would pass on inheritance often try to make their fame and fortune by becoming adventurers exclusive to the village.

Well, since they wouldn’t inherit anything, there are quite a few who wouldn’t pass on raising their name by fighting monsters.

Currently, there are nine adventurers exclusive to this village. They are divided into two and are all active.

Both parties consist of younger people from thirteen to eighteen years old.

They’re around that age because that’s how long it takes to build their abilities before they leave the village to fight monsters farther away.

Now, the party here looks to be a rookie party formed of people between thirteen and fifteen.

The leader is a fifteen-year-old, Van. A swordsman who has been adventuring for 2 years. Also, the fifteen-year-old Gaba who uses a dagger as a scout. Tashia is 14 and uses a bow. The youngest is Alma who is the baggage holder and apprentice.

“Oh, Van-nii!”

By the way, Van is Sari Bali’s big brother.

“What? Sari Bali? You’re going to be scolded by mother if you keep sneaking out.”

“It’s okay because I’m with him!”

My stomach churns.

“What’s the request for today?”

Evil monsters are the basic request, Van’s party is still young. They can’t handle many monsters (pests).

“Goblin Extermination!”

Perhaps there was a request for a bag of goblin ears.

“So the branch manager gave that request.”

Starting out as an adventurer can be severe (Lose your right leg and you must retire). It’s tough.

A weak goblin is not for a beginner with no experience. You wouldn’t be given permission unless you can beat a Kuro(a small fish demon called a mountain sweeper) and Kakuka.

“Oh, well, lately there have been a lot of goblin sightings so we received permission since Daccal’s party isn’t enough.”

It seems that the hordes of goblins are still nearby (tl note: Still? You learned about them three hours ago…). It looks like it will be necessary to enter the mountain tomorrow after all.

“How many did you get?”


“Are you saying you came here straight from Mt. Zakkara?”

It’s the mountain Tota saw them at.

“Oh, it was pretty tough!”

Well, it’d be a mistake to expect the same ability like Tota in these newbies, it is quite amazing to beat three goblins in this age. (Tn: If you recall, Tota, a 5 yo, took out three by himself with ease.)

“That’s incredible that you came through unharmed. How are you?”

It’s polite to be provide some admiration.

“Gaba striked first, Tashia’s bow caused a panic, and I killed one in the disorder.”

Well, that was simple.

“If three goblins are three coppers, it will not make much money, but when considering it a medal of your first subjugation, it’s a lifetime treasure.”

It’s a good start to decorate your first conquest with victory, as it’s not uncommon for an adventurer to die in their first attempt.

“You’re pretty cocky for a ten-year-old, I could say.”

I don’t think so because I can say that my life experience is about three times theirs, but I bit off a bitter smile.

“Well, either way, I’m thankful to you because I could kill them thanks to the bows and arrows and those throwing knives you made.”

“It is a gift of daily training, no matter what superior weapon you have it would be less than a snake knife without that. That victory is what you guys have won.”

I do not feel like becoming an adventurer, but I love watching such passionate-living people.

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