This chapter took so long because I struggled hard to translate it. Large portions were very difficult to understand (MTL-wise). Usually I’ve had a good grasp on most of this novel, but this chapter involved a lot of random guessing. If someone wants to fix the translation to something accurate, be my guest, but this is the best I could pull out of this chapter.

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“Are you here?”

I spoke as I opened the door to the adventurer’s guild (branch).

“I’m always here.”

The man with one foot on the other side of the counter declared crossly.

“Every time I come you say the same thing without smiling.”

“Perhaps I’m growing senile.”

Ahahaha. Funny coming from someone in his thirties.

“You just seem leisurely is all.”

Then again, if the adventurer’s guild was busy then that would mean something serious was going on in the village, so isn’t leisurely fine?

“If I got too busy I’d die.”

“Well, if you have that kind of attitude you could lose a foot.”

Truthfully, I don’t know why he lost his leg, but with a personality like that it’s not too surprising he lost a foot or two. No, it’s stranger that he’s still alive.

“What does a kid know?”

“Even a kid can understand what you say outright. If you don’t want to expose yourself, don’t talk. As soon as you talk you force your attitude on others.”

He turns red with anger, but I don’t worry about it too much. Just because the conversation didn’t go the way you wanted is no reason to scream and cry about it.

“Master, please calm down.”

The guild master’s shadow and receptionist of this adventurer’s guild is his younger sister. Yeah, she’s ten years old (probably be killed if she adventured). What is it about the country that makes people bloodthirsty for adventure?

That level of bloodthirstiness from a younger girl… – I’m sorry!

“Welcome, another request?”

“That is right!”

I answered with a smile and a salute for some reason.

“Heh, you’re still a child who does weird things. What’s your request today?”

… No, my life expectancy shrinks whenever I talk to this person…

“Easy, I’d like some older sisters to plant flowers in the flower beds for six small coppers.”

Even though my mental age should be above hers, I still feel mentally defeated when I talk to her.

“Well, I guess it’s an appropriate job for a big sister.”

“Ridiculous, I can not say such rude things to an older sister.”

It’d be like saying Dora-chan was an evil dragon! I don’t have that much guts!

“It’s because you’re so young that everyone acts like your big sister.”

No, it’s common law in the village not to oppose your sister.

“Well, it’s okay to accept this request. Even so, you give out strange requests, such as the maintanence of the flowerbed, out of your own pocket money. Why on earth do you make such requests?”

“Well, we’ll just call it community service.”

Separately, there is nothing particular I want to accomplish, but it’s nice if the village is beautiful. It’s just a side hobby.

“It seems that goblins have been appearing lately, is any of the sighting information being released?”

I asked big sister while watching Van and some others waiting for their assessment.

“Well, as long as you’re asking, there was a report of an adventurer party coming under attack from goblins yesterday.”

Goblins are unusual monsters (pests) and the encounter rate with them can be high anywhere you live throughout the year. For adventurers, it’s one of the most common demon (pests) encountered.

…Seems like the adventurer’s guild is taking it as a matter of course…

“What happened?”

Well, what happened? If it’s signs of a bigger group it should be reported to the adventurer’s guild, but it’s not clear and being the one to spread the fear could have some backlash. It would be better for me to keep silent, but if I value life here I should tell the sister. I do not know. Would you pass on this kind of information?

‘Tota also hunted down three goblins around the same area as Van’s subjugation… I’m just thinking…”

She seemed to understand what I wanted to say and put on a serious face.

“I understand. I will look it up with the guild.”

Well, just asking Van or another party to investigate. Then, if you capture some of them you can remove all doubt.

…However, this sister was looking on suspiciously…

“Hey, here’s the money reward. Please give my best regards.”

I ran away quickly from the adventurer’s guild (branch) before hearing things I didn’t want to hear.

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