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-a pharmacist.

It’s common sense that there is a pharmacist or two in any village unless they sit at forefront of the human race like a Pioneer village.

Most learn from their seniors, as there are no institutions where you can learn. It’s rare to find a doctor who can diagnose outside of the King’s capitol.

Medicine doesn’t just involve the study of the human body like in the past, but also finding magic that can cure cuts and breaks.

Medicine can do stuff like lower fevers or treat poison, which is a culmination of years of gathered wisdom.

Well, at any rate, the role of doctor is passed down from parent to child, and this one has already been active as a pharmacist for more than sixty years.

Compared to the medical technology of my previous life, there is a difference compared to “Grandma’s Wisdom”, but in this age, there is no clinic in a rural town where driving is inconvenient. In this world, the pharmacist is a more general position.

It is a post which is important for the village that is surely related to the life and death of a person from birth to the graveyard, and they have as much voice as a village chief.

So, the pharmacists house, the Yakudokoro, is in the center of the village, built from wood and sturdy stone.

The reason for this is that the existence of the pharmacist is a life line for the village, and constant temperature control is necessary for the storage of some herbs.

When I opened the door to the drugstore, the smell of many herbs began to flow. You ought to get used to the bitter smells if you are born in the countryside, as you’ll smell the odor of livestock feces and demon giblets on a daily basis. By the time I was five I stopped noticing it.

“Obaba, are you alive?”

I called out to the inside of the house where no one was present.

Basically, medicine work is medicine making, so they’d be in the back studio.

“He’s alive.”

The voice of a young one came from the back. Kind of like a sister – errr – no, nothing like that. Yes. Ne-chan is the tenth disciple of the present Yakushi, and is a pharmacist apprentice who is now practicing, age 14.

One enters apprenticeship at about ten years of age, and the disciples are taught by doing, leaning by adventuring, herb gathering, and ecology on the field, and gaining experience at the medicinal branch office.

The survival rate is rather lower because they are fighting demons at such a young age.

Well, this is a village with a fixed population, and it’s impossible for there to be no natural disasters or demon attacks.

Well, fortunately this village had Oton and sister so the damage from monsters is usually minor. Natural disasters can also include water scarcity, and rarely famine, so the village’s ratio of pharmacists was high, but in neighboring villages it was usual to only produce one or two pharmacists.

“Well, Neve, are you studying hard?”

By the way, I’m the ninth disciple of Obaba and could be called a pharmacist. So, Neve is a sister disciple. A very cheeky, younger disciple.

“I’m working hard. I’m quite confident in my recent success.”

“Ha, ha, ha! If your keep at it, you’ll become a better pharmacist than me, Neve-kun!”

It’s not a translation thing. As a pharmacist came to be named, every day, every job is a steady progression with study. There is no goal there. This is the truth of disciples, that only through continuous work will they become a good pharmacist.

“Welcome back.”

He also welcomes me with a rumpled face.

Obaba is like a bean that had been grinding medicinal herbs forever. Obaba is 80 years old (who also seems to be too old to live that long). He’s the oldest in the village.

It seems unbearable to get older than this without having a quiet and soft personality. In this era, that’s an unusual personality trait. According to the talk from village chiefs, his personality hasn’t changed since long ago.

I don’t deny that at all, since he’s taught me not only medicine, but most of what I know.

This man is my teacher and is as important as my family.

“Neve, I brought food, help me take it off the carriage.”

The pharmacist is exempt from village taxes, and food is provided by the village and the village chief. However, it’s become more difficult. He lacks teeth these days, so Sepuru makes soft things for Obaba (and the live-in Neve) to help him out.

“Neve, I beg you.”


Well, as always, I leave it to Neve.

“Sorry as usual.”

“I do not mind… Okan picked up a soup that Tota hunted and brought back along with firewood- no problem.”

“Well, well, I will thank you.”

I don’t listen to anything while I know my own abilities. I won’t marry until I’m seventy years old.

“I brought enough for ten days, but if it’s not enough, let me know. Well, I think it should be fine, but depending on the situation, food shortages might come up. Put this guy in the basement for an emergency, and it might be better if you make medicine more, because I will save it if you don’t.

Because he’s rumpled, Obaba’s expression is tranquil, a man looking up to his teacher. You won’t lose to any of the disciples as long as you read the atmosphere.

“Don’t worry so, I won’t cause trouble.”

“Sorry, same as always.”

“Do not mind since you’re doing it on your own.”

It is good that you understand. It is worthwhile to have been born in this world alone.

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