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“Brother, it’s morning.”

I awoke to the sound of my sisters calling me.

When I got up earlier than expected and stared at the ceiling, it reminded me of my previous life.

I had been in this world for ten years. It would be good if I lived on and didn’t remember my past life, but it seems like that as I’ve become used to this life, the memories of the previous one didn’t fade.

Well, either way, I can’t return now, so I suppose I will continue to live in this world.

I get out of the black wolf fur blanket and stretch exaggeratedly.

“It is unusual for Brother to sleep so long, is something wrong?”

The morning sun was leaking through the window as the sun rose.

“No, I woke up earlier than usual, and then I went back to bed. Don’t worry about me.”

I had two younger sisters, I gave Nika a smile and reassured Sepuru.

Although my younger sisters were not knockout beauties like their mom, they were hardworking little sisters. Growing up like this, they will be good brides. But they’re husbands better be worth it.

“How’s mother?”

“She is already in the field.”

A farmer’s morning starts early. Wake up as the sun rises, take care of the fields and livestock, and stay busy preparing breakfast for everyone in the house. We eat what we produce in the fields and from our livestock, of which our main product is fruit. We bring in money by shipping dried items like persimmons across the mountain.

Now that it is early spring I do not have a lot of work. Or rather, pruning and applying fertilizer is the only job right now. It’s naturally what we need to do to make them grow.

Even so, we get up early and work because we are the children of farmers and it is an old-fashioned house. Getting up early is a habit and we need to for appearances.

Although our house is outside the village, there is a highway nearby and the farm is on the side of the mountain in full view of the village. Showing laziness may cause some to become jealous with envy.

“And Tota?”

“He got up and has already left for the mountain.”

Tota is my younger brother, just five years old. He’s very mischievous and longs to leave the house and become an adventurer. As a result, he gets the meat in the morning.

“Has he already been there?”

Although he’s only five, it is common sense in this world that if you can move, you can work. At three years old, you’re pulling weeds and it’s not uncommon to fetch water from the river from morning until evening like a slave.

“That knife that Brother gave Tota, he sleeps with it at night.”

When I was digging in the mountain, I found something silver, so I made a knife for the first time. It was good to have that kind of magic.

“Well, even though he’s five, he’s becoming a man, too, so that’s why…” I defended.

Even I used to sleep with a transformation belt my parents had bought me in my previous life.

“Well, I suppose I will work hard today.”

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