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Bao Bi used some rope in his storage ring to tie up the man. He made sure to use a lot of knots to counter the fact that the 18-year-old pedophile was in the second realm and would be able to break out of anything lighter. After a moment of looking at the man, he found a sharp stick. It wasn’t like the spear that Liao An had made, but it felt sturdy enough.

Planting it in the ground, Bao Bi tied the man to a tree, using a rope to prop him up. His ass was left sitting precariously over the stick, no pointing out of the ground. Now, escaping would cause that wooden spike to slam up his ass. If he didn’t want to be impaled, he wouldn’t resist too hard. With that, Bao Bi was certain he wouldn’t escape. Even if he did, he’d learn a harsh lesson about sodomy and possibly give up his pedophile ways.

Bao Bi called out. “Liao An!”

It wasn’t that he had completely forgotten about her, rather than she ran in another direction and he wasn’t sure where she had gone, especially after running in circles for the last ten minutes. He kind of had expected that Liao An could take care of herself. Even if she couldn’t defeat the two men, she definitely had the ability to hide or run from them. She was a better fight than him by far, which only told him how poor at combat he was compared to this world if he could be defeated by a nine-year-old girl.

By that reasoning, these shadow cult people must have had no combat experience at all. It didn’t occur to him that either Liao An and himself were freakish. He was making the mistake of using her as the yardstick. He already knew this world was a bit odd when it came to strength and power, but he reckoned that anything a nine-year-old could do, an adult man should be even stronger.

Given how much the man he tied up liked to showboat, it stood to reason for Bao Bi that this Shadow Destruction Clan wasn’t all that impressive. They probably liked to talk a good game, but when it came actually to do stuff, it was clear the Bao Bi that they came up short. They took lightning sticks for abnormally powerful spirit weapons; they thought nothing of claiming others cheated when they didn’t succeed, and weren’t above lying and playing unfair themselves even towards young children.

Back before Bao Bi hit it big in the porn industry, he lived in a shitty neighborhood while trying to get his big break acting. There was a local group of toughs who liked to cause trouble for the locals. They once tried to bug Bao Bi, until he beat up one of their numbers. Rather than seek vengeance, they cowered away. The Shadow Destruction Clan was probably the equivalent to that. Just a bunch of local toughs who were cowardly and weak. They were just a bunch of bullies, with sadly a few pedophiles in the mix.

If anyone who knew about the Shadow Destruction Clan heard Bao Bi’s current assessment of their ranks, they would assuredly spit out blood in shock. These were actually some of the weakest members of their clan. It was for that reason they had snuck into this place, hoping to live off the scraps of the Xaoi Sect and possibly get lucky enough to gain some strength and be in a better position in their own clan. It was for that reason that the youth was so excited by Bao Bi’s spiritual weapon.

While Bao Bi was looking around the forest, trying to decide what to do next, he suddenly heard a scream from nearby. He frowned since the scream came from Liao An, but he never saw her as the type of girl to scream. Still, he would naturally go in that direction as he heard a woman in trouble. That was simply the kind of guy that he was.

That direction turned out to be the cave. This had been the prior residence of the winged lion he had battled earlier. Its body was still lying on the ground with blood dripping out. Since this was a higher-level beast for the area, it wouldn’t likely attract any other spiritual beasts for the moment, but it was best not to stay here too long. Even Bao Bi knew this much, which only confirmed his belief that the Shadow Clan disciples were dumb.

As Bao Bi approached the mouth of the cave, he heard various noises echoing out of it, but it was impossible to tell who they were coming from. He had no choice but to enter. It was a drier environment than the one he had turned into his cultivation space. It was also much bigger, the cave running quite deep. It was nearly in total darkness before Bao Bi noticed a light at the end of the cave. Moving forward cautiously, the indistinct voices started to become something he could make out.

“Ah! You little bitch! Stop struggling!”

“Do you need help?”

“Shut up! I know how to stick it in; it just won’t go.”

“No, she’s squirming, and you keep missing. Maybe she’s too tight?”

“Fucking bitch! Just knock her unconscious! It’s funner when they squirm, but this is getting aggravating!”

When Bao Bi entered the cave, his expression fell. Liao An had gotten into greater trouble than he ever thought possible. Not only had the men cornered her, but they had managed to strip her to nothing and pushed her down. One of the men had her pinned to the ground, and he was thrusting into her. His bare naked, hairy ass was on display. The other guy was standing nearby, seemingly giving his leader encouragement.

Bao Bi had been so confident that she could take care of herself. Although he had only wasted a few minutes, and even if he had acted faster, he likely wouldn’t have known she was in the cave until he heard the scream, he couldn’t stop but blame himself for allowing her to reach this state. She was only a nine-year-old girl! Although Bao Bi was technically seven, he had years of experience. He should have known better than to treat her like the adult she usually acted like.

“Damn it!” The annoyed man on the ground slapped her face.

Bao Bi’s mind suddenly froze. For a brief moment, it felt like everything had stopped. Anger started to well up inside him. He had looked down on these bastards, and the result was an end to his friend’s innocence. For the first time since he had been to this world, he felt an intense hatred. He was usually an easy-going guy and avoided trouble. Even when the Xaoi Sect trampled all over him, he resented them and wanted vengeance, but he had never felt fury.

His spear was thrown before he could even think. The target was the man who was standing. He didn’t even have time to turn when the spear slammed into his head, piercing his brain and sending him flying back into a wall. This left Bao Bi without a weapon, but he had intended things this way. For the bare ass man on top of his precious Liao An, he wanted to rip that man apart with his hands. He abandoned his spear on purpose!

“Huh?” As he got up and looked behind him, Liao An had managed to bring her legs together and kick him.

Her kick was done with just enough force and perfection that he flew to his feet and stumbled back a few steps. He had a dumbfounded expression on his face at first, but when his eyes landed on his dead partner, and then he turned back to look at Bao Bi, his eyes narrowed and fury formed on his face.

As for Liao An, she had one hand over her flat chest, and her legs were turned hiding her nudity, yet still seeming sensual. Her expression was just as icy as it always was. She was looking at the pair of them without interest and curiosity, giving no indication of being distressed.

In reality, she had planned this all out from the moment she took off. Using her spiritual perception, which defied the common sense of this world, she had kept track of Bao Bi and his progress with the other guy. She had led them around for those ten minutes, keeping them distracted with noises and hiding in a bush until she allowed them to find her. Then, she ran into the cave.

She had intended Bao Bi to come to rescue her quicker, but she realized he didn’t know where she was and transmitted a scream to his ears. In truth, she had expected him to be foolhardy, running in at full tilt to save her. He was just a young boy, after all, and every young boy wanted to save the damsel in distress. However, rather than hasty, Bao Bi had moved cautiously, taking his time and even following the lessons in hunting she had given him.

It was actually admirable, and she felt more respect for him, but she hadn’t calculated for it. As the men came, she had to either give some away or give up the ruse and show her cards. Thus, she allowed the men to tear off her clothing. As a former prostitute, she thought nothing of being stripped by rough men. As for being seen naked, she had no modesty left. Besides, no matter what happened, these men wouldn’t leave this cave alive, so it didn’t matter to her what they saw.

As for her host’s vital yin, she would naturally protect it. Even though if this man had successfully raped her, she would have very little care one way or the other. She’s done more disgusting things for less. Still, there was her pride to consider, so she made it impossible for him to do so, shifting when needed, and using spiritual energy to block him otherwise.

All of this was prepared for the moment that Bao Bi came into the cave. She had hoped he would see her being harmed and explode with rage. She wanted him to taste his first blood and kill these men, so he’d be desensitized to it later when he had to do more of it. However, she hadn’t calculated for things to progress to the point it appeared like she was already being raped. The result was that Bao Bi’s anger exploded so great that it even frightened her for a moment.

He killed the first man instantly and shamelessly. There was no sense of bravado, showmanship, or even hesitation. He didn’t care about being seen as good or righteous, and he didn’t attempt to fight fair and square. These would have been the actions of a normal boy Bao Bi’s age or even the 12 to 13 yo that he appeared to be. Bao Bi simply killed, his face as expressionless as Liao An’s typically was.

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!” The leader charged Bao Bi head-on. “Shadow Fist!”

Bao Bi didn’t use his movement techniques. Instead, he met the man directly, using his Phantasmal Hand against the other man’s Shadow Fist. When the two collided, the match that should have been one-sided created a noise like metal slamming against metal. The cave shook, and the two jumped back. In the end, they had both retreated the same distance. Although, while Bao Bi’s eyes showed no change, the leader was deeply shocked to find himself about even with a young man almost half his age.

 Liao An had told him not to wear the necklace that kept his profound realm hidden. On such a journey, she wanted his profound power to be detected. This would help attract monsters and allow him to get used to his strength. At this point, it would have shown him as a tier 3 of the first realm, a lower realm mortal purifier. Instead, this leader could detect his true ability as a 9 tier of the first realm, a higher realm mortal purifier.

This wasn’t alarming, because Bao Bi’s abnormally high cultivation and strange constitution had forced his body to grow and enter puberty early. Thus, he appeared like a 13-year-old boy, despite only being 7. This did not mean he’d be permanently six years older than his actual appearance. Rather, his true age would catch up before he started aging again. Liao An was a slightly different case. Since she had strong control of her body, she was able to keep herself from aging strangely, and thus appeared the age she was supposed to look. To normal cultivators, who only started when they were ten, this was never particularly an issue.

Most normal cultivators would take about 3 years to reach the top of the 1st realm, and another year or two to reach the second realm. That would make Bao Bi about average within the Xaoi Sect. Only a genius who started early and was supported by a powerful family would reach the 2nd realm by the age of 10. For Bao Bi who was, in reality, seven, it was a rate that would terrify most people.

The leader didn’t know about his terrifying growth. All he saw was an average-looking young disciple of the Xaoi Sect. The leader was in the third tier of the second realm, vastly superior to a simple 1st realm and considered a true cultivator. In short, there should be no way that they were equal in ability. He should have been able to overwhelm the little boy easily. Yet, after a single exchange, they found themselves to be on equal footing.

This disturbed the older man greatly, and now he was considerably more wary of Bao Bi. He was smarter than the other two and had been studying a bit longer in the profound path. Thus, he recognized that Bao Bi had already learned a movement skill, a body skill, and a combat skill. This meant that he had a very strong foundation, indeed. However, there was one thing that Bao Bi couldn’t learn yet. That would be a profound skill!  Since he couldn’t use profound external energy, how could he call on the elements to execute the true power of a cultivator?

That meant, if he wanted to defeat Bao Bi quickly and get back to harvesting this young girl’s yin, then he needed to surprise him with a profound skill. Few at his level had such a thing, but this particular leader had been fortunate to find a scroll on the Xaio Sect disciple he had murdered to get the pendant that allowed him to enter this area. It was exactly because he found that scroll that he had decided to enter this area in hopes of finding the corpses of other disciples and earning even more profit.

However, before he had come here, had spent some time contemplating the profound skill, and he was confident he could perform it at the first tier. Confident that he could defeat this little brat who interrupted his fun, the leader began his advance on Bao Bi. Both specialized in hand to hand combat. The leader used his fists, whereas Bao Bi used his palms. They exchanged a dozen blows, and he could see how Bao Bi was dangerous.

Were all Xaoi Sect disciples this amazing? They couldn’t be, he had just killed three of them not too long ago. It was clear they were trash in front of this guy. That only increased the man’s excitement, as this must be an inner disciple! Every sect had outer disciples, inner disciples, core disciples, and heritage disciples. The quality between an outer disciple and an inner disciple was great, although the leader had never met one himself.

He was an outer disciple of the Shadow Destruction Clan himself, but he was trying to change that. Now, he had lucked out by finding an inner disciple who was weaker than himself. The reason this was fortunate is because the inner disciple must have good resources on him! The man was licking his lips just thinking about stealing Bao Bi’s skills, spirit stones, potions, and artifacts.

“Little boy, you’re going to die. You might as well give up!”

“You talk too much!” Bao bi responded, still feeling filled with rage.

He attacked again, but this time the man avoided his attack and jumped away. He lifted his hands and fire started to form within them. The fire wasn’t orange, but dark blue and purple. It had an ominous feel to it.

“Watch out!” Liao An yelled out a warning.

Bao Bi didn’t need the warning. As soon as he saw it, he grew wary. He had heard that cultivators could cast magic. Well, they called it profound techniques, but to Bao Bi, it was essentially magic. This was the first time he had ever seen it being performed though.

“Shadow Burning Fist!” He shouted as he punched out.

Even though he was a good ten feet away, a fist formed out of the flames and flew out from his hand. Bao Bi went to dodge it but realized immediately that the fist changed directions. It was targeted at his chest, and there was no way he could avoid it. Well, supposedly. Bao Bi leapt to the side.

“It’s useless!” The man laughed, panting as he collapsed to his knee.

It was clear that this was his most powerful attack. Bao Bi had a bad feeling about the fist. It was slow-moving, but it went whereever he moved, and it gave off a destructive feel. He couldn’t say if it’d kill him instantly if it hit him, but he didn’t want to use his body to make that test. That’s right! A body!

While they were fighting, he suddenly found himself on the other side of the cave. This was probably intentional, as the Shadow Clan disciple was trying to close off his means of escape. However, this also put him right next to the body that was pinned to the wall. In a swift motion, he grabbed his spear and flung the body forward. It collided with the fist and with a resounding boom, the chest exploded out. There was now a hole in the chest of the dead body, who already had a spear-sized hole in the head. It collapsed to the ground, blue and purple flames cauterizing the massive hole in its chest.

A bit of force still made it through the body, but using the spear; Bao Bi blocked it. The spear once again found itself to be quite sturdy. The blow sent Bao Bi back, slamming into the cave wall. However, he remained unhurt other than that.

“You… cheater!” The other man cursed.

Bao Bi had grown tired of these bastard’s rhetoric. “Cheat on this!”

He didn’t throw his spear this time but leapt at the man while whipping the spear around with full strength. Although he called it a spear, it was little more than a pointy stick. Slapping against the side of the man’s head shouldn’t have done anything more than hitting someone with a stick.

However, Bao Bi had a very strong body, and this guy with a below-average base had already exhausted his profound energy on his one attack. Bao Bi hit him with such force that his head was partially decapitated. The man died instantly, a look on his face as if he still had words of vitriol about the fairness of his death. Bao Bi didn’t give him a chance to say anything more.

He had taken his second life.

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