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“Ah, Ah, It’s so big! Give it to me! Give it to me harder!” The beautiful naked woman covered in baby oil screamed. “Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m almost there. I’m almost there!

The naked man picked up the pace, his body jackhammering her with rhythmic and practiced piston movements. She was on all fours on a fur rug, and he was behind her, his hands on her hips. He similarly shined in the bright lights, covered in sweat and oil. He raised a hand and gave her shiny rump a resounding smack.

“Ahhhh!” She cried. “I’m there! I’m cumming! Yes, Bobbi, yes!”

“Cut!” A voice roared out.

“Ah shit! I mean Gregor the Impaler!” The girl cried, nearly in tears. “I’m sorry! Don’t pull out, Bobbi, I’m right there… please let me finish!”

“Dani, that’s the second time you’ve botched the lines!” A short sweaty man stormed up to the couple.

He was partially bald and wore a button up Hawaiian shirt. His skin was completely red under the hot lighting, and he looked a bit winded as he stared down at the girl angrily. The girl was writhing and shaking on the carpet while her female parts contracted tightly around the enormous member of the man behind her. She really was trying to pay attention to the man yelling at her, but even though the man behind her had stopped thrusting, she was still finishing a really good orgasm.

“Damn it, Chip, you should have just kept filming.” The guy inside the girl said, a cocky smile on his face. “This is a really good orgasm, her womanhood is sucking it in like a vacuum. You could have gotten that on film. Instead, we got your hairy ass walking on the set. That audio shit could have been fixed in post with some easy dubbing.”

When Chip’s dark expression turned to the man, it immediately loosened and he held out his hands defensively. “Brad! Big D, you did great. I love you like my own family, but you got to understand, the producers don’t pay me to film women orgasming. No guy gives a shit if a woman enjoys herself. All they want to see is her getting wrecked on screen followed by a cumshot. You know?”

Brad shrugged. “I don’t know, Chip, things are changing. I’m thinking there are a lot more men these days that might like seeing a woman’s satisfied smile.”

As he said that, he looked down at the woman in front of him. She looked back and winked with a very alluring and sexy smile. It was clear she was quite satisfied upon finishing up.

“Thanks, Bobbi D. No other cock makes me cum like your cock.” She finally pulled herself off the carpet, letting Brad’s massive ten inch cock fall out of her snatch, even though it was still hard.

“Oh yeah, well I hope pissing on the fur carpet, which is on loan, I’ll have you know, was worth wasting $500 of production time!” Chip turned back to Dani and snapped.

Dani’s sensual look reserved for Brad disappeared the second it landed on the greasy Chip, “Whatever, Chip.”

“Hey! Was that disrespect? You disrespecting me?” Chip yelled as the woman stood up and patted Brad’s cock one last time affectionately before walking off, her booty bouncing with each step while Chip followed from behind. “I’ll have you know, I used to be the biggest name in this industry! I was filming girls hotter than you back before your mom’s broken condom made your skank ass!”

“Yeah, yeah… I’ll clean up and get ready for my cumshot.” The girl rolled her eyes.

“Y-you do that, bitch!” Chip shouted, finally stopping as she walked off without concern. “No respect… fuck!”

Brad joined the little man and laughed, clapping the bawdy director on the shoulder. “She’s been in the business a while, might want to save your threats for one of the younger girls who still need the money.”

“Damn, they all start to look the same after a while.” Chip sighed. “How old is she again?”


“Ugh… a fucking dinosaur. Well, I’d still rather work with her than the new girls the firm has been casting for me. Those 18-year-old twats are the worst.”

“Is that so?” Brad decided to humor his old friend.

“How long we been shooting together, Brady?”

“Twenty years…”

“Twenty years, I’ve been making porn. But with the internet, every slut with a camera suddenly thinks she’s a pornstar. She gets her boyfriend to shoot a couple of naughty photos of her, gets a couple hundred loyal fans, and suddenly corporate wants to put her in movies. However, she has no fucking clue what she’s doing, and acts like a fucking spoiled diva. The second you ask her to do a DP scene or ass-to-mouth… it’s like… ‘oh, I don’t do that.’ I just missed the days when I told a bitch to suck my cock, and she sucked my cock! Is that so much to ask?”

“Sounds complicated.” Brad gave an amused expression, knowing after working with Chip for so long it was better to let him keep going until he finished blowing off steam.

“It’s those damn feminists, man. All these bitches keep trying to feel ‘empowered’. They’ve been telling me I need to shoot my films to show more respect for women. They told me… ME, that I haven’t been socially conscious, and the modern man wants to see women asked with ‘proper consent’. They say cumshots are out, as is spankings and derogatory names. I mean, what the fuck? I read some punk ass reviewer on a film I did twenty years ago. He called it a ‘bit rapey’. What the fuck is this world coming to, man?”

Brad sighed. “Things change, buddy. A few years ago, it was all about big butts. Now, there seems to be an interest in incest. That’s some of the best parts of the porn industry, it’s always changing, right?”

Chip looked contemplative for a second, but then he closed his eyes and patted Brad’s hand. “You’re right. I didn’t mean to over react just because Dani said your name and had an orgasm on camera. It just reminded me of all this shit I’ve been going through. These amateur little internet pornsluts. The producers have just been shoving new policies down my throat recently. They recently said I can’t even fuck the girls I’m interviewing. Calling it an abuse of power! It’s a fucking porn, how am I supposed to know a girl is up for what I need her to do without a proper test? I have to deal with that fucking diva and I got my arm tied behind me back. In the old days I could just slap her to fix her hysteria, shove my cock down her throat, and then teach her who’s boss. Now that’s ‘culturally insensitive’!”

“Now you’re sounding like there is a particular girl you’re talking about.” Brad offers.

Chip sighs. “When you’re right, you’re right. She’s in her ‘dressing room’ right now. The next scene is with her. She’s just some teeny bopper who got internet famous recently after doing an anti-Trump video.”


“Oh, you know, she did a redtube series, The President’s Cocks, where she made up fake dildos supposedly casted off of former president’s cocks. So, one week she’d ‘bang’ Lincoln and tell her audience how it was like. So, naturally, when it came time to model our current president, she made a tiny penis, called it Trump, and then had a big black one, called it Obama, and had the big one cuck Trump. You know… stupid liberal shit.”

“Sounds harmless…”

“Yeah, well, she’s popular now. A lot of ‘fans’ have been sending her threats, saying they want to rape her to death.”

“Typical internet…”

“So, I was thinking we shoot some conservative guy who pushes her down and makes her succumb to a big conservative cock. It’d sell really well, and might even give her some good will with those threatening her. However, she threw my script on the floor and now she won’t leave her trailer. Says she won’t shoot a porn that doesn’t align with her politics. Can you believe that shit? We’re going to shoot the scene next, and the actress won’t even work. I can just see the headlines if I don’t land this gig. I’ll be the next old celebrity to have his career ruined by allegations.”

“Hey, Bobbi D, we doing this or what?” A woman’s voice comes from behind the pair.

The girl he was plowing from before had returned while the pair chatted. She had cleaned herself up, re-oiled, and was ready to go, wagging her butt excitedly at Brad.

“Alright, let me cum on this Dani’s face, and then I’ll try to talk to your… diva…”

“Thanks, Brad, you’re a life saver.” Chip sighed turning back to the set. “Oi, Dani… remember, he’s the Barbarian Gregor the Impaler, and he’s impaling your pussy with his cock!”

“Yeah, yeah, Chip, just let Brad stick it in and work his magic.” Dani winked at Brad.

Sometime later, Brad sighed as he tightened his robe after the scene finally wrapped up. Rubbing a pain in his shoulder that kept shooting up and down his arm, he looked up at her dressing room, which was really the diva’s trailer which they brought to set themselves to make her look more important than she was.

“There she is. She’s in there with her ‘manager’. Real prick of a douche.” Chip nudged Brad.

“Did they really have to make me cum twice just to get a sufficient cumshot?” Brad asked, thinking back to the scene he just finished while rubbing his arm absently.

Chip shrugged. “Your cumshot was weak. At least I can pin two together and make it look bigger on the screen with a little magic. You know I don’t use that fake cum… Hey, you alright, man? You look a little pale.”

“It’s just been a long day.” Brad admitted. “I’ve had an erection for six hours now. It’s starting the ache.”

“Gotta keep up with internet. Produce more and more porn.” Chip looked up at the taller man. “Hey, that’s why you’re the best in the business man. Who else can get hard like that? Look, I just need you to get this girl out of the trailer, dump a load on her chest, and then you can take the rest of the day off, okay?”

“I’m not sure I can get hard again.” Brad bit his lip.

“Comes with the age. Here… this is a pill I was recently prescribed. Got it from a ‘doctor’. It’s a bit new on the market, but if you take it now, you’ll be hard in twenty minutes.” Chip pulled out a small red pill and dropped it in Brad’s hand.

Brad looked at the pill. It wasn’t the first, or even the tenth he had taken. As for today, he was already on Viagra, a caffeine pill, and a few other cocktails of drugs besides.

“Eh… what the hell. What’s the worst that could happen?” He popped the pill in his mouth. “Let’s do this.”

He went up to the trailer and knocked on the door. He ended up hearing two voices, one man and one woman, who seemed to be arguing with each other. Then the door slammed open and there was a man wearing a suit. He was sweaty as well, and the sweat had stained his white shirt. He was bald like Chip, but was wearing a cheap toupee.

“What do you want?” He asked, glaring, but when his eyes landed on Brad, they widened in excitement. “Oh, excuse my manners. If it isn’t Brady Rockwell, the Big D himself. I’m sorry, I’m just a huge fan!”

“Who is it, daddy?” A voice shouted from farther back in the trailer.

“It’s Bobbi D!” The guy shouted back. “Come on in, come on in! You’re definitely welcome.”

“I don’t want visitors, daddy! Tell him I’m not going to be some shill for those Nazi propogandists.”

“Shut it, woman! This is Bobbi D!”

“Nazi?” Brad raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry! She calls everyone a Nazi these days. Why don’t you have a seat, Bobbi D, sorry about the mess! Although, you’re probably okay with messes, am I right? I remember you starred in that movie Whoreders where you banged people who hoarded stuff.”

“Actually, the sex scenes were all filmed on a stage, whereas I never went on site for the B roll.”

“You don’t say…” The man sat down, “So fascinating… I just can’t believe I’m here with the Big D himself. I remember watching you as a kid. You’re actually part of the reason my daughter Nutmeg here is in porn. I originally was just going to make her strip for her living, but then I remembered your videos and thought my daughter masturbates all the time, why not charge people to watch!”

“Dad! Stop talk’n.” The girl herself stood up and glared at her dad while blushing. “And I decided on Cayenne, not Nutmeg!”

She was a young girl, still in high school, well, if she hadn’t dropped out, having only turned 18 six months prior. She had blue dyed hair, a nose ring, and gave off an unkempt, wild vibe. Right now, she just wore a pink robe and makeup, but it wouldn’t be hard to see her dressing like a punk or rock girl.

“Cayenne? Nutmeg?” Brad asked.

“We figured a pornstar has gotta have a spicy name, so naturally, we figured a name of a spice. But I thought we decided Cayenne was too common!”

“If I go by Nutmeg, then people will just start calling me Meg! I won’t have it!”

“Sigh… daughters…” The guy turned to Brad with a silly smile on his face. “Do you have any family yourself, Mr. Big D?”

“Ah… no, actually. Many friends. No family.”

“Well, you’re still a viral young buck, right? You can start a family any time.”

“What are you doing here? You’re not one of those alt-right bastards like Chip trying to oppress my individuality, are you?” Cayenne demanded.

“Nut-Cay… eh.. Julie K.! Don’t be rude!”

“Don’t call me Julie! That’s the name given to me by the patriarchy!” Cayenne whined.

“I gave you that name!”


“Um… actually…” Brad finally had enough, feeling a little dizzy and short of breath sitting in their small trailer. “I did come to talk about your filming today.”

“Ah, hah! See, dad, these bigots want to oppress me!”

“Is it possible I can talk with Cayenne a moment alone?” Brad asked, ignoring Cayenne.

“Of course! For the great Brady D, anything you want!” The dad stood up while also ignoring Cayenne. “In fact, feel free to fuck her too. I’d be honored if the great Bobbi D banged my daughter.”

“Daddy!” Cayenne stomped her foot angrily. “You’re such a fogey!”

“Oh, don’t mind my daughter’s insults. She roars a lot about oppression, but as soon as she gets a big dick in her, she purrs like a kitten. Just show her what you got and she’ll be a demure little pussycat in no time.”

“Stop, daddy…” Cayenne was blushing, suggesting there might be some truth for it.

Finally, Brad managed to get the guy out of the trailer, but he wouldn’t leave until after he french kissed Cayenne, which embarrassed her further, even though she seemed like she enjoyed it. Brad fought to unfurrow his bow before turning back to Cayenne with the door now closed. He knew most of the women he worked with had daddy issues, but these issues went on a level far outside his expertise. Either way, he wasn’t a psychiatrist, and this wasn’t his problem.

He sat down across from Cayenne at their small little table. She glared back at him with her arms crossed.

“What do you want, Narc!”

Brad coughed. “Narc? I was born in the seventies, do you have any clue how many drugs I’ve consumed?”

She cocked her head and looked at him with a blank glaze. He realized only now she was throwing any term at him she’d heard on her feminist, liberal blogs, and likely didn’t even know what a Narc was.

“Cayenne, I used to work with a pornstar named… ahem… Saffron…” Brad smiled wryly, thinking perhaps that maybe pornstars having spice-related names was true after all. “Anyway, Saffron was a big vegetarian. She was very much anti-fur. If you noticed all the fur rugs outside, Chip is really fond of using furs on set.”


“So, initially, Saffron refused to shoot. She was so angry. She was convinced that if she had sex on top of fur rugs, that she was condoning furs. It went against every principle in her body.”

Chayenne looked up curious from the side, but still remained hesitant. “What of it?”

“Eventually, we got her to do the shoot. And we also included some very tasteful pictures of her nude body wrapped in furs.”

“Huh? How did that help?”

“She sent the prints to an anti-fur agency… and they quickly grew viral. Her nude pictures raised awareness about furs, and ultimately she raised five million dollars and managed to shut down a fur factory. Furthermore, because she grew popular in the business, she managed to continue to fight for what she believed in. All those fur rugs are now synthetic. There are also strict laws that prohibit the abuse of animals for porn. Saffron wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of that if she…” Brad stopped for a second, a particularly bad tinge shooting through his arm.

“So, what you’re saying, is that by getting myself involved, I can change things for the better?”

Brad merely smiled as the girl’s expression grew more and more excited. Finally, she gave a nod and he chuckled in relief. Finally getting out of that cramped trailer, he was back under the spotlights. Were they always so bright? He held up his hand and squinted. The next scene was set up in almost an instant. Brad barely felt he could blink before he realized the scene was starting. Things felt strange, like time was moving out of sorts.

“Hey, buddy, usually you sweat after the sex.” Chip chuckled, clapping Brad and getting into his favorite director’s chair. “Come on, let’s begin. Action.”

Brad looked over at Cayenne, who was now standing across from him in a skimpy outfit. He was starting to feel slightly nauseous, but ending the take now would be a major setback.

“Stay away, you bigot! Don’t you know that women only make 70% of the pay of men?” She winked at Brad secretively.

She apparently though that if she filled the porn scene with feminist facts, she’d be doing good for the world. This wasn’t part of the lines, but if popping off a statistic was what it took to get her to participate in the scene, who was Brad to complain.

“Hehe…” Brad looked down at her darkly, recalling his simple lines. “Since you’re so liberal, let me see how liberal you can be… with your body!”

“Aii…! You brute!” She cried as Brad pulled out his dick. “Oh… wow… that is big!”

That was a slipup. She had completely broken character when she saw Brad’s cock. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened. Even her Obama dildo lost out to this monster. Chip just rolled his eyes and moved his hand in a circle to say keep rolling.

“I-I mean… you’re a bigot!” The inexperienced Cayenne tried to recover. “But since you’re so… big… I guess I will give my consent.”

Several people rolled their eyes at the ad-libbed cheesy dialogue. Chip mouthed to the words “dub” and several people nodded in acceptance. Just fix it in post. What was important was that their naughty bits rubbed together in a sexy way on screen. Thus, Brady shoved her down to the rug carpet and lifted up her skirt. In a moment, he was inside her. The pill really worked well. Brad was at full mast. In fact, he felt pretty full of energy. He started giving Cayenne a rough and satisfying ride.

Then, the most unbearable pain Brad had ever felt shot through his chest. He tried to ignore it for the sake of the scene, but a moment later he had no choice but to grab his chest in pain, his entire body going rigid. He could vaguely hear noises around him, but everything was already starting to grow blurry. The light went dim.

“Brady!” He could hear Chip’s voice calling. “Ah, shit, I think he’s having a heart attack-“

The last thing Brady saw was his own body collapsing on top of the screaming Cayenne, then nothing but darkness followed.

Cayenne would be deeply traumatized by that event, quit porn, and become a mild celebrity on a feminist podcast before getting bored with it, and marrying a lawyer to become a stay-at-home mom. As for Brady, he died before the ambulance arrived. However, this universe is far bigger than anything these people ever could have predicted, and not everything that dies stays dead.

The next thing Brad remembered was opening his eyes to stare at the most beautiful and most frightening woman he had ever seen. Her very aura seemed to attack his very soul. Her icy blue eyes would haunt his life from then on. It took him a while to realize she was speaking words and he actually understood them.

“You will cultivate until you can reach the heavenly planes. The next time we will meet, you shall have ascended to the heavens. At that point, I shall harvest your vital yin personally. Only then will our karmic debt be fulfilled!”

Heaven? Had he just died? Brady broke into tears. However, a moment later he was being soothed by any extremely soft and comfortable chest. As he considered things, he realized that it was unlikely he was dead. Even though these women were pretty enough to be angels, Brady wasn’t all that impressed. He spent his life banging some of the hottest most fantasized about women in the world. Beauty was subjective. It was usually all makeup, smoke, and mirrors. You never saw a girl’s true beauty until you saw what she looked like with her asshole spread open, bent over a chair and her face scrunched up in an uncontrollable orgasm while she pissed herself.

Brad’s mind seemed to move like molasses. He realized his body was small and light and actually in the arms of a beautiful adult woman whose features he struggled to make out. Was… he a baby? That must mean… reincarnation? As the scary lady left, Brady steeled his resolve. He had been reincarnated. These beautiful sirens were beckoning him to heaven. Did that not mean these ladies were harbingers of doom? One even returned and forced pills down his throat. Having just died from a certain pils, he briefly considered that maybe he was wrong. Perhaps this was the other place, not heaven.

As a warmth shot through his body, Brady felt himself growing stronger, and the muggy feeling in his mind began to clear up. His eyes grew sharper, and his movements grew easier. He watched the door where the two lady’s had left, but they did not return. He only had their blurry visage and a pair of terrifying eyes to identify them. He put a finger under his chin and began to consider things. He didn’t know where he was or why he was here. The only thing he knew for certain was that he never wanted to see that scary woman again. Brad would never join her in the heavens!

“What the hell is going on?” He asked out loud, surprised that his baby voice could produce words.

In reality, the extreme cultivation of the Midnight Queen had shocked his aura, and brought back a former consciousness. This is something that might happen from time to time. Usually, the consciousness would quickly fade, it might manifest as something like an imaginary friend, only to be forgotten as they got older. That was, unless, someone fed that baby a Renika Mind Expansion pill at that exact moment. Someone did just that, and the cultivation world would never be the same.

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