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Finding a spot on the edge of her parent’s new property inherited by their deceased uncle, Liao An sat down on a log stump. No one but her would know this, but her body was facing a certain baby located in a certain house some two kilometers away. To mortals, they could be considered distant neighbors, but to cultivators, they might as well have been living under the same roof. Of course, Liao An’s spiritual perception wasn’t what it used to be, and she only had the vaguest awareness that he was in that direction.

She had spent the last two days re-acclimating to food, both as a cultivator who didn’t need to consume it, and as a starving girl who had been deprived it. Finally, she had recovered enough that her face no longer looked gaunt. Liao An might have been a pretty girl, for a mortal, although cultivator’s of her level would be hard pressed to find any mortal as sexually attractive given the quality of life they’re used to seeing every day in the immortal realms.

“This place really has no spiritual energy at all.” She cursed bitterly.

All over this world, there were pockets of energy, but they were all relatively weak when compared to anything found in the heavenly realm, let alone the immortal realm. For someone like Tigra, this truly felt like a place completely devoid of energy. However, despite that extreme setback, she wasn’t the top cultivator for nothing, and was able to construct an ideal cultivation technique pieced together from a dozen other techniques that would suit the body of Liao An and this world nicely. Tigra and Liao An were essentially the same person now, so it was very easy for her to feel out her own body and pick the most suited technique.

Perhaps, if she had to live with this body for the remainder of her life, she might have thought about it longer, but considering the nature of this world, even the bad techniques she knew would be those that would shake the fabric of this world. Liao An’s technique, specially composed by a top cultivator, even if done in only a few days, was still a top technique that would leave almost any other cultivator in the dust. Furthermore, she still had a connection with her immortal body, and could leak out a bit of cultivation from her former self if she was careful. Draining her cultivation to power up this new body seemed to like a waste, except that the difference between the two were so vast, that Liao An could cultivate to the level of an Overlord and still barely equal a drop of Tigra’s cultivation. To compare, Tigra’s body contained more spiritual energy than this entire planet, and not by any small sum.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Liao An reached the first stage of cultivation in only one week. She felt a rumbling in her veins. She could hear popping sounds, and it reminded her of a time long ago when she had first reached this stage. Tigra lived in a higher mortal plane than this one, and thus Midnight roughly increased her cultivation quickly. Her entire purification process was completed in a month, but this was with Midnight’s help, numerous medicinal pills, and still the requirements were simply hell.

As she finished the first stage of purification, her pores released all kinds of toxins and dirt from inside her body. Within a few moments, she was covered in filth, and a foul odor emanated from her body. This was expected. The first realm of mortal cultivation was purification. It took nine steps, with each step involving pushing out more and more toxin. Each stage of purification caused a massive qualitative change in the individual. They were stronger, quicker, healthier… Like oil and water, once the filth was separated from the person, the toxins couldn’t easily reenter their body. As long as they continued to cultivate, their body would remain pure forever.

Each stage cut the toxins in half. Therefore, Liao An had removed 50% of the toxins in her body when compared to a normal person. This number naturally had fluctuations based on age and lifestyle. Someone born in a higher realm would be exposed to less toxins. Therefore, someone born in the heavenly realms was by very nature purer and cleaner than someone born in the mortal realms. Admittedly, this gap became less obvious by the time they reached level 9.

After all, level two is 50% of half, or 75%. Three would be 87.5% pure. Four, 93.8%, 96.9%, Five is 98.5%, Six is 99.3%, and from there you’re only being more and more pure. What is the difference between 99.999% pure and 99.998% pure anyway? However, if a heavenly cultivator in the first realm of cultivation happened to come down to this place, he could potentially defeat anyone of the same level.

Or, perhaps more applicable to the situation, Liao An who had begun cultivating her body at the age of three had accumulated considerably less toxins than those who cultivated at the age of ten. Thus, it was one more reason she’d have a hand up in this realm. She was able to do this because she had complete control of this body, which was supported by her real immortal body. Waiting until they were ten was so that they were mentally prepared enough to cultivate without causing harm. In the heavenly realms, a lot of the cultivation occurred passively, and the children could start earlier without risk of hurting their immortal veins.

It could also be noted that the baby, once he began cultivating at ten, would similarly have an advantage. This was because of the pill he had swallowed, which would prevent him from accumulating nearly as many toxins as other mortals here. In fact, with the mind of an adult and his enhanced fortitude, he could likely start cultivating by the age of three himself as long as he was careful, but Liao An didn’t know that at all.

“Liao An! You’ve been out here all week sitting on this log!” A voice caused Liao An to break her focus as the mother appeared, sniffing with a disgusted look. “You smell disgusting! As my daughter, I won’t allow it!”

Liao Yan grabbed Liao An and started dragging her off to their home, which Liao An considered a hobo cottage, despite being a mansion in the eyes of a mortal. She might have fought or pushed the woman away, but after the event last week, Liao Yan had shown her nothing but kindness. She didn’t want to risk injuring the woman, so she could only helplessly succumb as Liao Yan dragged her. It was the least she could do for Liao Yan’s kindness.

The mother had even brought out food for Liao An and left it by Liao An’s side. Liao An ate the meals, although the more one cultivated, the less food they needed. Liao An had told this mom she was cultivating, but as a mortal woman, Liao Yan assumed this was the sillyness of a child. She figured Liao An was just playing pretend on that stump. If it seemed odd that she stayed there all day motionless, well, An’er was always a slow child. Liao Yan just knew she didn’t want to cause her daughter grief after they finally had started to grow close.

She didn’t recognize the sign that Liao Yan had just broken through and was now officially a cultivator. Had she known, she likely would have fainted from shock. The difference between a cultivator and a mortal was like heaven and earth. Liao An would be like a celebrity in this world, and would instantly propel the Liao family up. As a three year old, it’d be unprecedented, and she might even gain the attention of the Xaio clan or perhaps an even higher clan.

That would be regrettable. Although the second level of purification would take a month, Liao decided to take her time slowly from now on. She wanted to be strong enough to protect the baby, but if she got noticed, it’d cause some major trouble for them both. As she considered these things, she realized her mother had wrestled her into the bathroom and a big tub. The woman stripped Liao An out of her clothing, and then further dropped her own clothing to the ground.

Liao An was eye-level with the furry, black bush of her would-be mother. Tigra had slept with women before as part of the job of prostitute, but she wasn’t by any way a lesbian. However, whenever she saw a naked body, she always liked to check them out. She had done so with the baby’s parents, and she was doing so now. She was naturally curious how other people looked naked. Liao An’s eyes roamed over her mother’s vagina which had pushed out a kid only three years ago. Tigra had never done that, so she still wondered whether a vagina could honestly stretch that far. Her eyes ended up on the mother’s chest. Tigra was pleased that her chest was bigger.

“Oh, An’er, its okay, when you become a woman, you too will get these.” Liao Yan reassured her, squeezing her chest together.

Liao An blinked, and then looked down at her body. She realized that Liao Yan had misunderstood her curiosity. She thought Liao An was curious about her sex characteristics. The reason for that was simple. Liao An didn’t possess any. Her vagina was completely smooth. Her chest was as flat as a board. Her hips were narrow and her butt was small. Her eyes couldn’t help but loose some light. That’s right, she was a three-year-old girl. She poked a nipple on her own washboard chest and let out a sigh. It’d be years until she grew anything.

“Come, baby, let’s get you cleaned off.”

Two big melons wrapped around her head as she was picked up and dropped in the water. Suddenly, she felt a pang of jealousy. She had to keep reminding herself that her real body was totally womanly. She had a nice butt, wide hips, big boobs, and well… she was shaved smooth down there, but she could have pubic hair if she wanted to! She ended up between this woman’s legs as she rubbed Liao An down from head to toe. Liao An didn’t mind it too much, in fact, it felt kind of nice. It wasn’t like she planned to stay out there after accumulating this dirt anyway, so ending up in the bathtub was the best course of action.

By the time Liao An was clean, the water was black. “What did you get into, sweetie?”

Liao Yan could only shake her head in wonder. She refilled the bathtub one more time to finish Liao An off. Liao An then took the initiative and washed Liao Yan’s body too. It might be insignificant, but karma always needed to be paid back.

When the two girls were done, they started drying themselves with towels. This was when Liao Yan gasped, her eyes focused on Liao An’s face for the first time since the dirt and bubbles were gone. Liao An could only smile wryly and keep her mouth shut. She knew what the problem was. Liao An was beautiful. Every increase in purity made a visible change to a person’s looks. Her once mortal, blotchy skin was now nearly flawless. Her pale skin gave off an almost visible glow. Her features which once might have looked harsh now looked smoothed and delicate. If before she was only a bit pretty, now she was of the quality of a model. As she purified herself more, this would only become worse. Yeah, slowing down her cultivation was a definite must.

She managed to feign ignorance in the way only a three-year-old could get away with. Liao Yan convinced herself that it was just good genes. She was once a beautiful girl too, although years of drink and a rough mortal life had caused her breasts to sag, her face to get some wrinkles, and her beauty to lose a bit. She’d still be considered a catch, but not at the same level as she was when Liao An’s true father had raped her. Liao An had just needed proper food, and she’d mature into a beautiful girl too. As Liao Yan watched Liao An return to her stump, she gave herself a little smile that she had such a wonderful daughter. Laio Yan would need to protect her so that she didn’t have the same fate that her mother did.

Liao An sat back down in her usual spot, refreshed. She began cultivating once again, but she managed to restrict the flow. Meanwhile, she kept a little focus on the house two kilometer’s over where a certain baby lived. Her spiritual perception was sufficient enough now that she could keep watch on him, but only barely. She could feel his presence, but as to his state, she was clueless. However, he and his parents were alive and together, and that was sufficient to give her piece of mind. Baby’s couldn’t get into very much trouble anyway. Liao An reckoned it’d be another six years before she’d even need to make direct contact with him.

With that reasoning, she developed her cultivation schedule so that she’d reach the top of mid-tier mortal purification, stage 6, by the time the boy turned six. One stage a year should be slow enough that no one nearby would notice the draw or her energy fluctuations. She still didn’t have the timing right, because about six months later she reached the second level of purification. This time, she snuck in and cleaned herself before her mother saw the mess.

Over that time, she made sure to spend one day a week in the mansion, and to return for meals occasionally with Liao Yan, so that no one grew too suspicious. However, her behavior still became the talk of the town. People who visited the mansion always noticed the strange little girl who sat at the edge of the forest on a stump. Because she was distant, no one ever got a good look at her face. If they had, rumors of her beauty would have spread as quickly as her quirky behavior.

Liao Yan defended her daughter relentlessly, and any time talk flared up mocking the girl, Liao Yan would put her foot down and chew out people. Thus, it became that Liao An was only spoken about in whispers, usually followed by, ‘don’t say anything about it in front of Liao Yan unless you want to get an earful’. As for Liao An’s strange behavior, Liao Yan considered her increasing beauty as a consequence of maturing into her true self. As for her stump duty, Liao An was a perfect daughter, quiet all day and created no trouble. She honestly had worried Liao An’s beauty would attract some bad people, so the fact she had no interest in visiting town or greeting vistors was a blessing. So, she let her daughter stay in her dream world. She figured it had to do something with the fact she was a cultivator’s child. In the end, Liao Yan just didn’t have the heart to tell her daughter that cultivation was out of the reach of mortals like them.

A bit over one year later, Liao Yan reached her third level. Her timing had improved, but she was still a little ahead of schedule. After taking a shower and eating a little, she returned back to her stump. The baby, who likely had a name by now, although she didn’t know what it was, had been quiet. Sometimes, one of the parents took him into town, but for the most part, he seemed to live a quiet life. Her perception was better now, and she could tell he was growing healthily.

That was when she noticed something a little odd. It was… some kind of fluctuation in his spirit energy. That was impossible though. He was a small child. Those fluctuations usually only occurred when a mortal was about to enter the realm of cultivation. With no cultivation technique, the likelihood of purifying yourself of toxins was nearly impossible. The fact it was happening to a child just under three years of age was even more unbelievable, Liao Yan being the natural exception.

She continued to watch the baby carefully, sometimes even foregoing cultivation. Nothing interesting happened, but every so often, the fluctuation would return, stronger than before. Six months later, Liao An was six years old, and the baby was now a toddler. He was actually going to do it. The fluctuations were extremely clear. He was going to breakthrough completely on his own! Midnight would have never predicted this. Liao Yan realized her own plans had been disrupted. She’d need to make contact with him now, before he finally stepped into the cultivator world. It could be dangerous doing it on his own! Of course, she didn’t put any trust in his cultivator parents of such low prestige.


As she had her spiritual energy focused on the toddler, the toddler started moving. He was moving without his parents nearby, which was the first time she’d ever seen him move significantly on his own. Wait, he was moving toward her? Impossible! He couldn’t know that she was using spiritual power on him. Was she found out? No, that was definitely impossible!


He wasn’t just heading towards her, he was racing towards her. His spirit was growing closer and closer at a ridiculous speed. For the first time in a while, she was genuinely surprised. She stood up from her stump and stared into the trees were a presence was coming at her like an arrow.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..” A distance voice came closer and closer.

Was that a scream?

“What-“ Just as Liao started to form the question, a form exploded from the forest.

She didn’t have time to react in this small body, which had spent the last few years cultivating and was honestly a bit stiff. A flying… something… collided directly into Liao An with enough force that she was carried along with it. Liao An was a third level of purification, so even in a five year old’s body, the amount of force needed to move her would be intense. She went flying with the small form stabbing in to her gut. Was it some kind of attack?

Quickly pulling out a technique, she created a cushion of air on her back. A moment later, she struck a tree, and the air managed to cushion the hit. It still was enough to knock her breath out of her. Liao Yan collapsed on the ground at the foot of the tree. She groaned for a moment before finally looking down at what had hit her. As she looked, her eyes widened. There was a tiny… man… lying down. Her legs were spread open and her skirt was up over her knees. His head was lying right between her legs in the absolute most intimate spot.

“Mm… something soft…” A voice rumbled from between her legs, stimulating her sensitive parts, then there was a sudden loud sniff coming from between her legs. “What’s that smell… pussy?”

Tigra may have had a life as a prostitute, but never in all the depravity she had experienced, had something like this happened. She had been living as a young girl for two years now, and to have herself so easily upskirted and… and… sniffed… even Tigra would lose her cool.

“P-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe…” Her words came out as her face turned red.

“Huh?” The guy looked up for the first time, seeing the young girl he had landed on. “Did you pee a little? It’s okay. Some guys think that’s kind of hot.”

“Pervert!” Liao An’s full cultivation exploded and she kicked the small little man up into the air.

With a round house spin, her foot landed on his ass with all of her strength. There was an explosion of energy and the small person disappeared off into the distance, aimed in the exact direction he had come from, traveling even faster than before.

“WHyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” She heard a scream disappear in the distance.

It was a vicious attack made without thought, one that would kill any mortal without question.

“W-wait…” Only then did she realize that as she kicked the little man away, so too did she kick away the lifeforce of the baby she had been tracking for two years.

She suddenly realized that the two were one and the same. In a single moment, she had just used the power of a third level cultivator on a baby! Liao An was fucked!

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