Hey Guys,

I’d usually wait for the newsletter to send this out, but that can be challanging because it comes after the 1st of the month when a large portion of you get charged. So, I’ll just put it out now and remind you in the newsletter which will come out in around 24 hours.

The last two months I experimented with trying to have two days “off” a week. Well, it was supposed two after finishing Moth, which didn’t happen. This was to facilitate a more “normal” and “consistent” release without any gaps.

I’d have to say it’s been a complete failure. I said at the time that a “weekends off” approach didn’t work well for me, but I figured I’d give it a chance anyway, and what I found was significantly less writing and a lower drive to write.

Since it didn’t work, I’m going to return to my old schedule. This will mean I’ll take one week off of writing every other month. I’m going to start with this upcoming month, which hopefully will give me the time needed to release at least half of the content I was supposed to complete this month.

So… My Dungeon Life is back to five release (fifteen chapters) a week. I’m going to put a survey out on Apocalypse. Basically, do people want two apocalypse or one and Automatic GF? Let me know. Finally, I’ll try my best to catch up on the missing Sunday and premium chapters.

It tried something new, it didn’t work, hopefully a return to form will put things back on the right path. Either way, my house closes June 1st, so once I move and have the space and privacy I so desperately want, that will make a big difference in my writing too.