Dear Readers,

This is just a reminder for those who don’t read my newsletter. I took my week off and I will now be releasing chapters the rest of the month. I am both radically changing how I release chapters and also not changing much at all. This is slightly different from what I said in the newsletter, so please bear with me. In essence, it will work like this:

I’m currently doing a soft reset, dropping every release to Just the Tip or free. If I miss a series, let me know in discord or email and I will fix it ASAP.

I have a “schedule” of releases. These will release at the Just the Tip Tier.

I will have a list of writing “goals”. Any goal that exceeds the scheduled releases will be dropped into the Early Access tier. That tier will grow no larger than 5 releases. After that, any extra chapter I write will result in next Just the Tip chapter releasing quicker.

Premium polls will return, however this “vote” won’t be for an extra chapter, but priority toward a goal (early access) chapter. I will put out the list of all available chapters, and you vote to decide which one chapter you’d like to see out the most that week. The voting will be the $10 tier, but the release will be at the $5 tier.

In other words, I’m doing away with the $10 tier, so you can once again access all content at $5. However, if you want to directly influence what gets priority, then the $10 tier will still be your thing.  

Hopefully, this will allow two things. First, for my schedule to work more reliably and for me not to miss releases. Second, I hope to take the pressure of me to be constantly releasing and makes it easier to write chapters, since I’m not trapped by stories I’m not in the mood to write and such.

I could point out that this was ALWAYS the intended design of the release schedule. Early Access was always intended as “extra” chapters designed as overflow for the Just the Tip tier, hence, the name Early Access. It seemingly got lost at some point as I got overwhelmed focusing on catering to the higher paying tiers. I think this new idea is a system that gives a little and takes a little. You no longer need to be in the $10 tier to read everything, but I’m also not required to make releases at a breakneck speed killing myself.

As for the goal series not on the schedule, I will try to write one a week, but if you really want to confirm your series of choice gets a chapter, Premium chapter voting is the way to go.

Hopefully, it evens out so everyone is satisfied. Check out my newsletter if you want to see what the releases actually are… I’ll be updating my Home page to reflect these changes eventually.