Hey Guys,

This is an announcement regarding a major change in my scheduling. I was going to leave this to my newsletter, but then I realized that most people would have already paid for their month by the time the newsletter came out, and I like to be transparent and give you the option to make your choices first, so here’s a one-week advanced warning.

As you have probably been aware, my releases in the last few months have been uneasy. Whether it was holidays, COVID, stomach illnesses, my other job, or my cat dying… I’ve had a lot of reasons, and I’d like to believe most people respect them. The fact I’ve still released over 100,000 words a month and eventually release >90% of my planned chapters I hope is a positive.

However, in the name of trying to improve consistency, I’m going to change my schedule.

Specifically, I am going to be dropping My Dungeon Life to three releases a week, Apocalypse to one, and I will be working on finishing MOTH, which once finished, will NOT be followed by picking up another work.

This will mean that I have off Tuesdays and Thursdays. I believe allowing myself two days off a week will help me manage my time better. I will DROP the 7-week work 1 week off structure for the moment, so the 7 days I want off every two months will be converted to the ~8 days a month.

Anyone who wants to rage that I should be paid less since I’m producing less… I’ll just tell you it’s already happened. Over the last year, whether because of COVID, Patreon’s issues, series fatigue, or slow eBook releases, my memberships have dropped (and so have my eBook sales). I’m making about $2000 less in memberships now than I made a year ago. So, there you go, mission accomplished.

I’ll also mention that for the things I’m producing less of, I’m also producing more of others. MDL will get 6.5 fewer chapters a month, while Apocalypse will get 3.5 fewer. Meanwhile, GOAS, Tales, World of Women (as Enslaved V3 finishes next month) and the monthlies will get more releases.

So, that’s the announcement. I hope the weekly time off will give me more time to work on eBooks which with my current schedule I can barely glance at except on my weeks off, and I also hope it gives me time to put out future chapters and by extension gain a more stable release.

If donations pick up, I might pick up another series in place of MOTH and bring MDL back to 5 releases this summer. In the end, I hope you continue to support me, but if this somehow bothers you, I want to be completely transparent so you do what’s best for you. I doubt this is going to affect my words per month at all, let alone decrease my workload, but I do hope it’ll make things easier for the near future, at least until my June survey.