Dear Supporters,

I thought I’d start sending out a Monthly Newsletter to keep everything up to date on things regarding Whatsawhizzer Web Novels. In it, I’d like to tell you the progress on the current things I’m doing. Since you’re supporting me, I figure it’s nice to know where things are going, as well as where things have been.

Big Announcements:

  • Power of Creation : Volume 4 has been released. The images to 5 have already been finished, but I have yet to get a book cover. The editor says he’ll be moving faster of volume 4 than he did for volume 4.
  • MDL: Volume 1 is almost ready to release, I should be able to put the first PDF out next week.
  • I have added a bonus for the $15 tier. Previously PDF only chapters will be made available for anyone at this tier. Everything already currently released will not have the tier changed, but when it comes to chapters that have NOT been released outside of ebooks, I’m given people an opportunity to read them. Expect these chapters to steadily come out over the next month.
  • Not that most people care, but Pushing Up Gravestones has officially finished. So that’s no longer on the list. I know that seemed to hurt some people physically for some reason, but the story is gone now.
  • I’m currently working on finding new and better illustrators. I’ll be holding a drawing competition this month between 4 that I picked out. You’ll have the chance to vote on who is your favorite, and they’ll become my artists. These guys charge about twice what I was paying before, and hopefully the quality doubles as well.
  • Power of Creation – The Card Game is still being worked on. I hired an illustrator to draw me a card outline, and he should have it for me next month. With that, I’ll start being able to make legitimate cards.

September Goals:

  • World of Women – Wednesday and Saturday
    • Or
  • Enslaved Sister Harem: Monday and Thursday
  • NTR Crush: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
    • Or
  • Undecided
  • Hawtness: Tuesdays
  • Timefall Saga : Time and Place : Sunday
  • My Dungeon Life – Monday-Friday (3 a day)

What does that mean? World of Women Volume 3 will be finished next month. Then I will start Volume two of EPASH. NTR Crush will also be finishing next month. When that happens, you need to decide with me whether you want NTR Crush Volume 4, or if you’d like to alternate with something else. The two big options would be to finish Volume 1 of Requiem to the Stars, or to pick up Guy on A Spaceship or one of the other novels from my concept list.

Please understand, this is an OPTION and I’ll be asking for your opinion on it! Don’t start getting angry I’m picking up another story. What I’m trying to do is maximize my content for you, while giving myself needed breaks to recharge on stories. It gives me time to have my editors correct the stories and order images.

***Last point, yes, I still plan to get out TOAE. It didn’t happen this month because I’ve had some illnesses. Why? Because my kids went back to school, and as soon as that happens I get sick. Plus, I’ve had to fight through writing WoW, but I know how I want to end this volume now, so you’ll see the end next month.

August Recap:

People have short memories and demanding expectations. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to list out what has been released the previous month. You can decide whether that was worth the $1-$5 most donate.

Images: 2

Podcasts: 2

Blogs: 1

WoW: 8 chapters (30,400 words)

NTR Crush: 15 chapters (30,000 words)

MDL: 64 chapters (41,600 words)

Timefall Saga: 4 chapters (12,000 words)

Hawtness: 4 (8,000)

Extra Chapters: 3 chapters (9,000 words)

Total Words Released this Month: (131,000 words) *

*This total does not reflect Pushing Up Gravestones (as those aren’t my words), words used in posts (like this newsletter), or The Erotic RPG System/Reverse Gender Norms chapters I’ve put out. Also, note this is a modest guess. The true word count is absolutely higher.

As always, if anyone feels that I’m not meeting promises and are otherwise dissatisfied, please let me know. Just, you know… be respectful about it. I try to answer most common questions in my FAQ