Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Another world, huh?”

[Yeah, another world.]

I didn’t actually remember my former life. I knew things. I knew that I liked meatballs and spaghetti, for example.

However, if I was to tell you any time I ate it, or who I ate with, all of that was a blank.

The beautiful goddess in front of me said that this was so I had no lingering attachments to this world.

“Does that mean I get some kind of special ability?”

[You’ve done this before!]

“Ah… no… it’s just in my world, we have such a thing in fiction. Someone dies. They come to another world. A beautiful goddess gives them a perk.”

[That part is true.]

She even openly admits she’s beautiful. No modesty here.

“I don’t have to defeat a demon lord or something, do I?”

[No, not at all. Actually, this is a world where the demon lord won. Humans are a minority.]

“Isn’t that going to be a big problem?”

[Not if I bring you back as a demon!]

“I see…”

[Well, my problem is rather simple. After the demon lord wiped out the hero, demons became the new dominant species. They subjugated all of the other races.]

“That sounds awful.”

[Most males of other species are dead. As for the women, they live in slums and starve. It isn’t that the demons hate or resent them. They just see them as animals, or maybe even insects. Elves, humans, and animalfolk are kept in squalor while the demon race squanders their resources.]

“Get to the point, what do you want me to do?”

[Before that, there is one other point I should make. Demons are all male.]


[They were created by the Demon Lord and his queen. She was the source of all Demons. Kind of like drones in a bee colony. Except, the hero managed to kill the queen, and no new queen was produced. In short, all of the races are dying out.]

“Wow, your world really is something else.”

[That is why I need you.]

“I’m honored, I guess, but I don’t really understand what you expect me to do.”

[In short, I need you to introduce the Demon Race to the idea of having sex.]

“Excuse me?”

[Demons are capable of having sex, they just have never had it before. I need you to gather women, and then use them to entice the Demon population into seeing value in the women as breed stock.]

“Isn’t that still a shitty situation for the women?”

[I’m sorry, it’s the best I can do. I just need to keep my planet from losing all sentient life. As for ideas like fairness and quality of life, these are the concerns of mortals.]

“Harsh… well, it’s not like I can say I understand what it’s like to be a goddess.”

[Will you do it?]

“That depends, what ability do I get to help me with this task.”

[I have prepared a list of abilities that may be useful. You may pick three. I highly recommend you learn All-Language. The demons do not speak the same language as the humans, and you will not speak the same language as either of them unless you have this skill. Otherwise, there are skills that make you better at convincing people of things. The gift of gab, for example.]

“Can I see the list?”

[Of course.]

Like that, I was handed a list that I began to look through. As to what was on it, there was a large assortment of abilities. Inventory was one of them. It had the incredible time-stop and capacity to carry tons of items. There were also demon swords and the like. It really was enough to make any guy sweat.

“What is this ability? Builder?” I asked, pointing to one that sounded atypical.

[Builder is just as described. It allows you to create and manage a building. You can add rooms, and make each room have special effects. You can create safe rooms where people cannot hurt each other. You can create rooms with high healing. It essentially allows you to expand and create a residence. This can become a fort, an academy, or even a labyrinth if you truly wanted to.]

“I can build anything I want?”

[This world follows the rules of equal exchange. Just to summon and give you these abilities, I’ve already made an appropriate sacrifice. Builder is bound by the same rules. In particular, money. You can exchange money earned to expand the building. Also, as Builder increases, you will be able to support more buildings and even an entire city eventually.]

“Interesting,” I said, and then continued to look through the list.

I thought I had figured out what I wanted, but I still needed to make sure this other ability worked the way I wanted it.

“What can you tell me about the skill Minion?”

[Minion is a skill that allows you to select a willing person and turn them into your minion. Basically, you assign a minion a task. Based on how well the minion completes the task, they will earn experience and level up, gaining minion points. You can then use these points to power up your minion and give them unique traits. Like Builder, as Minion increases, you’ll be able to support more minions.]

“That’s really what I thought it’d do. In that case, I think I’ll do as you suggest. I’d like All-Language, Builder, and Minion.”

[So, you’ve come up with a plan to fulfill my needs?]

“I think I have. Well, I won’t know until I try.”

[Then, I won’t keep you in this place between worlds any longer. Remember, you can level up and grow stronger yourself, but you can also grow stronger through your minion ability. Any experience they get fulfilling the task you request is experience you get as well. Pick your minions well, and you could become powerful without even lifting a finger.]

With that, the world turned white, and my eyes blinked open as I stood on a street corner. This really was another world. The buildings were made of stone, and it looked somewhat medieval. Most of the people walking around in normal clothing had horns on their heads. Some had animal-like eyes, tails, or different colored skin. However, they all had horns. I reached up and touched my head. I had horns as well.

I really was a demon, and this really was another world. I looked around to see I was standing in an empty lot between two buildings. It looked like the goddess considered my needs when she teleported me to this planet.

It was time to get started, I guess. As to what my plan was, I only had one when I thought about seducing a population of demons. I was going to build a brothel!

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