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***I removed Future Growth as an option. Originally, you got five points per level and it was going to cost differing amounts per perk, but I decided that would just complicate the math too much. In which case, Future Growth means an extra perk every 5 points became OP and a no brainer to select, so I axed it.

So, loyalty and faith don’t just tie into the level of my own skills, but the level of the minions too? It had to be something like that.

Before I decided what to do with the point Elizabeth earned, I took her and her daughter back to our room. Neither was as shaken up as I was. It turned out that these kinds so of situations were common. It wasn’t necessarily sex, but demons would occasionally bully the women. The usual solution was to run and hide, but Elizabeth was worried her daughter wouldn’t be able to keep up, so she was extra worried.

Demon’s Strength – Gains the strength and physical status equal to a demon.

Female Demon – Skin turns color (random), and gains horns, appearing like a demon.

Regeneration – Heals from wounds and physical damage quicker. It does not include internal injuries or amputations.

Incubator – Gains extremely high fertility.

Hair Control – No need to shave. Hair only grows where you want it.

Pain Reduction – Feels less pain. Higher pain threshold.

Low Metabolism – Needs to eat less. Can go days without eating.

Improved Moral – Easier to please.

Iron Teeth – Can bite through any surface.

Intellect Boost – Smarter Minion

Telekinesis – Move objects with the mind.

I noticed that there were known abilities. At first, I was thinking there were three, but I started to suspect that Iron Teeth was actually the next form of Iron Stomach.

 If I was right, then any skill she got would likely have second and third-tier skills. For example, regeneration doesn’t heal amputations, but perhaps if I invested in that, she eventually could.

I suppose in this way you could invest in minions towards specific specifications. I could put it all in strength for one minion, and they’d become extremely powerful. Put Regeneration into another minion, and they could eventually turn into Wolverine.

At least, that was my thoughts on it. I’d need more data before I could be certain. Ideally, I could have another minion to be able to test a different path on.

She also gained two new skills as an option. Intellect Boost and Telekinesis were both mind abilities.

 I didn’t know what they had to do with Iron Stomach, so they were probably just level specific skills that unlocked as you went.

I was probably thinking too hard about it. There wasn’t enough data to form a pattern yet. I didn’t really know much about how this system worked.

“Telekinesis?” Elizabeth asked. “Like moving stuff with my mind?”

I nodded. “You want that?”

“Humans are banned from using magic. If I was seen using this ability, it could be dangerous.”

“So, it’s like that.” A disappointed look formed on my face.

I had to admit that the thought of being able to have her use telekinesis excited me. She’d have psychic powers! How could I not grow a little excited?

Seeing the expression on my face, Elizabeth touched my shoulder. “We can select that. I’m sure it will help keep me safe.”

It was my thought too. If she used telekinesis, she could subtly control the demons in ways she couldn’t otherwise. If she tried to match a demon strength for strength, it would likely enrage them. However, if they didn’t know, for example, that their strength was being resisted, it would be for the best.

I preferred hidden skills over stuff that is out in the open. That’s why I had come up with the fire crystal idea before. It was only one of a few dozen tricks I had thought up using the Build ability.

In the end, I selected telekinesis for her. After asking her to use it, I was a little disappointed. After struggling for a bit, she was only able to roll a pebble. After that, she was out of breath and had to rest.

“Don’t be disappointed, Master. I feel the ability now.” She smiled affectionately. “It’s like a muscle, I just have to train it.”

“Then, you’ll work with it?”

She excitedly made a fist. “I’ll do it every day!”

The next day, a familiar face came into the store. It was our first customer from a few weeks ago. After hearing the bell ring, I came out to see him reading the writings on the wall. They were the two slabs.

One read the code of conduct, and the other read the offered services.

“Grace be to the Dark Gods!” I gave one of the usual greetings as I walked up to him.

“I didn’t see this on the board before. What is a Premium Penis Cleaning?” He asked.

“Ah, it’s am additional service from my human. For those who wish for a better cleaning, she will use more body parts beyond her mouth and hands.”

“How does that make it worth twice as much?”

“Hehe… isn’t it because it feels twice as good? 1 dragon is the least you could pay for such a thorough job.”

Of course, everything I was saying was complete bullshit. There was no such thing as a premium dick cleaning. However, I used these terms to sell tickets. Let them make of it whatever they wanted after trying the service.

“Since it’s like that, I guess I’ll trust Devon in this matter.” He nodded. “And the human too. Her name was Elly… Ella…”

“Elizabeth,” I responded.

He nodded, mouthing the name as if he was trying to remember it. “Your store definitely has a charm to it. It’s bigger and more comfortable than I first remember. I’ve seen a few men doing it with humans in allies, but the quality of your human is much higher.”

“That has to do with my code of conduct. As long as you treat a human properly, they might be able to surprise you.”

“Is that so…” He scratched his chin thoughtfully. “During the war, I recall the humans being very resourceful. Even though a human is weak, they still managed to hold their own against demons. Some thought it was because they had greater numbers, but I was never so sure. We used to say they were like cockroaches, but there was a strategy to their acts. I was always curious about how capable humans truly were. After all, they did build these impressive cities.”

It was the first time I had heard a demon think about things in suck a philosophical way. It was clear that his experiences with the human were starting to change things. Was this all a part of god’s plan? I didn’t know. For me, it was just about furthering my business.

“Then, please head to the room. Elizabeth is waiting.” I made sure to call her Elizabeth around him instead of the human now.

Ten minutes later I heard a roar of pleasure, and a few moments after that, the demon came out with a pleased expression on his face. Elizabeth walked out of the room too and gave me a smile. Her chest was exposed and there was white stuff splattered across it.

It also looked slick and wet from the lubricant I had given her. That was the real reason the boob job was more expensive, as I needed to purchase lubricant for her to do it. I supposed she could just use a lot of spit, but that seemed a little inappropriate to me.

“So, those things can be used in this manner too. They are so soft.” The demon was bending his fingers as if imagining touching them.

“Thank you, Devon, the premium is definitely worth it.” The demon confirmed.

“Ah, she gave you the service. Maybe you should thank her?” I offered.

He stiffened for a second, but then looked back. He looked more nervous than upset. After a bit of effort, he met Elizabeth’s eyes.

“Th-thank you!” He said, perhaps a bit too loudly.

She was drying her tits with a towel when he suddenly shouted that. A surprised look appeared on her face but then smile.

“You’re welcome!”

The human girl answering in demon caused him to flush, and then he said thank you again, and then rushed out of the building with a blush on his face.

I had been teaching her demon for a week or two. Hello, goodbye, thank you, and your welcome was about the only words she knew.

“A r-respectful demon.” She said lightly in disbelief as she watched him leave. “Master, that world you spoke of where demons and humans get along. I always thought it just Master’s strange fancy. This is the first time I’ve thought that maybe it could really be.”

“Of course, it will come to pass. We just need to expand.”

“M-Master…” she said, blushing slightly.

“What is it?”

“Using my breasts like that… it kind of turned me on…”

“Oh?” I glanced at her with a questioning look.

“Can Master… I mean… just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I don’t get… I mean… if it’s Devon, it’s okay, right?”

I sighed and turned the sign in front to temporarily closed. Then, I brought Elizabeth into my room to enjoy her. I didn’t want to be on top after someone had cum on her tits, so I put her in doggie.

Apparently, her deceased husband was boring and missionary and on-top were the only positions she knew. She was very enthusiastic about this position to the point her daughter knocked on the door worried mommy was hurt.

I’d definitely need to start training her in more positions starting today.

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