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Nearly a week passed since I added the premium dick washing service and the results were quite good. Definitely a lot more people were stopping by, and money was starting to flow in at a good amount. We made nearly 20 dragons in a week, which meant I finally had enough money to put some away. I made sure to buy up whatever necessities we needed in food. I also made sure to get the girls clothing.

Unfortunately, since all demons are male, there was no such thing as girl clothing. I could only access such things through the building catalogue, which were always more expensive than they’d be if I could buy them in a shop. That meant most of Elizabeth and Diana’s clothing were featureless worker’s clothing. They looked like dresses, but they were barely better than burlap sacks. I only bought Elizabeth a few nicer dresses. If it came to seducing the demons, we weren’t there yet, so there was no need to worry about nice clothing. This included her underwear, which I got more for practicality than use.

In fact, a demon would be more likely to rip the underwear by accident, since they weren’t known for their finesse. In that case, the sturdier stuff, or even none at all, was preferable. Well, that was the case with Elizabeth, but Diana seemed to not like underwear either. Underwear sized for a child didn’t exist in the world anymore, so Diana had grown up without any on. Now that I was trying to put her in panties, she rebelled.

Every time she bent over, her bare behind would be revealed, and she’d often skip around the shop, flashing me her nether regions. Even though she was a young girl, I was still a guy, so how could I completely ignore it!

“You shouldn’t let men see that. It’ll make them want it.” I tried to explain.

“Huh?” Diana cocked her head. “Is Master saying he wants it?”

“I’m not some pedo!” I growled back. “I don’t rape little girls!”

“Eh? But I’m giving permission? If Master wants it…” She started lifted up her skirt mischievously this time, imitating her mother’s acts when she had tried to offer herself to me.

That meant that when Elizabeth lifted up her skirt to offer me her vagina, her daughter was watching! It also wasn’t appropriate for a little girl at all!

“It’s not the same! You can’t get permission. Right, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth was sitting on a nearby chair while fiddling with a needle and cloth. She was trying to pick up sewing so that she could start making outfits for women, but she seemed to have no talent for it. When I turned to her, she put it down and then looked up at me with a considering smile.

“If it’s my permission, then since it’s Master. I’m okay with it.”

I shot her a shocked look while Diana giggled happily.

“How can you say that!” I shot back. “Aren’t you sleeping with me?”

“Fufu…” She laughed softly. “I know Master is young and only in his twenties, where I’m almost forty. It’s natural for a man to crave younger and more vivacious women. If I can’t satisfy Master completely, shouldn’t my daughter also serve? Perhaps together, we can make Master satisfied…”

“Together, both at once?”

“Oh my… since Master asked…”

“No, wait…”  

Diana leaped on my lap. “Yay! M-master… be gentle!”

I grabbed Diana by the sites and picked her off my lap. “Look, Diana, you’re still too young for this kind of thing. That’s an adult thing and you’re still a kid, so please wait.”

She gave a disappointed look, but she nodded sullenly. “Fine… but Master definitely must when I turn sixt- no, fifteen!”

“You… I won’t touch you until you have an adult woman’s body. No debate!”

I couldn’t believe I was having this discussion, but at least if I humored her this much, I could put my foot down on the subject.

However, Diana scrunched her brow and then looked down. She noticed a certain part missing, and then glanced at her mother. Realization exploded on her face, and then she shot me a determined look.

“T-then… I’ll definitely hold master to that! As soon as I have boobs, Master will have me!”

“I didn’t say that…”

“I’ll definitely be an early-bloomer, and then Master can play with them. They’ll be big enough for his thing, just like mommies!”

“How much have you been sneaking looks…” she was clearly still seeing more than she was supposed to.

I thought that had stopped with the custom room, but it didn’t seem to be the case.  

“Fufu… good luck, daughter, but they might not become my size.”

Diana’s face turned white. “Wh-why is that?”

Elizabeth sighed, a forlorn look on her face. “When I was young, I used to have a lot of yummy things to eat, but since the demon’s took control, even though I tried to provide, your nutrition has been lacking.”

“B-but, my meals are better now!”

“True… but what demons focus on are different, so some foods I used to have you don’t. For example, demons will hunt, farm vegetables, and even make bread, but they won’t milk animals. Unfortunately, it is milk that is good for those to grow.”

I wasn’t sure where she was getting that information, but it sounded reasonable to me. As I was thinking on her words, Diana suddenly grabbed my shirt and shot me a frantic look.

“You’ll feed me milk, won’t you? I definitely must have milk or they… I mean I won’t grow!”

“That depends… have you finished your addition table yet?”

“Geh! I-I will!”

She ran off to the room and began studying heavily. I had acquired a few formerly human books, but I also had another chalkboard which was used to teach the girls. Diana had been lazy in her studies lately, so it looks like I found a perfect motivation to encourage her to advance. A glass of milk every time she completed one of her assignments sounded good. Who knew, maybe it really would help her develop.

While having such thoughts and relaxing, the door suddenly slammed open, causing the bell to jingle wildly. Although I told demons to open the doors softer, there were still a few who acted this way. That’s when I was surprised to find my eyes dropping down. Standing there was a dirty, human girl.

As for her age, she looked to be around sixteen. She was a pretty girl, but there was a waft of fragrant smell and dirt covering a lot of her body. Her clothing was ripped various places, and clung to her body in a dirty way.

“Are you him?” She demanded. “The so-called demon pimp?”

Demon pimp? I mouthed those words as I was looking her up and down. I had seen other humans, but she was younger and prettier than most of the ones I had seen up until now. It was difficult for a girl to look pretty under the circumstances that most women were under, so it spoke to how pretty she must have original been that I could see it under all of that muck.

“I run this brothel, I guess.”

The actual name of the Brothel was Devon’s Watering Hole. It had several subtle suggestions, so I liked the name. Eventually, I’d like to open up a bar here once I could make the size big enough. Booze and women just went well together in my mind.

“Hmph! So, there is a demon who speaks common after all…” She responded snobbishly and then pointed at me. “You sir! Clean me up and feed me!”

“Eh? Why would I do that?” I asked.

I thought she was going to demand a job, but she didn’t even bother. She just wanted me to take care of her. I was already thinking she wasn’t worth it before she had spoken. I had certain standards, after all. Although she was pretty, she was also young. I didn’t like the idea of bringing young women into this life. Furthermore, she had a small chest, only about B-sized cups, and a small waist.

Dainty would be an accurate word to describe her. How she had survived out there until now was hard to imagine, but she definitely didn’t have the body of a woman who could pop out children, let alone one that could handle the abuse of a demon. So, for my goals and needs, she failed on every scale.

“I can forgive your other demon bumpkins for not being able to understand our language, but since you can understand, then clearly you must know who I am!”

Elizabeth was looking at the girl closely since the moment she had walked in. As soon as she made that declaration, Elizabeth had gasped and fell to her knees.

“I-it’s you!”

The strange atmosphere seemed to grow as the woman in front of me raised her chin proudly.

“It’s shameful that a mere commoner wears better clothing than I! Give me that dress!”

“Y-yes…” Elizabeth actually started to pull her dress up until I grabbed her shoulder and stopped her.

“Elizabeth, I’m your Master. You wouldn’t give a gift I gave you to another, would you?”

Elizabeth blinked when I put it that way, but then she shook her head and dropped her arms. “Master… I won’t.”

“Tsk…” The new girl made an annoyed sound. “Groveling to the demons like this… this is how we lost the war! I was only six at the time, or I definitely would have saved us!”

“Excuse me, who are you and what exactly do you want?” I demanded, trying to remain diplomatic while struggling to keep a frown from my lips.

“Master… I had heard rumors, but I believed that all of the noble family had been wiped out.” Elizabeth explained.

“What, a noble?” I glanced at the filthy girl as she gave me a snotty grin, and I realized her tattered dress must have once been quite fancy in better times.

“This woman’s name is Alleya… Princess Alleya. If I’m right, then she is the last living heir to the throne of the human realm!”

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