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“A princess survived the fall of the human race? How did that happen?” I pondered out loud, more curious than concerned.

“Hmph… isn’t that thanks to the preparation and hard work of many human sympathizers?” She declared. “I was kept safe by various knights, but they, unfortunately, passed away one at a time. Then, the elves watched over me for a while, then I went to the dwarves, and then the gnomes. They passed me over to the fairies, who passed me over to the animalfolk…”

“So, no one was willing to deal with you!”

From what I understood about the war, most of the magical races were already wiped out thanks to the human expansion. Thus, when the war began, they basically didn’t help at all, which was one of the reasons the demons won. A few small colonies existed free of demon rule, but that was mostly because they lived in places the demons considered unlivable. Those magical creatures that had been trapped in resource-rich cities turned out no better than the human population.

It sounded like this woman Alleya’s family had used all of their remaining connections to survive out there, and eventually, she ended up in this state after ten years of living off of others. It somehow splendidly combined in giving her a conceited personality while at the same time leaving her nothing but a smelly dress and an attitude.

“You… how dare you! I am a princess! So naturally, you must take care of me!”

“For how long?”

“Until I’m ready to take the throne!”

“You do realize your throne is gone, right?”

“The human race will rise again. As soon as I wave my banner, a thousand, no, a million will stand up and fight to the death for me. As a human sympathizer among the demons, you will be rewarded greatly for taking care of me during my time struggling.

“A human what now?”

“Hoho… you don’t have to deny it.” She chuckled haughtily. “I’ve seen how you dress your wench. You learned our language. Dress and buy stuff for humans? You even take care of a small child! Clearly, you wish to see humanity rise. Follow me, demon, and I will promise you a place. Perhaps you can work in the royal stables, would you like to be an animal groomer!”

“That’s all you’ll give me!”

“Hmph… you are a demon, after all. If you were expecting titles, I naturally wouldn’t allow it. You should be thankful this princess will even allow you to live in the city once I reconquer it and expel your brethren! So, what say you?”

She only looked down at me slightly, as her chin was raised high.

“Ah… what do I say… get the hell out of my store.”

She blinked, her chin lowering for the first time. “What is that? Demon speak is so muffled it sounds like you’re speaking with crap in your mouth. Please repeat it for this princess.”

“I said you need to leave, princess.” I went over to the door and opened it.

“M-master…” Elizabeth looked between the princess and me.

She looked like she wanted to get involved, but she didn’t want to say anything and go against me. However, my face was pretty wooden. It would be troublesome dealing with a woman like this.


Her stomach immediately made a roaring noise, causing her white, dirty cheeks to turn a shade or red. “Please feed me.”

I grabbed her arm, “Get out now.”

“N-no!” She suddenly cried out and fell to the floor crying.

“You little…” I tried to kick her out the door and she grabbed onto my leg.

“Please!’ She cried out, clinging to me, “Please! I haven’t eaten in a week. I’ll die out there! You’re my last chance! If you don’t take care of me, the royal line will die out. Don’t do it for me. Do it for humanity!”

“I’m a demon!’ I snapped back, trying to peel her off my leg.

However, despite her weak body, she had a grip like a vice, and I just couldn’t get the small girl off. I finally stopped struggling and let the front door close. Elizabeth was watching us with a complicated expression on her face. She looked worried I’d order her to help, probably.

“Elizabeth, take Diana and go in your room.”

“Y-yes, Master…” She resisted saying anything else, turned around and grabbed Diana who was peeking through a crack in the doorway.

The pair went into her room, leaving me alone with the weeping princess on the floor.

“Y-you won’t regret this?” She spoke it like a question, but when she saw the expression on my face, she shrank back. “P-please… I have nothing…”

“That’s the problem, isn’t it?” I said.

She blinked at my words, which sounded somewhat hostile. “O-of course.”

“You’re a princess, and you have nothing.” I snorted and pulled away. “You never had any intention of rising against the demons and fighting a rebellion. From the moment you fled ten years ago, you just kept up fleeing, right?”

Her face turned white and she looked away. “I-I had to… I was only six, what could I…”

“Young. Scared. Immature. Stupid. I don’t really care about your reason. The point is, even now, you have already given up on the idea of humans returning.”

“You can’t know what this princess…”

“Oh, I know!” I gave her a disgusted look, causing her to lower her head even lower. “You had goodwill. Knights willing to die for you. Tribes will take care of you. However, your tastes were too expensive, right? You thought you could keep living like the princess you were in the castle. Your knights originally tried to instill that sense of righteousness in you, but good food, fine dresses, and comfortable living are difficult. One by one they died or abandoned you. You thought maybe humans had some goodwill with the other species, but you didn’t realize it was humans who had basically wrecked this world first. Even so, they were magnanimous and took you in, and yet you couldn’t stop demanding things of them until even they couldn’t stand you, about right?”

She gritted her teeth but didn’t say anything, already showing that my predictions were basically true about her. In my old life, I knew women like her. She was dirty, yes… but her skin was too nice, her body well-groomed. Her time on the streets was recent. On top of that, even people on the street knew how to care for themselves. They may live with scraps and eat out of trashcans, but they still weren’t as dirty and as smelly as this girl. The filth on her was something that came from her pride and unwillingness to accept her predicament.

“Will you feed me now?” She responded coldly, her arrogance finally giving away to the last thing she had left, her pride.

“I only feed those that work for me.”

“A job? I can’t do anything.” She responded bitterly. “You’ll find what the others did. It was more of a bother to teach me how to do things than to just do it for me.”

I scratched my chin as I watched the woman on the floor. She had truly reached the end of her rope. Her eyes were swollen and full of tears. Her body was filthy. Her dress was in tatters. Even if she had a hand in this fate, I still felt just a bit of sympathy for her. I might be a demon, but I was a human once too. I sighed, making up my mind.

“Of course, it isn’t the food you want. You want things too.”

She gave me a hateful glare. “I’m a princess, I deserve nice things. I was born to it!”

“I can give you nice things,” I responded casually, causing her eyes to raise suspiciously.


“I’ve told you. I need you to work for me. If you work, you get things. The more you work, the more things you get.”

“What kind of things?”

“Depends on how hard you work for me. Food for a start. However, you can have a room. A bed. Clothing. Jewelry. You can have whatever you’re willing to work for.”

Her hopefulness diminished slightly, “I already said, I have no talents.”

“This is a job that any woman can learn, and you, in particular, might be better at it than most. After all, you haven’t spent the last ten years malnourished.”

“Wh-what?” Her eyes only remained questioning for a second and then they flashed open. “You mean that! You pig!”

She finally connected the dots, but her answer wasn’t very satisfactory.

“You should be thanking me. I’ve offered you a chance to live comfortably. If you work for me and become popular, you’ll be able to live like a princess, I guarantee it.”

Her expression looked complicated. “Even if you say that… doing… that… I’ve never.”

“You’re a virgin?”

“Tsk… no… one of my knights took it when I was twelve. He was my last. I didn’t regret his death… B-but that was the only time. I don’t remember it well, and… with my mouth.”

“Then, I guess it’s time for you to have a trial run.” I declared.

“Wh-what? Ahhhh!”

She let out a cry as I reached down and ripped off the remaining refuges of her princess dress. After that, I picked up a bucket of water and dumped it on her head. She made a noise like a strangled cat as caked-on dirt ran down her face and naked body. I mostly just did it for the smell.

“There, good enough, I guess.”

“What are you doing?” She cried out, pulling the hair that fell wetly over her face to the side and glaring up at me.

I fished out my cock with one hand and it bounced in front of her eyes. They immediately widened into saucers as her mouth fell open.

“Naturally, you’re going to get a practice run, because the next time this happens, you’ll be making me money!”

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