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“Y-you pig!” She hissed. “How dare you ask me to do something like this?” Alleya’s surprised expression turned bitter once she realized what I was showing her.

“You can do it, or you can get out. You only have two choices.”

“How could I suck on that filthy thing!”

“Filthy?” I looked down at the dirty girl who still had wet mud running down her body where I had dumped the pail on her. “You’re the one who is filthy. You should be happy that I’m willing to lower myself to you. Your filthy mouth isn’t good enough for my clean cock.”

“B-bastard…” She snapped defiantly, but she was eyeing my cock more and more, and her stomach grumbled noisily once again.

“So, what is your choice? Am I going to have to kick you out?”

She stared at my cock, her cheeks puffing slightly. “If I suck it, you’ll feed me?”

“Yes. I just need to know that you’re able to do this much to earn money. If you prove you’re willing to suck a demon’s cock, then there is a chance I’ll keep you on. At the very least, I’ll give you a hot meal.”

She licked her lips. It was over the promise of a hot meal, assuredly, but she was looking at my cock when she did it. In a way, my cock did equal food for her, and she was starving. The result was she was looking at my cock with a hungry look that was hard not to interpret as sexual. Her smell no longer assaulted my nose after dumping a bucket of water on her, so my dick had nothing to hold it back from growing erect and excited.

The way the cute princess looked at it was enough. I held it there for another minute, and then she finally worked up the courage to lean forward. She didn’t open her mouth and go ‘Ah’ like Elizabeth. Instead, she shyly stuck out her tongue, licking the head timidly before putting on a scrunched-up face of disgust and pulling away.

“I don’t have all day.” I moved my hips, causing my cock to bounce up and down. “The sooner you finish, the sooner you eat. At your current rate, I don’t expect you to be eating tonight.”

She shot me an angry look, but then she blushed and this time opened her lips and put my cock into her mouth. She was afraid to bring in too much, so she only swallowed the head. She started to suck on it like a lollipop. In some ways, her timid nature had a charm to it too. Elizabeth always put her all into it, going ‘Ah’ and working with all her effort. It was a kind of charm that was arousing. However, I began to realize that Alleya also had a kind of charm. She acted timid and resistive, and forcing her to do things that she resisted to her core was kind of hot too.

Her tongue began to circle around the head of my cock, and I rolled back my head and moaned at the feeling of her tongue working softly. Alleya’s amateurish nature was clear to see. She didn’t work the shaft at all, and her idea of this seemed to end at sucking it like a lollipop.

I already made a note that I’d need to have Elizabeth do some on site training. Perhaps I’d have them both work together on the next few customers. I don’t think any demon or man would reject being able to be serviced by two pretty women instead of one.

I remembered once in my old life, I cashed in an award I had won from a silent auction and went to a massage therapist. The woman was training a young new hire. At first, she was just supposed to watch, but she got bored and so she joined in. I ended up getting pampered by two women at once. It was really fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity. After that, I could never justify hiring two when one was sufficient.

Prostitutes worked the same way. Every guy in my old world fantasizes about threesomes. However, despite how many people used prostitutes in my own world, most wouldn’t have a threesome. The cost was only twice what you’d normally pay, but that still ended up too much to truly ever afford it. In other words, there was probably no profit in selling a service with both women at once, and least not yet. However, I’m sure every demon wouldn’t mind having a second ball washer working his cock.

My thoughts had gotten away from me as I considered the business, yet I snapped to seeing that Alleya’s behavior hadn’t really changed. She was still licking and sucking the head like a lollipop, afraid to change her behavior or up things a bit. Perhaps Elizabeth would train her tomorrow, but I meant what I said. If I didn’t blow my load in her mouth, then she wouldn’t be eating anything tonight.

Feeling like I had given her enough time to figure it out on her own, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved. My cock instantly slid into the back of her throat. I ended up getting a little tooth, but demon cocks were made of sturdier stuff than human cocks, and it didn’t feel unpleasant at all.

“Mmm!” Alleya made a noise of shock and surprise, her arms flailing as she found the gentle sucking she had been doing being undone by my actions.

Suddenly, her mouth was full of a hard, warm rod, and it went down her throat, making her feel like gagging. Of course, that wasn’t enough to bring me to climax, so I pulled out and thrust again. At this point, she had come to her senses.

“Mmm… Nnnn… Mmm…” She tried to say something that was probably rude as she glared up indignantly, but the cock in her mouth kept her blissfully silent.

As I began to shove my cock in and out of her mouth, taking pleasure from her throat, she reached up and grabbed my thighs, trying to push away angrily. However, I had the back of her head and I was a demon who was much stronger than her. Alleya didn’t even have a chance. Even though she was gagging and coughing, tears forming in her eyes and rage covering her face, I kept thrusting into her.

“Guh… Guh… Guh!” her throat made naughty sounds as I fucked her face.

I didn’t treat her violently. In fact, compared to some of the demons who used Elizabeth, I was downright gentle. This was as much a learning experience for her as it was a test. This was what her life was going to be like. She wasn’t there to gently lick a lollipop. She was going to get her face fucked by demons. As soon as she could recognize that reality, then we could grow past this.

I got lost in the feel, but it probably had only been a few minutes. Surprisingly, although Alleya gagged, she hadn’t thrown up at all. Perhaps she was so starving that there was nothing to throw up. Or perhaps the princess considered throwing up to be uncouth and thus had resistance to that kind of thing.

Either way, I was able to roughly enjoy her mouth until my cock began to swell. I grabbed her hair tightly to the point where she let out a cry. Then, I deposited my warm seed in her mouth. The feeling wasn’t anything like Elizabeth, but it was pleasurable in its own right. I never would treat Elizabeth harshly like I did to Alleya. Alleya needed to learn that she had to deal with this sort of rough treatment, so I didn’t hold sympathy for her.

When my cock started growing soft, Alleya finally succeeded in pushing my hips away and pulling it out of her mouth. As soon as she did that, she spat up cum on to the floor. She gagged and few more times, but it was mostly cum she spit out.

“Disgusting!” She finally hissed. “Can I eat now?”

A promise was a promise. I wasn’t going to spend DP on her for a good meal, so I asked Elizabeth to come out and prepare her something. Once she sat back at the little table we had in the front of the shop, her regal demeanor returned. More annoyingly, Elizabeth seemed to act the servant in from of Alleya, addressing her every request without complaint. As a commoner, Elizabeth just couldn’t see the pair of them as equals.

Diana had come out too, but she looked at Alleya with curiosity more than reverence. While Alleya forced Elizabeth to set up her table like she was having fine dining, once the food reached the table, she ate like a starving woman, showing absolutely no etiquette at all.

While she ate noisily, I crossed my arms and watched her from a corner of the shop, my brow furrowed and a concerned expression on my face. With Alleya busy eating, Elizabeth came to my side. She looked over at me with a somewhat worried expression.

“I don’t think she has what it takes,” I said quietly, making sure Alleya herself couldn’t hear me.

“Master, even though I am your servant, I am also a citizen of this empire. If it’s anyway possible…”

I let out a sigh, feeling like I was too nice sometimes.

“Very well,” I responded. “But… you will train her personally.”


I nodded. “You will be the one responsible for her. If she fails, you will pay the cost of her room and board and she will be kicked out. It will be you that trains her, and you that ultimately prepares her. Whether she is ready or not, that will fall on your shoulders.”

“M-master… thank you.”

“Elizabeth, I will only do it with one condition. You’re in charge.”

“I-in charge?”

“Alleya is no longer a princess, and you are no longer a commoner. Here, you are her senpai, and she must give you respect. If you don’t teach her that respect, she will be gone. She will respect you. You are her teacher and her mentor. This is a point I’m unwilling to bend on. I will give you one week to make her ready for a customer. That is all.”

“Y-yes… Master!”

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