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A week passed by, and business continued to grow. It was quickly growing to the point where Elizabeth was struggling to keep up.

She had less and less time to train Alleya while she had to perform her duties. The premium dick washing service went over very well, and every third demon now wanted it between Elizabeth’s generous titties.

Although Elizabeth put on a strong front, I could tell that she was growing tired. It was clear in her eyes. Of course, that higher paid job, 1/3rd of Elizabeth’s customer base and about half of our income, was something Alleya couldn’t do even if she wanted to. I found myself looking at her flat chest.

“What are you staring at?” She gave me a pouty expression that she had adopted whenever she talked to me since I made her give me head.

“Nothing…” I sighed and wasn’t even lying.

Even Diana’s tits were starting to outgrow hers. Since Diana started getting a full meal on a regular basis, the once emaciated young girl had fleshed out beautifully. She had a plump behind, and 2 buds that had just started their journey towards growing to the size of her mothers. Compared to the princess, who was not only six years older, but had never had to grow up under a restricted diet, and the difference was clear.

Alleya was quickly becoming a burden. Even with Elizabeth making more money than she ever did, I found Alleya’s presence to still be a thorn. She had expensive tastes and loved sweets. I gave Diana sweets because she was adorable and stuffed her cheeks. Every time I gave her candy, it looked like I had made her entire week.

Then, I found out that Alleya had been stealing candy from Diana. Diana didn’t want to, but her mother made her share all of her candy with Alleya. When I asked her about it, she said she was just trying to teach her daughter the value of sharing. I’d normally agree, but when the other person is Alleya, there seemed to be no value in sharing. It was a completely one-way street, and Alleya just took. Yet, Elizabeth still had blindfolds on, seeing only the best in her disciple.

At the very least, I managed to instill a bit of confidence in Elizabeth. She was Alleya’s senior, and so I worked to get her to realize it. She has been steadily making process accepting Alleya as a junior and going more assertive. Being more assertive will only help her in a typically demon-dominated world. Demons will walk all over women if the women allow it. If there was ever a balance to be earned, it wasn’t just the demons that needed to change.

Overall, even several days later, Alleya still looked at the demons who entered with disdain. A few eyed her curiously, but when she showed absolutely no charm, they moved their focus back to Elizabeth, who had steadily grown more charismatic lately. Elizabeth greeted the demons with a friendly demeanor now, having learned at least a few basic demon greetings and words. While some demons kept things all business, others were excited by the prospect of talking to the human girl who had been responsible for so much pleasure in their lives.

A few excitedly got a kick out of talking to her, although they had the finesse of children, often talking while staring at her tits. A few even made a game of trying to make her laugh, because every time she laughed, they would jiggle in a mesmerizing way.  It was getting to the point I was thinking of charging them for it. Either way, the business was booming and Alleya was a burden.

This situation only finally came to a head the day before the promised due day for Alleya’s debut. After a particularly big day, while Elizabeth serviced ten demons back to back, she came out during a lull while knuckling her back. Her hair was messy, and there was a streak of cum in her hair she seemed to have missed. While the demon men had no such standards when it came to this kind of thing, I did.

“It’s past lunch, are you hungry?” I asked.

Elizabeth modestly shook her head. “No, thanks, I’ve eaten.”

At first, I didn’t know what she meant, but when she let out a cute blush, I realized that she was talking about semen. As my first minion, she could eat anything and extract nutrients from it. Even in normal situations, I heard semen was quite nutritious. To a woman like Elizabeth, she could very well live on it. Well, it wasn’t like I was okay with my minion subsiding on demon cum.

“Elizabeth, we never had enough customers before, but I think we need to discuss a mandatory lunch break in the future.”

“A lunch break?” Naturally, it was a concept that Elizabeth wouldn’t be familiar with.

I didn’t want to get into it right now. With a sigh, I sniffed her body and winced.

“You smell like a whore house. Take a break. Go to the back and wash up.”

One of the additions to the house now was that we had our own well and outhouse. After the girls had been attacked in public, I wasn’t keen on sending them down the street to pull water anymore. It was costly, but I managed to buy our own water source. I didn’t know if the water shared the source of the well, but I liked to think it tasted much cleaner and purer than the city source.

We also put in an outhouse on the other side of the yard. Don’t worry, the waste went into a subterranean septic tank. Once it filled, I could spend a bit of coin using the system and it’d be magically emptied. There was nothing better than that.

Either way, I developed the backyard now so that Diana could run around freely. Since, every time she jumped too enthusiastically, her skirts went up and showed her bare bottom, I preferred she did it in the relative privacy of our backyard. Of course, there was also a small bathing area too with privacy walls. I got tired of washbasin baths. The girls mostly just scrubbed themselves with a bucket of cold water, but I usually made a fire out back, heated the water, and then used a special system that gave me about two minutes to shower. Ellya wanted to use this system to shower too, but when she realized no one would heat her water for her, she ended up taking a cold bucket just like the other girls.

Either way, Elizabeth went out back to clean off the smell of ten men that was caked onto her body. Diana went out with her, dancing around and doing cartwheels that would get me on a government watch list if I recorded them. As I picked up the lobby, I noticed Elizabeth’s workspace smelled too. I’d make her clean it when she got back. I realized that this would be the kind of job I should make Alleya do, but she wasn’t lying when she said she was bad at everything. Last time, she ended up soaking the floor and nearly causing damage to the bed. It was to the point where I didn’t want her to try to clean again.

It was at that moment while Elizabeth was out and Alleya was sitting in a corner with her arms crossed while I swept the lobby that a demon came into the store.

“So, this is the so-called Watering Hole bathhouse?” The demon said deeply, glaring around the room until his eyes landed on Alleya. “And I suppose this is the human?”

Alleya didn’t make an attempt to be civil, meeting the demon man glare for glare.

“Ah, actually, our usual girl is out for a bit.” I explained. “if you don’t mind waiting for a half-hour, then she’ll be back.”

He snorted. “Do you not know who I am? I’m a lieutenant for his Demon King’s Army! I’ve only got a brief time for R&R in the city. I had heard of this place and was looking to experience something… different. My men have been looking to spend their coin in the city, you understand? But, if you’re unavailable, my time is too valuable, so I’ll be leaving.”

Although the man’s words sounded like he was being antagonistic, that manner of speech was common among demons. His behavior could be considered average, and when you took it that way, he was merely being frank and to the point about his intentions and desires. In many ways, it was much more refreshing than humans who sugarcoat things are false pleasantries before going and giving you a bad yelp review.

Well, this world didn’t have yelp, but this guy was as close as I’d be able to find to an influencer. I considered racing back and grabbing Elizabeth, but she was probably wet and in the process of bathing, and either way, it would look sloppy to do as such. Instead, I casually looked at Alleya.

“If you don’t want to be left waiting, I can of course accommodate. Would you like to try a service with this girl? Her mouth isn’t as soft, but it is small. Furthermore, what she lacks in experience, she makes up in… um… personality.”

When she saw me picking her out, a flash of panic appeared on her face. The lieutenant didn’t seem to notice or care. He simply nodded.

“Very well. I’m always looking to try new things and recommend them to my men. Impress me.”

I immediately gestured for him to go to Elizabeth’s room and sit in her BJ chair. I then turned to Alleya, who was shaking her head.

“You bastard! You’re selling me out as a prostitute?”

I shot her a glare. “You were given a week to prepare. Tomorrow was the deadline, but now it is today. My hospitality ends today. Either satisfy this man properly with your mouth or leave!”

I didn’t like putting my foot down, but in this situation, I felt I had to. This was a bit of tough love. If she performed, then she would stay. If she continued to be a burden, then even Elizabeth crying couldn’t convince me she should stay.

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