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When Elizabeth reentered the store, she could instantly hear the light sobbing come from her work station. She shot me a confused look and I shrugged.

“Alleya had her first customer.” I explained.

Elizabeth didn’t shoot me a glare or anything. She wasn’t angry or even remotely unhappy. She knew how much I had done for her, her daughter, and Alleya, and she understood the need for Alleya to work. In truth, she had felt frustration herself at how useless the princess had been. Although she had given the princess many things because of a feeling of loyalty to the human realm, she also understood my side of things as well.

Elizabeth was a good girl. She wouldn’t be the type to blame or bite the hand that feeds her. Instead, she gave me and understanding look, a nod, and then went back into the sex room to talk to the weeping girl.

In all fairness, Alleya had done her job. She was stiff doing it, going through the motions with a dead-eyed look and absolutely no flair, but the demon lieutenant had reached orgasm and came in her mouth. He was pleased with the result, complimented us, and then left saying that we could expect more service from his men.

Alleya waited until he left with cum in her mouth until she spit it out. Then she ended up vomiting for five minutes. Finally, she started crying. She also hadn’t thrown a single angry glare my way. Deep down, Alleya knew the truth too. This was the way of things, and this is what she had to do. I was only the messenger. It was time she had a reality check.

Diana had entered, but while she watched curiously for a bit, she quickly grew uncomfortable and went into her mother’s bedroom. Diana was a child born in the worst of circumstances. As much as she had opened up in the last month or so, she still had deep trauma inside herself. She was an emotionally stunted girl, and couldn’t empathize. I had some fear she was turning into a sociopath, which is why I taught her so much about morality. Even if she couldn’t feel things, I wanted her to be good at faking it.

Elizabeth was a good role model though. She stroked Alleya’s hair and silently comforted her as the younger women wept. This ended up lasting for nearly half an hour, but finally her tears dried up, and Elizabeth decided to start talking.

“Are you okay?’

Alleya stared blankly at the floor for a bit before looking up, her eyes unfocused. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Why is that?”

“I hate it…”


“Demons… they killed my family. They took away my life. They ruined everything. I hate demons so much. Just imagining that bastards pleased face as he came, it makes me sick!”

“I see…”

“How can you do it?” Her eyes finally focused on Elizabeth. “How can you get on your knees and service our enemies like this?”

Elizabeth’s face flushed as she looked away from Alleya. Her eyes flickered to me for a moment. I was still sitting in the front, watching them from the corner of my eye. When she realized Alleya was still looking at her, waiting for an answer, she gave a light sigh.

“It’s been a decade since the war. The human race lost.” She spoke calmly.

“Exactly, which is why we should resist!”

“Resist what?” Elizabeth snorted. “Our men are dead! Our nobles are dead! All that are left, is us and them! Aren’t you… tired of fighting?”

Alleya blinked, and then lowered her head. “I don’t want more people to die either… but…”

“Then, we need a different way,” Elizabeth continued. “We need to find a way to improve our situations, under the rule of the demons.”

“That… even if you say that.” Alleya looked flustered.

‘There are good demons.” Her eyes flickered to me again and then she looked back at Alleya. “Common ground can be found between us. We can learn their language. We can talk to them. We can fight for better rights. However, that won’t happen unless we do something. For ten years, the human race had just given up. We’ve just been lying around, waiting for the end. Instead, we need to build a life in this new world. We need to adapt. We need to make the demons see us as someone worth integrating into their world, because make no mistake, this is their world right now.”

“True… but this way?” Alleya shook. “By servicing them?”

“I don’t know…” Elizabeth looked away, causing Alleya to glance at her in surprise. “I don’t have the answers, Alleya. I also can’t say I’m doing this with any hope of changing the world. I did this to improve the life of my daughter. That’s as far as I go. It has nothing to do with humanity. My actions are purely selfish. I’m seeking a better life. That’s why I’m here.”

“Then… why have you done all these things for me the last week?”

“Because…” She made a face. “it reminded me of my humanity. Perhaps… it felt nostalgic…. Or proper. But I realize now, that this was just me being selfish. I can’t live in the past. I can’t dwell on what was. I have to move on, and think more about what will be.”


Elizabeth glanced over at Alleya and gave a strained smile. “You have to decide what you want to do, as well. For me, I just want a better life. If I seek a better life, and other women seek a better life, and we all work hard for a better life… I feel in the end, our lives will become better. That is my belief. For Alleya, you must decide for yourself why you are here. If you don’t have one, then… please leave tonight!”

Elizabeth stood up before Alleya could say another thing, and then left. She gave me a smile and a curtsy before entering her room and helping her daughter form her letters. I closed up the shop and then left to go buy some stuff from the markets. Now that we had more money, things were less pressing, and I looked for more and more ways to reduce costs and increase profit. I spent most of the day out, meeting demons and introducing them to my business. Forming business contacts was important, but I also wanted to get my name out there.

Devon’s Watering Hole was steadily growing more well known, and a good portion of the people had heard of us. However, it wasn’t at the extent that they were leaping to come to my shop. It was more just a curiosity. At least, we were growing.

When I finally made it back home, I had no sooner than walked in when I noticed Alleya standing there. She was wearing her princess dress. It had been cleaned now and sewn back together. The Alleya from a week ago and the Alleya of now were two completely different women. She had eaten solid meals for a weak, taken a bath, and cleaned up very nicely.

In fact, she was a very beautiful woman, and while she didn’t have the motherly appeal of Elizabeth, she had her own charms that made her sexy. I let out a low breath.

“So, your decision?”

Alleya bowed down before me, falling to her knees and lowering her head. For any person, this was all but begging. For a princess, this was the lowest she could go.

“Please… I wish to be your minion.”

“A minion, is it?”

“Yes!” Alleya declared. “I will do what you want. Any demon! My entire life, I have wasted it. Everyone’s good intentions were lost on me. Now, I feel like I might be able to become part of something that will make a difference. I can’t save other women until I save myself. A princess is a servant of the people. Since that is the case, then I will be the best servant I can be! Please… lend me your strength, master…

I thought about it for a moment, but the look in her eyes spoke clearly. This might be a mistake in the end, but I didn’t think it would be. I reached out and put my hand on top of her head.

“Will you follow me?”

“I will!”

Alleya is now your minion. You have 2/2 minions.

1 / 2

Name: Elizabeth

Race: Human

Minion Level: 3

Perk: Iron Stomach, Telekinesis

2 / 2

Name: Alleya

Race: Human

Minion Level: 1

Perk: None

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