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Demon’s Strength – Gains the strength and physical status equal to a demon.

Female Demon – Skin turns color (random), and gains horns, appearing like a demon.

Regeneration – Heals from wounds and physical damage quicker. It does not include internal injuries or amputations.

Incubator – Gains extremely high fertility.

Hair Control – No need to shave. Hair only grows where you want it.

Pain Reduction – Feels less pain. Higher pain threshold.

Low Metabolism – Needs to eat less. Can go days without eating.

Improved Moral – Easier to please.

Iron Stomach – Can eat anything. Gain my sustenance from items.

In the end, the choices didn’t change for the 2nd level. I suspected that after picking a choice, the new choices you had access to by the third level would be different. In that way, each minion had a route where they would gain more and more powerful perks.

Pick Incubator, and you might unlock something to do with milk production, size of the litter, or strength of offspring. Pick Iron stomach, and you get Iron teeth.

Well, I wouldn’t know for certain until I started a different route, so Alleya would need to gain her next level. Unfortunately, I couldn’t guess how long that would be.

Where Elizabeth became a level 2 minion almost instantly, it’s been nearly a week since I brought Alleya onto the team. Since she lacks breasts, her main job was to provide the simple cock cleaning surface, leaving Elizabeth with more room to focus on the premium service.

She’s tasted over 15 demons in the last week, and only now did she finally reach level 2. I don’t know if this spoke to how much more loyal Elizabeth was, or what.

Alleya was always obstinate. She demanded better food and nicer clothing. She also insisted on taking a full bath every time she had a john. It was such a pain, that in the end, I wasted a lot of my profits, and finally set us up a proper bathroom. Well, it’s not like I didn’t like to take showers and shit indoors too.

I increased the size of the building to 1000 square feet, created a new room, and then put in plumbing. The new bathroom had a bathtub, a shower, a toilet, and even a changing area.

Getting heated water was tricky, but I managed to just use a water pump that brought up water from the well, and then a stove would heat the water and our house. I’m not a plumber or anything, but after some trial and error and a few lost dragons, I figured out a functional method.

I ended up unveiling the new room. Elizabeth and Diana were just eagerly waiting for me. Alleya had her arms crossed and was looking away, but she kept glancing through her eyelashes with interest.

She knew of bathhouses, and she would have servants fill a tub for her, but she had never seen anything like what I had created before.

“I swear this was smaller before…” she muttered to herself as I prepared to show them.

I swung open the door and the girls ran into the bathroom and made excited noises as they looked around in wonder. I spared no expense with this one. The room was actually as big as the bedrooms.

I agreed with certain eastern countries in this respect. Normal bathrooms were way too tiny. I promised myself if I ever had the chance to build my own bathroom, I would build it all out.

So, the room definitely had space. At least three girls could get ready at a time. The bath was big, and the shower was a pleasing rainfall design. Well, the water pump was manual, so it was done out of necessity as much as desired.

 “Ah! Water is falling on my head!” Elizabeth giggled.

Elizabeth was standing under the showerhead when Diana had found and turned the knob. This sent the stored up water to fall down on Elizabeth.

Rather than be angry, she was amazed at my ingenuity. She giggled as she was soaked from head to toe. I looked down and had to look away. With her body soaked, her clothing clung and certain things started to show.

Instead, I showed them how things worked. Although I enjoyed showers, I included a washdown station. It was a place for the girls to wash off all of the gunk they got on them from a day’s work. I didn’t want them using my shower or tub without being clean first.

“It’s acceptable,” Alleya admitted, not meeting anyone’s eye.

“Thank you, Master!” Elizabeth gave me a wet kiss, only apologizing after for getting me wet.

Since she got me dirty, she ended taking responsibility, and thus I got the bath ready and she worked on cleaning my back.

 I sat in the tub and relaxed, especially as she shampooed my hair. This was the life. A woman shampooing your hair was truly one of life’s delights. My horns got in the way a bit, but it was fine.

“It filled up so fast. Even three servants couldn’t have done it so quickly.” Alleya admitted.

I opened an eye. Sitting across from me Alleya, who was also in the tub and naked.  “Why are you in here again?”

“Hmph! Why should you both get to enjoy a bath first? I haven’t been able to immerse my body in water in over a year.”

“I’ve never immersed my body in water!” Diana leaped on to the side of the tub. “Can I get in?”

“Have you finished washing your dirty places?” Elizabeth asked in a motherly tone.

“Yeeeesss…” Diana responded, looking at the tub pitifully.

“Alright, very well.” Elizabeth nodded.

“Wait, there’s no room!” Alleya shot Diana a glare.

Diana was naked too, but she hadn’t been in the tub yet. She had gotten dirty outside so her mother forced her to rinse off first while she pampered me. As long as I kept my eyes closed, I didn’t have to think about the naked little girl running around.

However, now she was trying to get into the tub. She was standing on the lip and bent over, holding the edge with her hands. As a result, she was incidentally mooning the princess, who had a displeased expression. Diana dipped a toe in and then made a noise.

“Ah, it’s hot!”

“Hmph! Commoner, don’t you have any manners!” The princess snapped. “Didn’t I already say there is no room for you. Devon!”

Since Elizabeth had established herself as Alleya’s mentor, and I was Alleya’s boss, the only one she found that she had seniority over was Diana.

As a result, she took every chance she could to try to scold or boss Diana around. However, Diana was very good at ignoring the princess, which usually led to the princess trying to tattle on her.

“Since there isn’t room, get out, Alleya,” I ordered.

“Eh!” Her face turned white, and then she looked down. “I suppose, I can make a little room.”

I sighed and didn’t argue with her anymore. She actually wasn’t lying. The tub was made for three, not three and a half. There was no room for Diana.

 However, that was meaningless to her, and after slowly working her way into the hot tub, she plopped herself down on my lap. I let out a groan, but Diana ignored that too and made herself comfortable.

Her little butt was right there, and two things that shouldn’t touch were uncomfortably close. In fact, if I guessed, I’d swear she was aware of it.

She kept readjusting herself, but in a way that resulted in her butt rubbing against that. The movements were always innocuous and not very apparent in the service, but they steadily grew more vigorous.

I close my eyes even tighter, trying to pretend a felony wasn’t going on under the water at that moment. I was starting to breathe hard, and my dick was beginning to react in unexpected ways.

In a few moments, I’d definitely be committing a crime. I was just about to grab her and toss her off of me when Elizabeth spoke up.

“Diana, don’t forget to wash your hair.”


Diana turned around, an inappropriate look on her young face, and then she dropped down, dipping her whole head under. I watched her head down as my cheek twitched. I was fully erect, and Diana was definitely planning on looking. Even worse, she might try to touch. In which case, I’d have to put my foot down and it’d be embarrassing for both of us. Desperate to find something to cover myself up, my eyes fall on the first useless lump I could find.

“Ah!” Alleya cries out as I pull her on my lap.

My hard thing finds a place between her legs. She was now sitting on it.  As for Diana, she came up a moment later. She had a slightly pouty expression on her face.

“What is it, honey?” Elizabeth asked her daughter.

“Nothing!’ She pouted, moving to the other side of the tub.

Although she was shooting Alleya a jealous glare, there was little she could do. She couldn’t say she was sitting on my lap or trying to get a peek. Diana could truly be conniving, but her mother seemed clueless.

Well, even if she knew, she’d probably just laugh it off. As for Alleya, she didn’t notice the looks, because she was dealing with her own problems. She was panting and kept moving, grinding her soft undercarriage against my dick.

“Ah… it’s… ah…” She was looking down and blushing profusely. “Master… we can’t…”

“Eh? Can’t what?” Of course, I couldn’t admit why I needed her there, but I had to say something. “Just sit there for me okay…”

“Hah… y-yes… Master…”

With Alleya now in my lap, and Elizabeth behind me cleaning my back with her breasts, Diana could only cross her arms and stare at us. Fortunately, she was young and got hot easily, so she left the tub after five minutes.

“Okay, you can move.”

“J-just a little longer,” Alleya whispered.

“Eh?” I pushed her butt with my hips, rubbing my cock up across her clit.”

“Ahhhn…. Hah… hah…”


“Hah… yes… Master…”

{Your minion Alleya has increased to level 2.}

That was the moment she finally leveled. Yeah, I didn’t get it, but I guess it’s fine. She immediately left the tub and ran away to her room for the rest of her night. I must have pissed her off.

In the end, I didn’t even ask Alleya what she wanted. I went with Improved Moral. This bitch needed to be easier to please. Well, that was what I was thinking. It was only a day later when the fallout of my decision came to light.

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