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A day after I had given her improved moral, Alleya came down with her arms crossed. She was just as pouty as she had ever been.

“Where’s food?’ She demanded.

“Do I look like your cook?” I shot back.

Elizabeth spoke up at that point. “Alleya, I left you a plate on the table.”

Alleya shot me a scornful look. “You could have just said it, Master.”

“Hmm…” I grunted, flipping through some literature I had acquired the previous night and ignoring her.

Alleya sat down at the table and started eating. After a moment, she stopped and closed her eyes, then glanced back at Elizabeth. At the moment, Elizabeth was sweeping the floor and dutifully getting the store ready to open.

“This is good… th-thanks…” She managed to get out in a low voice.

Elizabeth stopped her sweeping for a moment and blinked in surprise, but then smiled. “You’re welcome!”

The day progressed rather normally. We received about seven Johns at this point looking for a cleaning. I split up the workload between the two women.  Of course, Elizabeth got the premium’s and the more challenging washes, while I gave Alleya the demons I knew didn’t offend easy. This usually put it where Elizabeth was doing five or six while Alleya only did one. Despite this extreme discrepancy, Alleya still seemed to think she deserved just as much stuff as the harder working Elizabeth.

However, this day, there was a frown on her face, and she was watching the room where Elizabeth was working noisily with a frown on her face. At this point, another demon, and probably the last for the day, came in. I knew him to be one of the rougher demons. Thankfully, he wasn’t the type who put up a fuss over waiting for a bit.

“Elizabeth will be finishing up shortly,” I told him. “Please wait.”

For not the first time, I felt like I should come up with a way to entertain waiting guests. Perhaps I should put out some tea or something. I could start bringing some culture over to the demon world. At that point, I noticed that Alleya was staring at him with a frown on her face. After a moment of awkward silence, she spoke up.

“I’ll do it.”

I was surprised by her sudden volunteerism. In the past, Alleya was always satisfied with simply doing the bare minimum. I had grown to not expect very much from her. As long as she picked up a little of the slack, she at least earned enough to stay here.

In truth, I felt bad about hoarding the money. I had truly been acting like a pimp lately. All the money they earned went into my pocket. Well, it wasn’t like they could spend the money even if they wanted to, as the city still had bans on humans buying goods. However, the profits from any given service should be theirs, where I only take a small fee for providing the location and advertisement. I knew this for a while now, but neither girl questioned having money, so I hadn’t worried too much about it.

That said, I knew a time would be coming when I would need to restructure things that way. Then, Elizabeth could be rewarded for working harder, and Alleya would need to work hard herself or settle with less. That would be the best circumstance in my opinion.

That said, Alleya suddenly deciding to be dutiful took me completely off guard.

“Ah… we only have one room?” I said, suddenly feeling a bit shy.

When the demon asked what we were saying, I relayed the conversation to him.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind out here.” The demon, responded, unzipping and pulling out his cock as if it was the most natural thing.

She suddenly bowed to the demon, “Then please, allow me to service you.”

This time, the demon and my jaws both fell open, because she was speaking in draconic. In fact, her pronunciation was perfect. Even with weeks of practice, most of Elizabeth’s words sounded garbled. However, Alleya spoke demon as if she had been speaking it her entire life.

“W-wait, you speak demon?” I said in shock.

She sniffed and spoke in human tongue. “I was a princess who was supposed to carry humanity past this demon blight. How could I not learn their tongue?”


I didn’t have any words to say. Up until this point, she always had the ability to speak draconic. That meant she had been pretending she didn’t understand anything before. In reality, she understood things better than most! I always wondered how she had managed to get by for several months despite having no support and a dependent personality. I guess she got by using the demon tongue. She could beg demons for food better than anyone. Well, wasn’t that what she did with me?

Alleya fell to her knees, and I decided to leave them some privacy. Despite having serviced quite a few Johns and her technique is much more refined, it was still nothing like Elizabeth’s. Where Elizabeth went ‘ah’ and then put it in her mouth, Alleya would hold it and lick it more like a popsicle. She’d only put it in her mouth once she had done a complete once over with her tongue. In that respect, her cleaning was a bit more on the nose than Elizabeth, who served to please.

She did the job without any seeming complaints, even when the guy grabbed her head and made her choke. She made an ugly face, but she did swallow the cum down. When the guy left, Alleya went up to me.

“I-I can take on a more even role… from now on. Okay?”

I didn’t understand why she was being so amendable now. Was it because of last night? We took a bath together. Then, she grew flustered and suddenly leveled. Now, she’s acting very docile. I was expecting her to be in a better mood. Her mood didn’t improve, but she seemed a bit more subservient. It was more like her ethics changed than her feelings.

I reached out a patted her head. I did this on impulse to give me time when I was thinking, but I only realized who I was doing it to after my hand landed. I expected her to grow indignant, but instead, she blushed and then moved back to her corner.

That night, I was lying in bed with Elizabeth, but I was still trying to figure out why things were different. “I don’t get it. I gave her a moral increase. So, she should be in a better mood, right?”

“Master…, did you say moral, or morale?” Elizabeth suddenly asked.



It was that, after all. Elizabeth managed to school me now on language. I had missed the ‘e’. Morale would be improving the mood. The skill was a moral increase. Morals were exactly your sense of ethics. However, a moral increase did sound like a minion skill. After all, who said that a person’s ethics had to be good? The ethics of a minion would be radically different. It didn’t say change morals, just increase them.

The result was clear to see. Alleya was more concerned about her role as a minion. She wished to serve me properly. That was her ethics and morals. In a way, it was the same thing as saying increase loyalty. Thus, she did the job she was supposed to do. I noticed she called me Master earlier too and seemed to like it when I patted her head.

In short, I had made a mistake, but it turned out for the best. Alleya had become more hard-working. Her attitude wasn’t better, but that was a small thing as long as she did her job. At that moment while I was thinking this, there was a knock on the door.

The pair of us were naked in bed, and we didn’t have time to cover ourselves when the door opened. Thankfully, it was Alleya who poked her head in and not Diana. Diana tried peeking many times when she got curious. She even went so far as to hide in the room a few times.

“What is it, Alleya?” I didn’t bother to hide my body, and neither did Elizabeth.

Alleya grabbed her arm and looked down sheepishly. “M-master… since Elizabeth is doing this kind of stuff with you, then so should I!”


She looked up at me with wet eyes and a clenched fist. “Master, I will also service you at night!”

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