Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Ah?” I was a bit taken aback by Alleya’s sudden announcement.

“Should I leave you two alone?” Elizabeth asked innocently.

A fearful look flashed on Alleya’s face for a second. Although she was usually rude to me, it seemed she was a bit fearful when it came to this situation. There was no reason to only have one at a time when both were willing. Wasn’t this a guy’s fantasy, after all?”

“Stay here.” I lightly touched the back of Elizabeth’s hand, even though she hadn’t made a move to leave my bed.

“Go on, the only one here not naked is you,” I told Alleya.

That was the truth of it. Alleya had decided to knock on the door and enter while Elizabeth was giving me some attention. She came to my door most nights, but this was the first one where Alleya had come. I didn’t know if this was a one time offer or not. It didn’t matter much to me either way.

These were my minions, so I saw it more as a bonding exercise than sexual pleasure. It wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy sex. Elizabeth was very good at keeping me satisfied. However, I wasn’t some horny teenager or virgin pervert. Furthermore, I had a demon body that had its own sense of self-control. Once a week would probably be more than enough for me. The fact I enjoyed it daily was the abnormality. It could go without saying that I probably had more sex than any other demon alive.

“Y-yes…” Alleya responded with a blush, steadily pulling off her dress.

It wasn’t difficult to take off and on. I selected the clothing they had partially for ease of access. I was thinking about the future and the roles the pair of them eventually would take. Soon, I’d be moving the girls to sex. That was simply a matter of time. I wanted enough demons to be familiar with the concept of pleasure through their dicks, and only then would I show them pussy.

Speaking of which, Alleya had a thin form, no chest, and the fuzz above her cunt was a light color that made it look like it was barely there. She looked very tight. After all, she hadn’t pushed out a baby like Elizabeth. In fact, she had been young when she lost her virginity to a knight, and that had to have been over a year.

Her skin was much paler and smoother than Elizabeth. Since she didn’t have much in the ways of breasts, there was no sagging. They pointed straight forward, and the erect nipples were pink and hard in the night air. She had a teenager’s body, which had an appeal that was undeniable. She was right in those perfect years where her ass was pert, her skin was smooth, and pussy was tight.

Well, that last part was simply guessing by the appearance of that tight-looking hole. Until I put myself inside it, I wouldn’t know how tight this teenage girl got. More than that, she was a princess. She held a sense of superiority that no amount of subservience or Improved Morals could overcome.  Even though she wasn’t pure technically, it was hard to not see a princess as pure in many ways. A dark part of me wanted to make that pure, haughty expression turn lewd and lustful.

I sat on the edge of the bed and gesture for Alleya to come to me. Since she had already come this far, it could be embarrassing to try to run now. While hugging her arms over her chest and looking shy, she walked over to me. Once she was close enough that I could grab her arms, I pulled her to me.

“Ah!” she let out an innocent cry at suddenly being grabbed.

I picked up her legs and had her straddle my knees. At this point, my dick was pointing out at a 45-degree angle, pointing directly at her crotch as if selecting its next prey. She understood that I was getting to business so she moved closer until her knees were pressed against the side of my bed. Her body was now standing right in front of me, with my legs running out between hers and my dick pressing up against her crotch.

My hands wandered up and down her delicate stomach. Her skin was soft and pale. The life she had lived was clearly far removed from the life Elizabeth and Diana had lived. Her chest was right in front of me, and I didn’t hesitate to move my head forward and lightly kiss each nipple. As my lips pressed against her flesh, Alleya shivered, the nipples growing even more erect until they could practically cut glass.

I lowered her delicate body down with my arms wrapped around her and my hands grasping the back of her shoulders. She allowed her knees to bend as she was lowered and impaled upon my cock. The head slid in easily, entering her pussy lips and finding the waiting hole. However, at that point, her entry point was simply too tight, and it wouldn’t go in any farther.

“S-so big!” Alleya gasped.

Of course, she knew how big it was. She had sucked it before and had seen me naked a few times. Yet, to see a thing and to feel a thing were different experiences. She never had tried to fit the entire thing in her mouth. Now that she felt it pressing against her entrance, the thought of trying to put that whole thing in her mouth came to mind. It seemed impossible and made Alleya dizzy. On top of that, her mouth was actually not nearly as small. Her other lips were much smaller. Simply put, there wasn’t any room!

Well, that’s what the young teenage girl was thinking, but I was an adult with much more experience in these matters. Vaginas could stretch, and so Alleya would just have to adapt. My hands went up slightly and I grabbed the top of her shoulders. She grabbed my sides as if desperately looking for something to cling on to. With that, I pushed down, forcing my cock roughly into her tight entrance.

“Ahhhhh!” She let out a cry as I took her pussy the rest of the way.

I didn’t stop pushing down until my cock was deep inside her, nearly to the balls. The foreign thing deep inside her caused her pussy to spasm, clamping down tightly as if it wanted to reject the foreign invader. Fortunately, I was much more assertive and made my place known.

“Are we done? I-it’s going to tear me apart.” She gasped.

Rather than answer her, I just took her lips and began to explore her mouth with my tongue. Her tongue wasn’t explorative like Elizabeth. Rather, she played on the defensive, desperately trying to protect her mouth from my penetration, but she was far too young and inexperienced, so I made sure to taste her thoroughly.

Of course, I had a cheat at my disposal too. If she started to get the upper hand, I just would thrust up, causing her to rise and fall on my cock slightly. The shock of it was enough to cause her to lose coherency for a moment.

Our kiss finally broke as she desperately gasped for air. She was leaning on me now, her flat chest pressed against my own while her arms were wrapped around me. At this point, I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her.

“Ah! Ah… Ah… no… it’s breaking me… you’re breaking me!” She cried out tearfully as she bounced up and down on my cock.

She wasn’t doing anything herself, actually. I was using my hands to bring her hips up and down, her small butt bouncing as a result of my machinations. All she could do was desperately cling to my shoulders, hoping she could make it through the intense feelings coming out in waves from her groin. These feelings were a mixture of pleasure and pain. However, the pain was slowly growing into numbness, and the pure pleasure was starting to take over.

At this point, I felt two familiar soft things press against my back. Elizabeth went down and began to suck on my neck. It turned out there was a bit of sadism in Elizabeth too. She reached out and with her pointer finger and thumb, she grabbed both of Alleya’s nipples, one with each hand. She immediately began to pull and manipulate them with her fingers.

“D-don’t… that’s too much… I’ll go crazy…”

She had let go of my shoulders and grabbed onto Elizabeth’s wrist, but she seemed to have lost all power. She couldn’t stop Elizabeth from touching them, and now that she wasn’t leaning on me supportively, she felt like she was falling. Her mind seemed to fall into sexual bliss as she was tag-teamed by the pair of us. However, the night was just getting started.

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