Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Ahn… Ahh… so good… c-cumming!” Alleya cried out, her legs straightening as her body spasmed.

I could feel her pussy contracting tightly on my cock, which was currently plunged deep inside her womb. Elizabeth finally released Alleya’s nipples. She fell back, and if I didn’t catch her with my arms wrapped around her, she might have fallen off my lap and onto the floor. She was completely limp as if the sheer pleasure of my cock had paralyzed her body and left her unable to resist.

Her pussy was leaking out, sex fluids leaking down my thighs and onto the bed underneath. She had become completely incontinent. On top of that, her nipples were now red and puffy, having been bruised by Elizabeth’s machinations.

“Hah… hah… I’m glad I could service Master…” She panted.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. “You haven’t even started yet!”


I picked her up and turned around, even while I was still inside her. I was a demon and very strong. I could even lift Elizabeth fairly easy, so Alleya was as light as a feather. I had complete control of her body, and if I wanted to, I could fuck her like an onahole, since she was completely powerless to struggle.

I let her fall on the bed, and then I grabbed her legs and lifted them up, folding her into a lewd position. Her ankles were in my hands, and I had her nearly in half. Since she was small and skinny, she was also quite flexible.

“Ahh… th-this…” she cried out defensively. “I-I’m a princess!”

“Hehe, what are you talking about? This is the princess position!” I lied, feeding on her inexperience.

“Th-that’s impossible!”

“No, it absolutely is! Since a princess has such dainty ankles, the guy must support them during sex. Then, they are being lifted up. It’s to represent your highness. That’s why it’s called this position.” I came up with the dumbest thing I could off the top of my head.

Elizabeth was looking at me too. She seemed to have a questioning expression on her face. She actually believed my lie?

“O-of course!” Alleya blushed. “I knew that… I just meant… you should hold them higher!”

Alleya’s pride couldn’t allow her to accept that I knew something she didn’t. I felt like laughing, but since both women were caught up in my words, I was afraid if I let them in on it, then both girls would storm out in protest. Thus, I decided to double down on it.

“Of course, princess!”

I tightened my grip on her and folded her as far as she would go. Her face grew flushed and she had a slightly shy expression. It was pushing her to her limit, I could see the strain in her eyes. Yet, her pride as a princess wouldn’t allow her to admit it.

With my weight on her hips and my knees on the bed, I began to pound her, allowing my cock to slam deep inside her waiting pussy.

“S-so deep!” She gasped.

In this position, I was really able to explore her depths. I already had an above-average dick. Elizabeth had made this clear to me. After servicing so many johns, she was someone who knew personally. Thus, my dick had the size to truly explore her depths.

I thrust down into her faster and faster while keeping her pinned to the bed. While I did this, Elizabeth lay next to her. Her finger had found its way down to the top of Alleya’s exposed clit and she was rubbing it vivaciously. She moved her finger faster and faster, until it was at the point of a blur.

Each time my balls struck against the surface of her pussy, it made a wet slapping noise. Other than that, Elizabeth’s fingers made an equally wet schlicking noise. Between the pair, Alleya started to rock and shake violently.

“Ahn… Ahn… too much… I can’t… too much!” She cried out, although I didn’t slow down a bit.

In her sexually delirious state, she reached out and grabbed Elizabeth, pulling the older woman to her. The pair begin to kiss aggressively, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths enthusiastically. For Alleya, she probably wasn’t even coherent enough to realize what she was doing, but I was surprised that Elizabeth seemed completely on board as well. Neither woman had ever shown any interest in each other or other women, so I wondered if Elizabeth was only doing it for my own benefit.

Then again, the more I thought about it, most of the men in this world were now dead. That meant that women typically only had each other to depend on. It wouldn’t be strange if a lot of women ended up forming lesbian relationships. In a way, I had ended up traveling to a world of women. Actually, there were tons of men in this world, they were just all demons. I wondered what a world that was all women would be like. It’d probably make a pretty interesting story.

“Mmmmm…. Mmm… ahhhh…” Alleya had to break her kiss away, leaving saliva trailing between the two women’s mouths as she reached another orgasm.

Her brow was lowered and her eyes were tight. Her mouth was agape like her jaw no longer was hinged. She let out loud moaning noises. One of her hands pressed against the pillows of the bed, and the other grabbed onto Elizabeth’s wrist, which was still spinning around her clit wetly.

“Ahhhh… Ahhhh… It’s too much… ahhhh…” She cried out.

Yet, I didn’t slow my pounding motions, and Elizabeth didn’t stop violating her twat. Various squirts of liquid came out, leaking down her body as she lost control once again. My cock was met with her rapidly clamping pussy, and it was intensely pleasurable. Despite everything, the sight of the two naked women enjoying each other while I enjoyed their pussies were too much, and I had reached my limit.

“Take my cum, princess!” I said, getting off my knees and using my feet, pushing her down even more.

Her feet were now over her head, and she was absolutely unable to fight in this position. In fact, she might not have been able to breathe in this position, but I was having too much fun to care. Using all of my force, I shoved myself down into her pussy, bringing my cock as deeply into her womb as possible. Only once I had penetrated her as deeply as my cock would go did the semen start to come. I surprised myself with how much I suddenly released into her. Gobs and gobs flooded into her tight pussy and filled up her womb. There were absolutely no condoms or birth control in this world. For all I knew, this could be making her pregnant right now. Yet, those thoughts didn’t really matter to me at the moment.

I finally let go of her ankles, and she unfolded like a spring. However, her legs only went so far as they struck my shoulders, and there they rested as the woman herself gasping for breath. Her face was completely red, and snot and saliva ran down her cheeks. She looked as far removed from a prim princess as possible.

Her pussy was even worse. The clit was red and swollen from being rubbed and stimulated so hard by a woman with experience. My cock had made her pussy gape to the point that even after I pulled out, it remained open, still contracting once in a while from waves of orgasm. White stuff leaked out, but there was a shine from wet stuff that had leaked everywhere, wetting the bed and even causing the liquid to leak down the side to the point that the hanging sheet was dripping more fluid onto the floor in a rhythmic fashion.

As for Alleya herself, she barely moved, her body still spasming from the intense pleasure. It’d be some time before she’d be able to recover. I was just about to pull away, but I was suddenly grabbed and pulled a few feet to the right. Elizabeth was sitting on the side of the bed. She grabbed my softening cock like a woman possessed, and then immediately shoved in her mouth, despite the fact it was covered in semen and Alleya’s fluids.

As soon as it started to stiffen under Elizabeth’s machinations, she pulled it out of her mouth, jumped back on the bed, and spread her legs.

“Please, Master, fuck me!”

It turned out that Elizabeth had gotten very horny while spending her time pleasing Alleya. Since her eyes held such an intense desire, there was no way I could say no. I jumped right on top.

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