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With Alleya in a sex coma next to us, it became Elizabeth’s turn. I was ready to end the night, but she suddenly came on to me. All that play with Alleya was apparently too much for her, and she had grown sexually excited. I couldn’t let my minion go to bed sexually frustrated, could I? Even if my sex drive as a demon was more easily satisfied than it was with a human, I still had at least ten times the stamina. That meant if I wanted to go again, I could handle even more.

I wondered if I brought in a third minion if things would end up like this as well. Would I end up with three women in bed? Four? Five? How many minions would be enough? I reckoned a fully functioning brothel needed at least 8 working girls to run smoothly. That said, I had ambitions outside of the brothel. After all, the goal wasn’t to introduce demons to sex but to introduce demons to breeding.

It wouldn’t do to have my working girls get pregnant, but there may be a time where I needed to get some disposable skanks that would start the first human demon families in this world. Why skanks? Because it probably wouldn’t be classy human women who would abandon all their principals to conceive a child with a demon. I didn’t think this world even knew if it worked. I knew it worked, because if it didn’t, then the god of this world sent me on a fool’s errand. However, it would be fair to assume most people believed demons couldn’t procreate without the demon queen.

As for the presence of the Demon King? He hadn’t left his castle since he had defeated the hero. It has been twenty years since anyone has seen him. Some believe he went mad with grief at the death of his queen. Some say he was mortally wounded by the hero in the final battle. No demons dared to enter the castle. Those who did never came out, and it quickly became a taboo. This is why the demons of today function without direction, only emulating the tasks they had seen their predecessors do to maintain a society.

Well, one could say they did a splendid job. Despite having no formal training, demons had managed to take up farming, merchanting, cooking, cleaning, building, hunting, entertainment, and more just by watching the lower beings do it. About the only thing demons never managed to emulate until now was just the fucking.

Well, for one such demon, it wasn’t a problem. With Elizabeth looking up at me with slutty, fuck-me eyes and her legs spread open eagerly, wet juices already glistening from her pink and brown cunt, it was enough that I was ready for another go. I immediately mounted her and pushed my mass inside.

“Ahhhn!” She moaned. “You’re always so big. It surprises me every time!”

“Isn’t that what you tell every John?”

“Th-that’s impossible!” She blushed. “You’re the only man that has been inside me since my husband.”

“Oh? A man? Not a demon?”

“I don’t care about that…” She panted as I began to thrust my hips into her. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re my man. You take care of me, and you take care of my daughter. I’m yours to do with as you want. Play with me. Use me. Share me. But please, never abandon me.”

“How could I abandon a good pussy like yours?”

“Oh… Master…” She moaned. “Fuck, I love your penis so much.”

“You know, you’ll be taking other men’s cocks soon too.”

“Yes, but it will never feel like Masters!”

“You’re saying that none of the other demons is bigger than me?” I asked.

I didn’t know why I was asking these questions. Perhaps, playing with Alleya had brought out the sadist in me, but I felt like teasing Elizabeth. Yet, she didn’t grow flustered at all. In fact, all of her answers seemed resolute. She was someone who knew what she wanted and had no doubts about it.

“You’re among the biggest, Master, but even if you weren’t it wouldn’t matter.”

“Oh? How so? Don’t you like it big?”

“It isn’t the size that I like, it’s the man giving it to me!” She moaned. “Master is Master, and only his cock comes with these feelings. No other man will ever make me feel this way. I tingle all over and my head grows fuzzy. When I’m with another man, it’s all business. But when I’m with you, it’s all pleasure.”

“Ah?” I grinned darkly. “So, you’re just taking your pleasure from me, huh? Isn’t that slutty?”

“Ahhhn… Yes… Master… I’m your slut! I can’t help but take pleasure from Master’s cock. It’s so good! Please don’t stop! This slut will do anything to keep feeling Master.”

Elizabeth always seemed to say the right things, and she was no different even while she was on her back. As I thrust into her, she affirmed her love and affection for me. It was that point that a sudden dark desire rose up in me. It was something I had always wanted to do, but even in my previous life, I had never been with a woman who permitted as such. Since those memories were fuzzy, it wasn’t like I had examples, but I was certain of that much. Perhaps, Elizabeth would be willing.

“Since you want to feel Master, I’d like to try something besides your whore pussy.” I pulled out of her, causing a look of loss and desperation to appear in her eyes.

“M-Master… of course… you can fuck my mouth or my tits. Any part of my body is yours!”

“I don’t want those.” I chuckled, rubbing my chin as I looked down at the begging woman. “Rather, turn around and lift your butt. I think I’ll take your ass!”

She let out a gasp. “That… I haven’t… even with my husband.”

“Is that a no then?” I had actually been expecting as much.

Although I was teasing her a bit, this wasn’t something I would force on to her. I was a demon, not a dick. Since it wasn’t meant to be, I guess I’d just have to…

“Be gentle…” Her shaky voice broke my thoughts.

I looked down to see her already rolled over, her butt up in the air. She had brought her two hands back and were spreading her ass open for me. The sight of her little hole and then her wet slit was quite hot. Excitement, lust, and desire shot through me like lightning. I immediately opened my store and dropped in drakes to summon lubricant. We already had some in her room, but I wasn’t going to ruin this moment by going on a search.

I opened the new bottle and then turned it over on my hand, squirting clear, wet fluid into my palm. I slapped that palm on her crack. She jumped for a second as I smeared lubricant down her buttcrack like I was wiping her ass. There was way too much of it, and it ended up dripping down her crack and leaking down her legs. Well, I’d rather there was too much than not enough.

I got my pointer finger full of lubrication. Some of it was from what I smeared on her butt, but the rest I got from playing with her already engorged cunt. She was so horny that every touch caused her body to visibly shudder. When I was done, I took my finger and pushed it against her asshole. At first, it resisted, but then it slipped in, my finger sliding into her hole.

“Ahhh…” She let out a cry as her butt was violated for the first time.

“That’s just my finger,” I said.

“Y-yes…” She shuddered. “Please… I want it in me. I need your cock.”

“Okay, say it then.”

“Please, stick your cock in this slut’s asshole.”

I made sure to spread the lubricant around her rim. I then took even more lubricant, and I rubbed it all over my dick. With that, I pushed the head of my cock against her ass. It took two lives and another world, but I was finally going to fuck a girl in the ass. I started pushing it in slowly, allowing the head to enter first.

“Ahhhhn… ahhhh…” She cried out.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Master… it’s so big. My ass is splitting open. Stick it in further. I won’t break. Since it’s Master, I’ll definitely take it all!”

Her voice sounded out with such determination and desire that it invigorated my body and mind. I continued to push my dick into her ass. It took about two minutes of careful movements, but she managed to take it all. Rather, she wanted it all and would have been upset if I didn’t fill her up.

“Master is in my ass, I feel so funny!” She said, strangely euphoric through the pain.

Elizabeth was a woman who was used to pain. Calling her a straight masochist was a bit wrong. It wasn’t like she got off on pain. It was more like it was something she was familiar with. She had grown used to pain, and knew she had to fight through it to take whatever pleasure she wanted. In that way, Elizabeth was actually a woman most suited for anal. Grabbing her tight rump and squeezing, I began to pull out and in.

“Ahhhn…. Ahhh… shit… this is… ahhh…”

“Rub your clit while I do this,” I told her something I usually saw girls do in the anal videos I watched

“Y-yes, Master.” She reached between her legs and started to finger herself.

Her ass was really tight. Although her pussy was warm and her womb felt good, there was a definite appeal to her asshole too. First off, when going in from the back, the angle was a bit more natural, so it felt easier to thrust into her ass. Secondly, her sphincter muscles kept squeezing. Every time I pulled out I felt a pushing like her ass was trying to poop my cock out. Then, when I shoved it back in, there was a pressure difference that also felt quite pleasurable.

“Ahhh… ahhh… this is… this is amazing!” She cried out.

My hips were moving quickly now, and while I still wasn’t going as hard as I did on her pussy, it was pretty fast. She had fallen into the rhythm, and her fingers flicked her own clit aggressively to the point her fingers were a blur. Compared to when she fingered Alleya, she was way more vigorous on herself. She seemed to be punishing her pussy while I punished her ass. The effect was that she started orgasming.

Wet stuff began to squirt out of her cunt. Without my cock stemming the flow. It exploded everywhere, some of it even falling on Alleya’s unconscious body right next to us. While I was fucking Elizabeth in the ass, she had passed out from her sex coma and was now snoring softly while another woman came on her.

The amazing feel of her asshole was too much, and her ass spasmed when she orgasm. Even more, I could feel her pussy muscles twitching even while in her colon. That’s how strong her orgasm was. Thus, I started to cum. I squeezed her ass so tightly that I left marks, pushing my cock deep inside her rectum until even the balls couldn’t be seen. Wave after wave of thick, white heat shot deep inside her. Compared to her womb, this was far deeper inside her. Her ass fully accommodated my cum, even though I felt like I lost buckets. As a demon, I definitely could cum a lot more than I did as a human. It really was enough to fill a womb.

“Ahn! So much… I feel the warmth in my tummy. Master’s seed.” She said, her body still shaking as she came.

I finally pulled out of her butt and then the pair of us kissed.

{Your Minion, Elizabeth, has increased to level 4.}

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