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Demon’s Strength – Gains the strength and physical status equal to a demon.

Female Demon – Skin turns color (random), and gains horns, appearing like a demon.

Regeneration – Heals from wounds and physical damage quicker. It does not include internal injuries or amputations.

Incubator – Gains extremely high fertility.

Hair Control – No need to shave. Hair only grows where you want it.

Pain Reduction – Feels less pain. Higher pain threshold.

Low Metabolism – Needs to eat less. Can go days without eating.

Improved Moral – Easier to control.

Iron Teeth – Can bite through any surface.

Intellect Boost – Smarter Minion

Mood Setter – Affect mood of those around them.

Psychic – Read Minds

Rather than worry about her leveling, I deciding to give the girls what they wanted and snuggle with them the rest of the night. Usually, Elizabeth left me when she finished, but since Alleya didn’t leave, she stayed behind as well. I had a feeling that there might be a growing bud of competitive nature in there. Well, competition was healthy, so I didn’t mind igniting Elizabeth’s more assertive desires.

The result of this was that at some time during the night, Diana came into the room since her mother didn’t return. She had never slept alone before, so she naturally grew anxious when her mother wasn’t there. Ah, but we were all still naked and sweaty. The three of us were on our sides. I was sandwiched in the middle. Alleya was pressed against the wall, her arm wrapped around mine. Elizabeth was in my arms. It worked because Alleya was flat and Elizabeth’s tits weren’t taking up precious bedspace. On top of, the two of us were close. How close? Well, that would be penetration.

I never pulled my dick out of Elizabeth’s ass. It was soft, but it was hidden between Elizabeth’s cheeks, so Diana couldn’t see anything inappropriate, an advantage of being sandwiched between two women. That was enough, right? Elizabeth wasn’t making a point of pulling me out, although when she noticed her daughter at the door, she did pull the blanket over the three of us and made sure our nether regions were covered.

Elizabeth patted for Diana to lie in front of her and under her chest so she could wrap her arms around her. My bed was only a full-size bed, so the bed real-estate was in short supply. However, Diana ignored her mother and tired to plop herself right between me and her mother. As she tried to snuggled in between us, my dick fell out of her mom’s ass. It was warm in there. I let out a sigh while Elizabeth made room for her daughter, moving so far to the edge her tits were hanging off the end and a wrong move would tip her off the bed.

She ended up rolling around so that she could have a bit better balance. This put her face right up to mine. I could feel her warm breath. I leaned forward and began to kiss her. She accepted my tongue without resistance. However, as my dick started to grow, I realized that our hips were blocked by a her daughter. Thankfully, before things got dangerous, Diana realized we were kissing over her head, and then pushed us apart, bring her head up to keep us from kissing.

The pair of us looked at each other with wry smiles, and then we each started kissing one of Diana’s cheeks wetly with tongue. She let out a cry and giggled, causing Alleya to shift in her sleep and mumble some things. She was really a deep sleeper. I could probably kick her out of bed without her waking if things got any more troublesome.

Yet, despite the lack of room, we all ended up falling asleep. When I woke up come morning, I could feel bare flesh in my hands. I felt a tiny, hard nipple. My fingers were subconsciously playing with it. However, when I heard a noise a bit more youthful than I expected, my eyes opened.

Elizabeth had already left the bed, and Diana was lying next to me. At some point, her clothing had disappeared, and so she was completely naked. My hand was resting on her chest. Her eyes were closed.

“Hey… Diana…” I narrowed my eyes.

Her eyes twitched, but she made no movement. However, it was clear she was pretending to sleep. This was because her eyes were closed a bit too hard, like she was trying to keep them closed. As for why she was naked, she’d probably say something like ‘I was hot’. I wouldn’t be surprised if she moved my hand there too. Rather than scold her, I rolled my eyes and got up. I went to my bedstand to pull out clothing, and then I spun back.

Diana, who had been watching me naked, closed her eyes quickly and went back to pretending she was asleep.

“Harder, Daddy!” Alleya suddenly jerked awake, shoving Diana and making it impossible for her to pretend she was asleep. “Eh?”

Alleya was looking around my room with confusion. Her hair was quite messy, and she had drooled a bit. Diana next to her was shooting her an angry death glare, but she ignored it. At this point, she realized she was naked and I was getting dressed.

“Th-that’s right… last night, Master and I… we had… ow! Diana why did you bite me!”

Diana had decided to bite Alleya’s arm before spinning around and running out of the room, her naked butt disappearing out the door. I rolled my eyes and started to pull on my pants.

“What? What did I do?” Alleya rubbed her arm and looked in Diana’s direction with confusion.

I didn’t give her an answer. I didn’t even really understand what was going through that little girl’s head. However, I’d have Elizabeth give her a lecture on biting people later. Something about using her words or something. I don’t know, I’m not a parent.

I go out of the room and sit down while Elizabeth puts a meal down for me. She always gets up early and cooks for everyone. It was never something I told her to do, but she did it. She also seemed quite happy this morning. It was at this point I decided to check on her minion point. After looking through the options, I told her the options and asked her what she wanted.

At this point, Alleya had come out of the room too and overheard us. “Eh? We get abilities? Can I have an ability too?”

I picked her ability without telling her. It was probably the reason she fucked me last night. I decided to not tell her about it, so I continued to ignore her. When she realized I was doing as such, she puffed out her cheeks, but only until Elizabeth gave her a plate of food.

“Master is always offering. You should pick. Master knows best, and I belong to Master entirely.” She smiled, kissing my cheek.

“Very well, since you want me to choose, I think we’ll go with Mood Setter.”

I was getting more convinced I was right in my initial guess. Each perk you picked unlocked other perks, eventually forming a path which created specialized minions. Iron Stomach probably had to do with increasing caloric intake. A lot of energy was needed for the brain to function. She could either go with intelligence, which would probably unlock strategic perks, or Telekenesis, which gave her mental powers. Now, those powers split again between an empath, or a psychic.

Honestly, I didn’t want her being able to read minds. Knowledge was power, but could also become a curse. Perhaps if I went this route, she’d be able to tell the future or become some kind of ESPer. Instead, Mood Setter sounded a lot more advantageous and peaceful. At worst, she could settle angry clients. If we’re lucky, she could make customers by putting them in a good and horny mood.

She hadn’t found much use for Telekinesis, other than to use it to help clean and swatting Diana on the butt when she acted up, which she thought I didn’t notice. However, Mood Setter was definitely something important for furthering my business.

“Thank you, Master!” Elizabeth smiled.

{The Minion Skill has increased to Level 3.}

{You can now accept 3 minions.}

I scratched my chin while thinking about the perfect timing of this message. It helped me come to a decision. It was time to start aggressively expanding my business.

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