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I had managed to accumulate about 1350 dragons so far subtracting what was used on improvements, clothing, food, and various other expenses. I had been running this business for about three months now, and it was starting to build in popularity.

Half of that gold came in after the recommendation from a certain general. His troops were a little rowdy, but with Elizabeth’s mood control, even the rowdiest demons left calm and satisfied. For a short while, the girls started to satisfy 3 demons at a time until the floor, and their bodies were covered in spooge. Fortunately, no one complained, and some demons even liked to do it in groups.

Thus, I added a group discount. Usually, a blowjob was 50 drakes, and a premium blowjob was 100 drakes or one dragon. Three people should be 150 drakes, so I made it 130 drakes instead. It helped deal with the overflow.

Still, every day, the place got busier and busier. It was to the point where I thought we really needed to find another girl to relieve the load on the other girls. It was only at that point when it was Alleya of all people who mentioned something to me.

“Cleaning up the mess takes a while.” She muttered. “Just the time it takes to get them settled down, out of their pants, and then cleaning up all the cum and sending them on their way takes as long as the blowjob! Maybe if you helped clean it, we could do it faster.”

I ignored the last part, but the first part actually gave me an idea. That’s why I was standing in front of the building after closing up for the night. Eventually, we’d be a 24-hour establishment, but not until I had the resources to keep things going all night. I’d need to change the demon world’s understanding of entertainment too. They’d need to want to stay up all night. Right now, they replicated the typical morning until the night that people of this world used. One of the first things I learned was that after it turned dark, demons wouldn’t come to visit for a cleaning and there wouldn’t be any stores open.

The building was currently at 1000 square feet. I measured the space of the empty lot I had started in. It was approximately 2000 square feet. There were also options to add a second floor and more. Every 100 square feet I had added had also caused the cost to go up. It had been 10 drakes to reach 1000 square feet. It was 15 for 1100, 20 for 1200, 35 for 1300, 55, 80… well, in the end, it nearly the majority of the money I had saved, but I wasn’t done yet.

With the extra space, I added a series of rooms. I added a second shower room that was dedicated to clean up. I also created three rooms per girl. The first room was the prep room, the second room was for finishing, and the third room was for cleanup. In this way, the girls could just go from one room to the next to finish of their johns. Then, the johns would have some time to recover and leave without making it feel rushed.

As for who would do the cleaning, it was time Diana started to work. She had been growing antsy lately being kept in the house all day, so it’d be good putting her to work. I figured she’d already seen enough naughty things that there was no point in being modest anymore. She knew what her mom was doing. I’d show the johns to their rooms, the girls would finish them off, and Diana would occasionally clean the mess.

Of course, I included little signs they could pull out, so I knew which rooms needed cleaning and which ones were being serviced. This was based on a doctor’s office I had once seen. It seemed to work well for them, so I suspected we’d be able to handle a lot more customers. If we got a third girl, we could either set up breaks or I’d give each girl only two rooms.

Four bedrooms, including a full one for Alleya, were added. I even gave Diana her own room. She would probably still sleep with her mom, so it was more of a playroom. The yard had to be lost, so I made sure her room had a nice porch. The view was of the building behind us, but it was enough to have a few flowers and for her to get some sun. The well now could only be accessed by the pumps, which were now completely indoor plumping.

Getting everything to fit in only 2000 square feet was a challenge. The lobby suffered the most. If I wanted to open it up in the future, I’d need to move the rooms upstairs definitely. That was how most brothels looked, right?

When I was done, I showed the girls how things were now. They were very excited about having another more utilitarian shower. They were very conscious of the fact I didn’t want to step on another man’s cum when I went into the bathroom. They were extremely cautious and went through a lot of towels at first. Now that they had this second shower, they could clean themselves up a lot faster.

I also had created a rudimentary washer. It wasn’t electric or anything fancy like that, but there was a water tub and drain. You could spin the clothing by rotating a crank. Ultimately, all the clothing still needed to be hung up to dry, though. As for a kitchen, I couldn’t fit it in this setup. How much would it cost to add a second story? It’d start at 500 square feet, and for that, it was 500 dragons. In short, it’d be a while.

The next day, service did pick up. Alleya was growing in popularity, and she was servicing johns to the best of her ability without causing any trouble. She still didn’t do the premium services, but I didn’t fault her for that. We had eight men in the store at this time while I scratched my chin and stared at the current services offered.

“What’s up, Devon?” A man asked me.

I looked back to see a Demon named Charack. He was a regular customer and other than the girls, he’s the closest thing I could call a friend. He had been one of the early joiners and was perhaps one of the more respectful to the women, which earned my appreciation.

“I’m just thinking about how I should expand.”

“You want to offer more services? How about a full body cleaning?” He suggested with a friendly smile.

“What, you mean like a massage?”

“What’s a mas-sage?” he asked thoughtfully, poorly pronouncing the word.

I started trying to explain to him what a massage is, but he didn’t seem to understand. When Elizabeth got a breather, I was going to ask her to massage him. We weren’t a massage parlor, but if they were naked and used their chest to grind up on the demons, then it mind be a good step towards getting them to crave physical touch, and eventually sex.

At this moment, three men suddenly shoved their way into the building. “Are you Devon?”

They were Demon Army soldiers, but I recognized one of them. He visited when he was off duty. He should have known I was Devon, but he wasn’t the guy speaking. He shrugged when I looked at him and pointed to the guy talking.

“I am.”

“Come. We have a problem that we think you can deal with.”

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