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“Hmph! She stinks!” Alleya complained.

“You stunk when you first walked through my doors.”

“Impossible. Princesses don’t stink.”


“I heard there are still a few isolated colonies of elves that managed to avoid the war. I wonder why she doesn’t go to them.” Elizabeth inquired.

“Good question! I used to stay with such a colony! They still had a few men and many pregnant women. They kept themselves fed. Why would this elf come to a human city to do her dirty work!” Alleya jumped on those words.

I had returned to the building with the elf girl. We shut down the business, and I allowed the girls to finish up their business. As a reward, I allowed Charack to receive a BJ by both girls at once. Ever since that night, we all laid together, Alleya has become a better team player and doesn’t mind kissing or touching Elizabeth.

“You don’t offer this service to everyone? Even if it’s more than twice, I guarantee some demons would buy it!” He declared happily after unloading on the girl’s faces.

Charack even perversely watched as the girls licked his stuff off of each other’s faces. He was definitely a demon of refined tastes. Unfortunately, he grew excited watching it and wanted a second helping, so I kicked him out.

As for his suggestion of a double BJ, I already had more cocks than mouths to suck them, so it’d have to wait until we had more girls. Speaking of which, after everything closed up, I escorted the elf to the business shower to clean off weeks on filth. Once she wasn’t gross anymore, she could use the nicer bathroom. She was humming a tune now while the water ran.

At that point, Alleya started giving me her opinion on the new girl. I was a little surprised by that. You’d think that misery loved company or something like that. Plus, the elves had taken her in, so she had to have at least some appreciation for her race.

“Wait, you’re not prejudiced against elves, are you?”

I knew in a lot of stories, the nobles had a human superiority complex, but given the state of humanity and their former assistance, I didn’t expect her to hold such antiquated feelings.

“D-don’t be ridiculous! I love elves! My best friend was an elf!”


She gave a cute pout and looked away. “It’s just, I’ve met a lot of people in my time, and I’d like to say that I’m good at reading people. She’s a bad apple. I can tell. If the elf tribes kicked her out, then it’s probably because she was a trouble maker.”

“The elf tribes kicked you out…”

“Geh! Master… I’m a human and high maintenance. Although they asked me to leave, I left on good terms. I suspect this woman was excommunicated.”

I had a frown on my face. She wanted to talk about bad apples, but she wasn’t exactly all that amendable when she came here. This elf woman had barely spoken since she got here, so I had no clue where any of this was coming from. I had to assume that Alleya was just jealous.

“I have to agree with Alleya, Master,” Elizabeth said uncertainly.

“You too?”

I was genuinely surprised to hear Elizabeth voicing a complaint. She never complained about anything, no matter how demeaning or unsavory. If even she had a problem, it left me feeling a bit worried.

“I have been living on the street and trying to keep my daughter safe for many years. I’ve seen all kinds of women surviving on the street. You can tell the kind of person they are. It’s something in their eyes. She is someone who does not care about anything or anyone but herself. I fear she will definitely cause Master trouble.”

“I’ll… be careful.” I finally agreed.

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe them. Rather, I wasn’t in a situation where I could just kick her out. Although I told the mysterious Lieutenant that I would abandon her if she caused too much trouble, taking her on was a test in itself. If I was able to reform her successfully, then the army would start to trust me with more women, and be more willing to use my services. Trust and networking weren’t things that could be obtained with just money.

So, for the future success of my business, I had to try at least to work with her. If I succeeded, it may save the lives of other women and help in the next step towards saving this world.

The shower ended, not because she finished, but because the hot water ran out. I didn’t have a hot-water heater, so water first got pumped into the furnace, and then brought over to the shower. The stores were sufficient for a good fifteen-minute shower, but she chose to use the entire length of time. Her humming stopped, and a gentle elf woman came out, who looked the exact opposite from the bad apple that Alleya had described.

In fact, her demeanor wasn’t much different from Elizabeth, and of the three women, she definitely was the most elegant and beautiful. She had the mature curves of Elizabeth, but the flawless perfect skin of Alleya. It was an ageless youth that only an elf could pull off. On top of that, her long, pointed ears added an exotic appeal. Her near-perfect, rounded chest also satisfied the perversions of any man.

She was wearing a green dress. It wasn’t the one she had been wearing before. That thing was too filthy and ruined to clean, so I threw it out. I then went into my catalogue and picked out a dress that seemed elf-like. Perhaps I was the one with bigoted beliefs, but a beautiful elf woman should be wearing a green dress with leaflike designs sewn in. With her long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and gentle demeanor, she definitely triggered some yearning fantasies deep within me.

Despite seeing demons every day, I never really felt like I had made it to a fantasy world. All of the people who lived with me were distinctly human. In short, I had been in this fantasy world for months, and I had yet to sleep with a nonhuman sentient creature. It didn’t have to be an elf. I wasn’t picky. I’d bang a dwarf as long as they didn’t have a beard, or a gnome, a mermaid, or maybe a nymph, as long as my dick had a place to go. So, perhaps taking her had a certain element of selfishness too.

“Hello,” She curtsied, “I take it that you are the man who saved me?”

“I am.”

“Then, it seems I owe you much. Unfortunately, all I have is this body to offer you. Will it be sufficient?” She held out her arms delicately.

“Well, that’s the idea…”

“Then, shall we go to your bedroom? I promise I will give you a good time.”

Alleya had her arms crossed and was shooting a frown. Elizabeth had a worried look and had her arms wrapped around Diana. Diana had only been looking at the elf with curiosity. This was perhaps the first time she had ever seen an elf.

Despite their worries, it seemed like the elf was rather harmless. In fact, more than that, she gave me a vibe that she was a lot like Elizabeth. Perhaps, she was just waiting for a Master. I smiled and reached out my hand. She put her smaller hand in it, and I led her into my bedroom. Sometimes, it was good when things were easy.

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