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“You’re a lot more amendable than I would have thought…” I said as she kissed me and closed the door behind us.

“Oh? Is that a problem? I just want to show you my appreciation…”

“Then, be my guest. I’m interested in seeing this play out.”

The elf girl pushed me back until I was sitting on the bed, and then went down to her knees. She quickly unbuttoned my pants with some decent skill, and then pulled my cock out and immediately licked it. Where Elizabeth went ‘ah’ and Alleya sucked it shyly on the tip like a lollipop, this girl licked the entire length with her tongue like an icecream cone.

My hands went through her perfect blond hair, and I couldn’t help myself from touching her ears. They really were long and floppy, and they felt like really good handlebars. It probably wouldn’t be good if I pulled on them though, especially for our first time. She’d definitely get angry.

She put the whole thing in her mouth and sucked up and down aggressively. She had a focused expression on her face like she was concentrating hard on pleasuring me. I let out a satisfied moan and instinctively rocked my hips as her head bobbed up and down on my lap.

Her work was pretty skilled, and I was just about to cum. “Ah… I’m almost there.

“Good!” She pulled away. “Hesartia negartia… moslunda… lupis!”

“Huh?” I looked down as she said some weird words.

“You dumb fucking demon. Go to sleep now!” She called out, grinning maliciously.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I collapsed. But as I did so, my cock ended up cumming anyway, splattering her in the face and hands.

“Gah! Fucking gross!” She reached up and slapped me across the face, but I didn’t move. “Hmph, be lucky I don’t like to murder. Getting your rank shit all over me, I should cut off your dick!”

She grabbed the blankets next to me and wiped off her face and hands of cum. Then, she pulled out a knife from my belt. At that moment, the door behind her opened.

“Master, I know that you’re… what?” It was Alleya who had walked in, seeing the woman standing over me on the bed with a knife. “M-Murder!”

“Shut up. You twat! Didn’t anyone ever teach you to knock!”

Well, as a princess, probably not. Even here, I had no locks on the inside doors for safety reasons, and the girls knew I didn’t care if they walked in on each other while we were having sex. She had walked in on me getting head from Elizabeth many times, so she thought nothing of doing so with this new girl. Perhaps it was even deliberate, a curiosity that she wanted to know if the new girl was better than she was. However, she didn’t expect to see me out on the bed and the other woman to procure a knife.

By the way, her pleasant accent was gone entirely too. She spoke with a very crude speaking manner you’d expect from someone on the streets. Her previous voice had been a ruse, and this was the true elf. Although, the crude way she spoke didn’t match her appearance at all.

“What’s going on? Ah!” Elizabeth had come in upon hearing Alleya’s cry and then also saw the scene.

“Master!” Diana cried out.

“No!” Elizabeth cried. “Don’t!”

Diana had only noticed me and had run to the bed. Her hands grabbed my leg before suddenly being pulled away. The elf had spun her around, and now she held a knife to her throat.

“Stop!” Alleya cried out.

“Diana! No!”

“Shut the fuck up! Both of you bitches! Or I’ll cut her fucking throat!”

“Please…” Elizabeth begged helplessly, already crying.

“Here’s how things are going to go! You two dumb bitches are going to bring me all of your clothing. I want food. I want the dragons. Pack it up all nicely for me. Yes, that’s it. Either of you heads to the door or shout, and I kill this little slut right here.”

“Y-you want to rob us?” Alleya asked incredulously.

“Shut up! Of course, I’ve been doing this for years. Never thought I’d find myself with such a good mark. So many dresses for woman, take off what you’re wearing too. That’s right, strip! Good thing he is as dumb as he is wealthy. Willing to let his guard down just for a chance at pussy. Now move!”

Alleya and Elizabeth could only helplessly go around and collect all the valuables and take off their own clothes. She then ordered Diana to frisk my body. Diana grabbed my coin purse and fondled it for a bit. Then she went to my purse that had coins in it and pulled it off my belt.

“We got everything…” Alleya said tearfully.

“Where’s the fucking food?”

“We don’t keep very much; he always make it when we need it.”

“Fine, whatever, pack it all together. You! Little slut! Stop doing whatever you’re doing in his pockets and give me the coins.”

“Yes!” Diana responded in her usual manner, as if completely unperturbed by the elf holding the knife. “Here… oops!”

Diana tripped, and the coin bag fell to the floor. The elf’s eyes followed it, and just as she was looking down, Diana leapt up at her.

Her teeth bit into the elves hand hard. The woman let out a scream, and the knife fell from her grip. Diana dove to grab it and the elf kicked her in the gut.

“Don’t touch my daughter!” Elizabeth charged her, but she raised her hand and fire rose from it.

She started to chant something that would assuredly shoot out and strike Elizabeth. Elizabeth stopped in her steps, but the other woman’s expression turned wicked, and she finished the chant. The fire suddenly sparked out, but before she could even understand what happened. Diana charged her, slamming her shoulder into the elfs gut. Caught off guard, she fell to the ground with Diana on top of her.

“Get off me you little shit!” She cursed.

“You’re right…” Diana’s eyes gleamed so sadistically that the elf suddenly froze in shock. “Master was a fool. He’s a good man who would never hurt a woman. You will cause him more trouble in the future, so it’s best if I take care of you now.”

“D-Diana… stop!” Elizabeth cried out.

However, it was too late. Diana raised up the knife in her hand, and slammed it down on the elf’s neck, all while her eyes gleamed with pleasure. She lifted it up and stabbed again, but at that moment, she frowned. The elf was looking at her with wide eyes, and she was looking down at the elf with confusion. Every time she stabbed, she heard a strange springy sound. As for the elves neck, there wasn’t a single wound.

Diana reached into her dress and pulled out a pencil that had been sharpened to a point. She lifted it up, ready to stab again.

“Okay… I’ve seen enough.” I caught her hand, casually sitting up in my chair.

“M-master?” Diana let out a noise of shock and embarrassment as I pulled the pencil and the knife from her hands.

The knife I stabbed my own hand slowly, revealing a mechanism where the knife fell back into the handle. “Fake knife… they wanted two dragons just to bring it to this world.”

“Y-you! You’re supposed to be asleep, you bastard! My spells are fucking perfect! You were weakened in a state of ecstasy. You should be asleep for a day! You fucking- blaa!”

I punched her in the face, and she collapsed out cold.

“Is it alright to hit a woman?” I mused. “Well, she did threaten to cut off my dick. I think there is a rule about that. You can sucker-punch a woman if she threatens your dick.”

“M-master! You’re awake!” Elizabeth calls out with relief.

“Of course.” I snorted. “It cost me 1000 dragons, but the entire building now has an enchantment on it. It negates any negative spell cast on my minions or me. I thought of it the second they wanted to bring her into my place. She really was easy, though. I expected her to ease herself in and take weeks. Maybe show some of her real personality, but slowly fake being reformed. Yet, she leapt right into acting harmless and didn’t even hesitate to make her move. Sometimes, it’s good when things are easy.”

“S-so you weren’t asleep?”

“I didn’t even know what she cast until she told me…” I laughed. “At that point, I decided just to see what happened. I was curious what you guys would do. I guess you could call it a test.”

“I passed, right, Master!” Diana’s eyes brightened.

“No!” I hit her on top of the head, causing her to wince. “You tried to murder her! Do you have any idea how many problems you would have caused me if she died?”

While rubbing her head, Diana muttered tearfully. “I’d have cut up the body and buried it. Master himself wouldn’t have seen. We’d just say she ran away after robbing us.”

“And what about getting caught by the knife in the first place? I’m lucky I thought to put a fake there. Otherwise, you might have been in real danger!”

“Gah… M-Master… I understand… I’ll definitely repent.”

I sighed, listening to daddy’s little psychopath before shooting the other two a look. “As for you two! You didn’t even try to struggle. She could have just killed the pair of you once she had what she wanted, and me for that matter. You get no points!”


“Master…” Both girls looked tearful

“Since you both already took off your clothing, then I suppose I can deliver your punishments now. You can reflect on it after. You will all receive 20 spankings.”

“M-master…” Elizabeth spoke hesitantly. “My daughter, she is too young, please, give me her spankings.”

The princess glanced at Elizabeth and then nodded. “Ah! I too, I will take on her spankings as well.

“No-no… the princess’s behind is too fragile. My ass can take it! Please spank me as much as Master wants!”

“Hmph! Your flappy ass will bruise easily. You can bounce drakes off my butt. Please, Master, I’ll take all the spankings!”

“Hmm? Can I have spankings?” Diana asked.

Somehow, all the girls earned three times their spankings. Diana couldn’t handle hers and peed in the middle, so I had to change my pants. Her mother offered to take even more spankings, but my hand got tired, and I started feeling like I was the one being punished here.

“I think everyone’s learned a lesson here,” I responded with my lips twitching, thinking that I should buy a paddle for next time I need to deliver punishments. “Now, what am I going to do with this one.”

The group of us looked down at the unconscious elf.

By the way, I had worried punishing the girls would cause them to pull away and possibly even put a hamper on our bond. However, to my surprise, that night, the two ladies were very frisky and had me up deep into the night.

{Your Minion, Alleya, has increased to level 3.}

{Your Minion, Elizabeth, has increased to level 5.}

Who would guess that punishments would bring them closer to me.

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