Yurtdışı Yatırım

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I picked up Daphne and strapped her to the wall. She stared at me defiantly but it’s not like she could fight back.

Her magic was restricted, so she couldn’t cast a single spell against me at the moment. As a demon, I was stronger than her by leaps and bounds.

I also towered a head over her, but once she was in the chains, she was about the same height as me. That left her hanging a bit from the chains.

“That can’t be comfortable on your wrists,” I suggested.

“Eat my asshole!” She spat again, but I made sure to avoid it.

I grabbed a stool from the corner and then brought it over to her. I then flipped through my menu and spent a bit more. I could only sigh at that. She was a pricy woman.

I leaned and started pulling off her tight pants and undergarments. She tried to kick me, but I made sure to keep a good grip on them. In the fight, she knocked over the stool.

When I finally got her pants off, I saw a pussy like any other, topped with thin blonde curly hair that almost blended in with her white skin.

“You see something you like?”

I noticed her clenching muscles and backed up just before a bit of pee tried to shoot out. Seeing the look on my face, she let out a laugh.

“Hehe… fucker… I bet you like a girl who pisses on you.”

“I do, actually,” I responded, causing her laughter to waiver. “But, when you lose control… I usually like that to be caused by me.”

She put on a sneer. “You think you can make me squirt?”

“I think you’re losing some fluids you’re desperately going to need soon. I think you’re going to get really thirsty.”

“Yeah… whatever… fucker.”

I bent down at each corner, pulling things from the store as I kneeled. First, I lit some candles, making sure that they were all far outside of her reach. Then, I slid something up her legs. It was actually a fresh pair of underwear. She didn’t kick as I slid them up. Rather, she was watching me through narrow eyes.

I had already peeled off her underwear, and now I was putting a new pair right back on. She probably didn’t understand what my goal was.

“Aren’t you going to rape me?” She asked.

“I don’t rape women.” I snorted. “Only cowards and dickless shits rape.”

“Heh… that’s rich coming from a bastard like you. What do you plan to do with me?”

“That depends.” I said, opening the door, “On what you ask me to do the next time we meet.”

I walked out closed the door. The girls were all waiting by the door, and when I walked out, they turned away, trying to look casual despite standing in the hallway outside the new room.

“S-so… I didn’t hear any screaming, “Alleya said.

“Master finished really quickly,” Elizabeth added uncertainly.

I rolled my eyes. “I haven’t even begun yet.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a controller. Walking over to the table and sitting down. The three girls followed me, looking over my shoulder curiously. I flipped the switch, and then slowly started to increase a dial. I went about 1/4th of the way.

“What is that, master?”

“It’s a sex to- ahem… I gave her a pair of magical panties. They are connected to this controller. When it’s on, it vibrates against her… parts.” I coughed awkwardly.

It’s kind of a difficult thing to explain to girls who had never had such things. First off, I said magic because I didn’t want to explain things like wireless signals and electricity. Then, I wasn’t even sure if they understood that vibrations would feel good down there.

“Ah, he’s talking about a dildo,” Elizabeth said.

“One of the vibrating models.” Alleya nodded.

It seemed like they were familiar with the concept. I guess women in this world who had no men still had sexual needs. A little magic spell to make it vibrate and they were probably quite popular.

“The method to make them has been lost,” Elizabeth said with a sigh. “I haven’t been able to use a dildo in nearly a decade.

“Mom, what’s a dildo?”

“You’ll find out when you’re older.”

“Fooo… Master, can you make me a dildo!”

“You can’t have one until Master has broken you, I won’t have that being compromised before Master has his taste.”

“Awww… can’t Master do it now?”

The little girl and her mother looked at me. “… No… not we can’t.”

She lowered her head in a pout, clearly angry about it, even though she didn’t know what it was.

“It’s not a dildo, just the outside, but the frequency and pattern can be altered by this controller. She won’t be able to take it off either.”

“Master… I think I’m starting to understand what you’re doing, but even if you tease her, I’m not sure you can break her with sex alone.”

“Perhaps… perhaps not, but I’m giving it an honest effort. Besides, I’m not just using that. I bought some candles that release an aphrodisiac.”

These were magical. They weren’t originally in my store, but I had been noticing more magical stuff appear the more my girls and I leveled and understood about this world. If the store was based on my personal knowledge, then it made sense that everything was based on the previous world first and as I grew to better understand this world, I’d see more of the stuff of this world.

“Ah! You have sentric candles?” Alleya asked excitedly and then looked away with a blush. “I… only heard about them. I never used one.”

“Sentric… huh? Well, that’s not the only thing. I have many different types of enchantments I could use. The nonaggressive magic barrier covers the entire house, but it’s cheaper to do just one room. I spent every last dragon I had, but the room she’s in is special. It increases sensitivity. It’s not specified for sex, but it makes anyone in it susceptible to tactile stimulation.”

I had originally planned the room as a means to deal with guests that were difficult to satisfy. However, a torture room was another perfectly fine use for it at the moment.

So, she would face continuous stimulation, which would be more powerful than she’s used to while being stimulated by aphrodisiacs. It was a good combination of technology and magic with the ultimate goal of breaking a woman.

Oh, I also put a sound barrier on the room, so her screams wouldn’t be bothering people nearby.

Now, it was just a matter of giving her time for the stuff to do its magic. Although I hadn’t done much, it felt like a full day of work. I used the last of my money to buy a nice meal, and then we ate well. Since we ended up with the new girl and I was closed early for the day, we had nothing but free time. I was broke now, but I was confident we’d have money again by tomorrow. This was all just an investment.

“Master… I was really worried when you passed out. That woman had seriously scared me.” Elizabeth said while looking at me with flushed cheeks.

Alleya was nodding in agreement behind her. When women experienced danger or grief, their libidos were often peaked.

Either that or some of the smoke from the sentric candles leaked out of the room. Either way, the girls were exceptionally horny.

So, I sent Diana to practice her letters and I played with both girls. After releasing a few loads and feeling rather relaxed, Elizabeth got on top of me and started rubbing my shoulders. Sometimes, it was nice to take an easy day. Soon, I grew sleepy, and then I fell asleep.

“M-master…” I opened my eyes to see Elizabeth gently shaking me awake. “It’s morning.”

I raised my head and yawned. “Ah… damn… that felt good. Morning, huh?”

I got up and walked out of the room. We’d be opening soon, but I still had the elf to worry about. I didn’t plan to leave it all night, but it was probably fine. When I reached for the remote, it wasn’t there.

“Ah… has anyone seen the remote.”

“I saw Diana playing with it, so I put it up.” Elizabeth pulled it off a top shelf and handed it to me.

I looked at the device and then frowned. “H-how long has it been like this?”

“All night?” Elizabeth cocked her head. “Why?”

“Ah… it’s been going max all night…” I frowned, turning to look down the hall and a mysteriously quiet door.

I cautiously walked to the door and opened it just a crack. A buzzing sound filled the air. That was a pretty strong pair of panties. However, there wasn’t a voice. No screaming. No yelling. No cursing.

I opened the rest of the way. A puddle of liquid-filled half the room, the pants were soaked to the point of being see-through. Daphne’s eyes were rolled up in her head. She wasn’t unconscious, but she wasn’t exactly awake either. Her body was spasming, like a fish out of water, hanging from her chains while twitching spastically. There was blood running down her arms from where she had been desperately trying to pull from her restraints and failed. The stool had been kicked to the other side of the room and broken in half. Her mouth was hanging open. She had dried saliva running from her lips down to her breasts, and her eyes were red from nonstop crying.

I then realized that she wasn’t quiet because she wasn’t screaming, it was that her voice was gone. All that came out was a raspy gurgle.


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